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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2011
I bought Nero 11, admittedly not from Amazon, yesterday, ended up paying more than the price here.
Having downloaded it I was really looking forward to it enhancing Window 7 Live moviemaker, however I found it clunky difficult to navigate.
It wouldn't import files unless you had originally downloaded them using Nero, unless they are AV files. I am not an IT pro and having found Windows 7 live moviemaker so easy to use but limited maybe, I had hoped Nero would be intuitive too and more expansive in its ability to edit, which I don't think it is.
Maybe the Platinum version is better, I don't know, but having bought Nero 11 it keeps offering little add ons and upgrades when you try to select certain editing functions, that really annoys me, I have paid nearly £50 for an editing suite that then asks me to pay more if i want a suite that does the job. Sorry for the negative feedback but I haven't found anything good to say about it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Nero Burning ROM is the standard in DVD burning, and will be the reason most people buy this. I've been happily using the main Nero Burning ROM application for years, and never had any issues.

You now also get a lot of other applications, making this a `multimedia suite'. Some of the additions (such as the ability to convert your mp3s to other formats suitable for mobile phones) are cool, but be wary of installing everything. The Nero extras are notorious for breaking games and pro multimedia applications. One issue for me was that Nero broke the game X3 (no videos play until you uninstall certain Nero codecs). Some Adobe applications also seem to have to fight to regain control of common file types.

If you want just a CD/DVD burner that makes use of the latest burning hardware, can burn the latest ISOs, plus one or two nice music file format converters, then this is a good package *as long as you don't install all the Movie players, music players, and all the other things that your operating system can already do*.

I know why Nero do this: it's a marketing ploy to make it look like you are getting more for your money (especially when Nero comes free with many computers: just go to PC world and you will see all the Nero extras listed as if they were separate applications, giving you a list as long as your arm!).

If like me though, you are serious about your data, stick to installing Nero burning ROM only, and use it for burning data to media. Leave your operating system's default DVD player as the multimedia application of choice and use Adobe Bridge or something similar for your media asset management.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Nero is one of the oldest names still existing in the field of CD/DVD?Blu-ray burning. It was not the first, but my first encounter after using another very capable alternative was with a German-language edition (not that I speak that language, but most of the burning packages originated in Germany) which I used until an English version became available. Just about every other of the many different such packages that were once competitors to Nero have now disappeared from the market; Roxio is the other survivor although its ownership has changed hands at least once.

Because it has been around for many years, Nero BurningROM the key part of the suite, has been honed to the degree that it is about as good and reliable as it can be. Unfortunately, as Nero has grown in capability it has also grown dramatically in size, although not yet at the multiple DVD stage. If Nero appears to fail in burning any disk it is usually the consequence of ill-matched media and hardware, or user error. Some complain that Nero is too complex, but it provides what most users need. If it is too complex for anyone, there is an option to use Nero Express, also available as a free download and it is permanently usable without payment, which does more or less what Nero BurningROM will do but with less user input needed and relying more upon certain common defaults. Once happy with the easier alternative, you may want to switch to big brother. It is Nero that is chosen by most hardened PC users who regularly need to burn a disk or two and there is even a limited-function version that can be used under most flavours of Linux.

As and when new media types become available, Nero will add any needed support, as it did with DVDs, HD Disks and Blu-ray.

The package is described as a Multimedia Suite and there are several other tools included, amongst which are Nero Kwik Media which will help you work with a variety of media files including audio and video, including but not limited to, playing them and allowing some creative work with them. There is also a backup program which will back up to a hard drive or any sort of media disk provided you have the appropriate writer drive. There are also a few minor utilities that can help provide information about the CDs etc that you own or have burned, or are about to. The additional tools may not be as fully-functioned as other much more expensive and function-specific alternatives, such as the full-blown video editing suites, but that is not unreasonable. The disk burning tools are the major components and that should be understood from the outset. You can also boost some of its capabilities by buying additional plug-ins, all of which add differing capabilities, for example improved Blu-ray replay and MP3 Pro format support, should you need them. There are others, too.

There are less expensive alternatives available, including some that claim to do much more. Those programs may be adequate for the less demanding user, but they are no match for Nero although some are simpler to use but providing a much reduced capability, for example omitting support for multi-session writing (the ability to add something extra to a disk previously created, but not finalised).

