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on 17 July 2012
The box arrived within 24 hrs of dispatch, and was assembled by my wife in 10 minutes.

Looks good and seems strong enough and big enough for storing our recycling bags & boxes.

Happy bunnies
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on 2 June 2016
If I have a few good years of use out of this I'll upgrade the star rating, but for now it's being judged on first impressions, which aren't great.

When you get something new you want it to be shiny and at least look good coming out of the box, and this fulfills neither. The finishing of the box is abysmal with cracks and nicks that makes you wonder what they spend their profit margins on. Certainly not a polished manufacturing process.

It's okay to put together but in a small space with a small person on a breezy, damp day it certainly wasn't 10 minutes. Also the lid pieces were listed the wrong way round. Easy enough to work out but again a bit annoying in that confined space.

It looks okay put together, I'm assuming waterproof but if not it's gong back.

Good luck anyone who tries the Keter customer service! Almost half an hour to get connected and then they said it was an Amazon issue. Two ladies in the office - this tells you something of the volume of calls they get in relation to product sold.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 9 June 2016
Getting a bit annoyed with Keter now . I bought a box of theirs last year which was useless in bad weather - the hinges were poor and the lid kept blowing off. Amazon were good and refunded me.

This premium quality box arrived today noticeably broken in at least 2 places with other bits of plastic loose in the box. There was mud on one of the sections so I don't even think it was a new item.
review image
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on 6 November 2015
Easy to build and waterproof, just remember to trim bits of excess plastic off before you start or its harder to fit together, they should do that at the factory really, but wont take long to build if you read the instructions properly and lay out your pieces, they are all lettered so you get it in the right order, do it step by step and you end up with a well made sturdy box, got my large cushions in it and my clothes horse with room left over for childrens toys or some tools etc, its been out through all this rain lately and contents as dry as a bone so well pleased, only downside is im having trouble finding a lock that will go through the holes, cant even get a long shackle lock in it as there is not enough room for it to slide through the hole, needs a bit of room to tilt the lock as it needs a slight angle, any suggestion please .
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on 29 June 2015
Overall, If you get lucky you will receive a very well made storage box, spacious, strong and sturdy.

Unfortunately my experience was ruined by the massive lack of quality control on the manufacturing of these storage boxes.
Slots with plastic where it shouldn't be, requiring a Stanley blade or similar to cut to size. 2 left hinges instead of a left and a right. Clips snapped off of the bottom panel whilst in the factory and still sent out to consumers.

I finally set mine up within an hour or so and am some what satisfied with the end product after trimming the excess plastic and fashioning some 'clips' to secure the bottom panel in place. I will, however, have to contact Keter for a right hinge instead of a left hinge.

Like I said in the first sentence of my review, you could be lucky and receive a great storage box. Or you could be unlucky and receive the sort of product which I and many others received. It's your gamble.
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on 28 April 2014
While this should be easy to put together, nothing quite seems to clip into place properly. Consequently you feel that it's not really very solid. If you do try to use force to get the parts to fit together, a piece of plastic will fly off. There is a reasonable amount of space inside, but if you slightly overfill, there is nothing to keep the lid down. There are holes on the lid and front which line up, presumably to fit a padlock through, but this seems overkill for a few cushions and it could do with some sort of additional catch on the front and also at the sides to keep the lid down. The whole thing is made of plastic which is quite bendy, so the whole thing feels flimsy and I'm not sure how waterproof it will be. Consequently I feel this is overpriced for what it is.
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on 14 April 2016
I don't normally write reviews but I've not even had this a year (brought July 2015) and it's already started to bow out of shape and the seals have started coming apart which will allow rain in (see pic). £50 is a lot of money so I'm not overall impressed
review image
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on 28 July 2017
We now have 3 of these, bought over the last few years. We originally bought a cheaper one from a different manufacturer, but ended up giving that one away because it wasn't as sturdy. This garden storage box is solidly made, easy to assemble, and keeps our garden cushions nice and dry throughout the winter (no damp foisty smells!), the old cheaper box let the damp in. It also makes a good sturdy bench seat.
Well worth the extra money.
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on 12 August 2015
1) Price - Worth it for the storage capacity, quality and the fact that it doubles up as a seat
2) Delivery - Well packaged and in perfect condition
3) Material Quality - Very Good: The pieces are sturdy and well made. One tiny niggle is that they should clear the plastic rags from the moulding process. The holes for the handles you click into place at the end of the build needed to be pared with a stanley knife. Took me just a few seconds but still using a knife to clear holes shouldn't be necessary. I had the same issue with the Ketter shed i bought. As I said it's a small niggle on a quality product.
4) Ease of Construction - Very Simple: Takes 10 minutes and the instuctions are clear and the parts are solid enough.
5) Finished Product: Very Good: The space is as advertised so no surprises there but it is roomy and while I was building it I decided to see if I could fit inside with the lid closed. I did and I'm not small. Good job the wife didn't have the padlock handy or I would still be there now. It seems robust and looks pretty good as well.

Overall I gave it four stars because it does what it says. It's a sturdy plastic storage box for the garden that doubles as a seat that's pretty well made and looks like it shold last a very long time.
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on 13 August 2015
I was impressed with the reviews I read for this and decided to go ahead and buy it. Living in NI means I expected the delivery to take a few days, it took 9 in total and although Amazon expected it to reach me by the 11th of August Yodel didn't deliver until the 12th. I didn't notice until today that the cellotape on the package was already split and that it was the three binds that kept it closed. Nevertheless my partner and I decided to tackle the assembly, I thought that might take a half hour instead it took three times that. We'd slotted the front and back into the side before realising a corner of the front had a crack in it and that the side panel was scratched. It dawned on us that we might not be the first to try assembling it, that thought was reinforced by the discovery that the bag of parts needed for the second phase of assembly was open and that relevant parts were detached from their plastic casings. The obvious question is why didn't I return it? I might have had disassembly not proved to be a bigger risk for more damage. We continued on, putting the base in only to find that it too had been damaged and doesn't click fully in either centre sides. The final phase is putting the handles on, that was a nightmare in and of itself. Brute force was needed to get them to slot in. The box does appear sturdy, the wheels work better on concrete than flooring and I should be able to fit all my gardening tools into it. Whether it will remain water resistant is questionable and I certainly won't be risking using it as a seat given the cracked front. I'm sorely disappointed with this product and don't believe it to be worth half of what I paid for it.
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