This package is effectively the entry level to the Nero system, certainly as a suite, and the Platinum and Platinum HD editions are above it and each add some extras but obviously at an increased price. As an introduction to the Nero approach to disk burning, it is a sensibly priced package, without too much bloat. For example, you do net get gigabytes of video and audio clips or nearly useless images that some provide as 'Valuable Content' material.

What it does, it does very well and repeatedly. If Nero BurningROM does not do it, you will probably not need it. The extras are effectively give-aways, although they can be useful.

Highly recommended.
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on 23 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like many people, I've been using various versions of Nero's burning software for years - primarily, in my case, to make compilation music CDs. As PCs have got more sophisticated, and Microsoft has changed its architecture, I've found Nero less reliable and I gave up a few years back when it kept defaulting to its Express settings and also when most of my collection was on mp3 - iTunes makes mp3 discs pretty well. With Windows Moviemaker significantly simplifying what I always found were clunky and unreliable movie editing software packages, I haven't needed to go anywhere else for movie editing. Likewise backing up - I tend to find it fairly painless.

So along comes Nero 11 and I was curious as to how things have evolved. First up I tried the CD burning software. The interface is barely changed. You have to know your way around or spend a long time researching, because it's far from intuitive. Multisession disc? Nero DiscSpan? UDF partition type? Disc at once/96? Tempfile strategy anyone? Maybe everyone else knows these things automatically. Not me however - and would it really kill them to have mildly more helpful labels? Anyway, suffice to say that once you're familiar with the various quirks, the program still makes good CDs. The backup software was actually quite intuitive looking - maybe because they started from scratch. The movie editing software did not look like a step up from Windows. I liked some aspects - how easy it was to apply special effects for instance - but actually scrolling through those special effects was tricky as there wasn't enough room on the screen to display them properly. There's also a movie file conversion piece of software, which I'm sure I'll use as my Sony seems to create a non-standard film format.

So Nero is still a good product, it looks a bit smarter than in previous incarnations. It strikes me as fairly expensive, given the proliferation of various free alternatives, but as a one stop shop for burning and editing, it's still the one to beat.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I used nero with different versions for years, but for past few years I used old neros, as I didn't feel I need to try a new version. For installation I faced some trouble which later on by turning off my antivirus and firewall it was easily solved and let me finishes the installation. The program itself is reliable, it may seem a bit complicated but after using it for a while you will find it great for editing and burning CDs and DVDs. It gives that much options and settings that you can add even your own voice and lyrics. After using it for a while and getting to know the features and settings, its thoroughly joyful and I recommend it to whomever interested in having fine CD or DVD.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had a project in mind of some recording I did of a radio program I wanted to put to CD Audio. By using the track properties you don't have to break the audio wav up before burning each track you can just load the whole file and mark each start of each song in the concert using audio track properties and even remove any silence that might be in between songs to give a full undistured gig and still have track markings in place so you can jump to the next track go back etc when the CD has been burned. What I did notice was that after burning my CD which burned perfectly according to my settings was one thing that went wrong here was after inputting the titles in the tracks and burning them to CD they never showed up after clicking send info to database as it all went blank again and you have to re insert the CD for it to read the tracks again. Whether its sent this info to the online database I don't know.

This package will support both lightscribe and labelflash burners which is good as I have both. Also worth mentioning here is the latest DiskT@2 disk labeling in which
You can print images and text onto a burn area of a blank disc, this is handy for burning a program backup and then burning the serial number etc directly onto the disc.

I like the idea of overburing for example you have 804mb of data to burn when the disc only holds 800mb, you can choose to overburn and most of the time the disc will
still play. I have tried this with playback on a blu ray player and it played the discs back perfectly even with track forward and backwards features. They also played back on my two PC drives with no problems too though I've heard complaints from some people that not all discs work perfect after doing this.

Nero Soundtrax is a simple version of a audio recording studio which you can mix sound clips or record your own with musical instruments and or vocals and mix it all together to form a song/piece of music. A great and cheap way to get into this field if you haven't already explored it yet. There is also a simple wav editor program for doing simple cuts and pastes, noise reductions, etc good if you want to record a wav file from cassette or record and want to get rid of the snap crackle and pop or hiss on tapes before burning to CD or DVD/Blu Ray. I like the idea of creating 5.1 mixes from
Stereo recordings too.

Media Player is a slick Hi-Fi unit with Amp, Graphic EQ etc and those people who like the look of a real Hi-Fi software wise can use this for playback and recording of media.

The MP4 AAC support is the highlight of the Nero package. I haven't used the video editing side of things cause I already have a good package for doing this. A good package from Nero but their is an upgrade to the Platinum version if you want more features.
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on 23 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
One thing that becomes immediately apparent about Nero 11 Multimedia Suite is that it's big! The install takes a long time and creates a whole load of icons on your desktop. Navigating the whole suite can be a bit overwhelming at first but the re-designed and intuitive interface is a big help.

The look and feel of Nero has now been freshened up and has a friendlier feel to it. Additionally, the interface now incorporates the MediaBrowser which makes accessing media files very simple. Long time Nero users will be re-assured to see all their old favourite applications still present like the venerable Nero Burning ROM, and the excellent NeroWave Editor for editing audio files.

Video editing in Nero is very powerful and includes some advanced features such as 3D effects. Nero now uses 'Express Storyboard Editing' which generally makes video editing far quicker and easier for the novice without compromising any of the advanced features.

Nero 11 includes a superb transcoder that can encode to more or less any media format you can think of, including the exporting of media files to Android and iOS devices. Tools are also provided for sharing media files with all the main social networking sites.

Nero 10 was always an excellent multimedia suite and Nero 11 Multimedia Suite enhances this functionality further, all within a new and improved interface that makes the product feel far more unified and coherent.
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VINE VOICEon 9 May 2012
I have been using Nero 7 which works fine, even on Windows 7 64 bit. Much to my regret I upgraded (ha!) to Nero 11. Buggy, bloated, slow running, crashed or failed to import DVDs, and I'll never get all those hours of my time back. Can't blame Amazon because I purchased a downloadable version from the Nero website. Avoid.
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on 17 August 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Video isn't really my thing, so I ordered this intending to use it mainly for audio editing. In that respect it's a bit mixed. My main activity is making digital files to play in the car, either from analogue LPs or from downloaded BBC radio programmes. And some of it works and some of it doesn't.

What's good is that it's very easy to capture sound from analogue sources - I use a Griffin iMic and Windows 7 - and to make minor adjustments such as volume normalization. Slightly irksome is that the record level defaults to 100 every time, although 20 is nearer the mark to avoid clipping dynamic peaks.

Less good is when I want to convert the uncompressed capture file into MP3s to copy into iTunes. So far I've not made this work at all, with MP3 or any other compressed format - Wave Editor just crashes every time. I have to go back to my previous tool, Audacity, and create the files from that. I've downloaded the latest updates from the Nero site but still have the problem.

But Wave Editor does a good job of trimming the unwanted continuity tops and tails from programmes downloaded as MP3s from the BBC's Listen Again servers. It's much quicker if you keep the working copy on a local drive rather than a NAS, but that's more to do with network performance than Nero itself.

There's much more to this package than I've used, but I'll leave others to comment on that. For what I need, it does a fair job but doesn't quite managed to be the complete solution I was hoping for.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To be honest I ordered Nero because I wanted disc burning software to record my mp3s onto disc so I can have them in the car. After I had ordered it I was thinking about what do we need discs for any more as we move to more reliable storage solutions such as usb keys and external hard drives. Nero have been thinking the same thing and that is why this suite is much more than a disc burner. It is a complete multimedia organiser. It will automatically import all of your media into the Kwik Media Application. This is a bit like having Media Player and Picassa integrated - it searches your drive and find the music and images and makes them searchable in one interface. This might take a while depending on how many files you have. Then you can use the other applications in the suite to burn the discs.

A more useful function for me is a video converter as I record screen sessions for teaching and this makes them much more portable than just having a flash player file. Video conversion again is a slow process but you can allow the software to carry this out for you and then switch off when it finishes. There are other tools for creating photobooks and recovering corrupted media which are nice but I am not going to use much. Most of my MP3s are from Amazon but if you have an old dodgy CD copy this could be very useful and old back-up cds deteriorate quite fast (most of mine are useless beyond 5 years)so this would be very important.

So these are all the good points - it does what I need and some things I don't but imagine could be useful. Then there are a couple of bad points. First it tells you to update after installing from the dvd. Fine but I find the update is a complete update of 1GB - so why not just sell the serial and get users to download it! Second the installation requires the anti-virus to be switched off and I never like doing that I feel exposed. Finally there is a large book that comes with the DVD this is the "Quick Start Guide" which is actually only 32 pages but in each of 9 languages this is nearly 300 pages. This is a waste of paper and shipping weight. Apart from that it is mostly a description of the software and only one page is an installation guide anyway!

So if you want to do some burning and so re-recording it is a bargain, but Nero need to get their act together about the wasted paper and media.
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