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on 28 March 2014
Don't be frightened if you have never used anything like this before. They are so easy to set up.
I just put the four that I bought into a six-way power strip and switched them on. Then go along pressing the 'pair' button on each and wait for the light to stop flashing.
That's it! Done.
Then take them out of the power strip and plug them into your sockets next to the equipment that you need to network.

Edit - after using these for a week now I have noticed that the connection keeps 'dropping' between units. The lack of connection lasts for around 30 seconds, then is re-established.
A check on the internet reveals that this is a common problem with these units. My anticipated improvement in speed and reliability are not present.

Edit 2. A firmware update has been released to cure this problem which is suspected to be an issue with the power saving feature of these power plugs. I have updated all four of my units and will report on whether it was a success. On day one all seems good
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on 12 December 2013
Having used a TP Link for quite a while to get the internet from my office to my home, using the electric wiring, some 50 yards away, after it gave up the ghost I immediately ordered two more of the same ilk. The service from Amazon, as many will know was exceptional - ordered around 4pm and received at 12.30 the following day. And with no post charges it's better that getting transport to the shops - and cheaper.

But back to the product. Try as I might pressing the buttons on the two parts, they just would not connect. The lights showed that all was well with the sender, but no internet would come through. I did as was suggested, using a short cable and pressed at varying times and in varying ways, but nothing. The things just would not work. And going back to the various reviews I realised this was an all too common fault, with many sending the product back.

But then I realised that the new sender would work with the former receiver, proving the it was that that was at fault. So rather than send it all back and be without internet, I left it as it was. I have to admit that at this time I have something going that I would not like to be without in the house in the evening, hence the decision.

But only two stars, as only half of it worked!

Certainly not recommended, as from other reviews it just is not a reliable product.

Tom Crossley
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2014
This pack of two powerline adapters arrived within a couple of days of ordering: very good. The units come well packaged, with a couple of Ethernet fly-leads and a brief but adequate instruction leaflet.

I found these units slightly more temperamental to set up than previous ones I have owned. In the end, rather than running backwards and forwards between the study (upstairs) and the lounge (downstairs), I did what it said in the instructions: I set up the two units side-by-side in a four-way extension lead, got them to see each other and pair themselves together, and then removed them to their end-locations. Hey presto: good network speeds from the router to the Sky HD box.

The objective was to establish a (reasonably) fast connection between the router and the Sky box for downloading TV programmes. The router and TV are too far apart for reliable wireless connectivity and through-the-mains seemed the perfect solution. I was tempted to go for the 500 megabit units but didn't: 200 megabits is enough, so why take the risk of the higher speed units?

And in summary: they work. Not only that, at under £25 (when I bought them) they represent excellent value for money.

An added bonus for me, with my wiring spaghetti, is the through-plug facility. I have been able to eliminate a trailing lead completely upstairs and bring back into play a downstairs socket that was previously reserved for the sole use of a predecessor powerline adapter. My recommendation is not to economise on the 'plain' powerlines: at this price, go for the pass-through capability.

I regard this purchase as really good value, especially when compared with high street prices. Take a bit of care with the set-up. Five stars.
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VINE VOICEon 9 February 2015
I already owned a pair of TP-Link AV200+ devices, without the pass-through sockets; I wanted to add one in the shed to provide networking for a Raspberry Pi out there with outdoors temperature & humidity monitoring sensors, which couldn't keep a reliable wifi signal at that distance.

Was a little concerned whether it would work over that length of cable and across an RCD (some people report RCDs causing trouble), but no problems at all - plugged it in and paired it, all good, rock solid connection, and didn't even lose a socket.

A great alternative to wifi. The other one is upstairs, providing a solid connection there for a PS3.

UPDATE: after a few months of continuous use, these are still working great - they've kept a solid connection with no drop-outs, no need to power cycle them or anything, and the temperature fluctuations (occasionally getting to sub-zero temperatures in the shed, and humidity variations) have had no effect. Certainly recommend these.
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on 28 November 2013
Bought 4 for our house . Plugged two into a double socket and switched on No connection to the router pressed the button under the bottom of the first held it for 8 seconds Pressed the button on the second for 3 secs and released. Lots of flashing lights then 2 lights.

I then unplugged my router from the Wall plugged one of the two that were paired into the socket where the router was. Plugged the router into the new power socket from the device. Plugged the Ethernet cable in from the router to the TP ethernet.

Did the same process with my computer. Switched off the wireless from the computer and he presto it works.

When on wireless my speed test were around 25 MBs now I have 70Mbs Happy days.

Then opened the second Pair Plugged them into the original double socket. Pressed the button on the computer connected TP for 8 secs Pressed the button on one of the new ones for 3 secs same flashing then the light on the front of the unit like a House lit indicating that it was paired was paired then using the new paired item Pressed the button on it for 8 secs pressed the button on the unpaired for 3 secs same light patterns.

I then unplugged the sky Box Power put the device in the socket plugged in the sky box plugged the Ethernet cable in Switched on waited for Sky to boot went to services on Sky looked at Network and lo and behold all OK and Sky on demand works perfectly.

Very pleased
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on 20 December 2014
Worked exactly as described. I was using a wireless dongle for my Wi-Fi previously because the BT hub is in a different room from the computer and I was loosing 80% of the speed coming from the fibre into the house. I plugged the product in, didn't need the software CD, plug and play straight from the box. I now have the full fibre provided speed at the computer. This is a fantastic product. Why people write reviews saying things are rubbish is just stupid, if it doesn't work, send it back, don't say it is rubbish if you have one that doesn't work, as it's obviously a broken one. If like me you get a working one, then the service provided by the product is superb. (Fitted between mains sockets on the same floor of the building, have not tried with extensions or different floors, so cannot say whether that would work). Used with TP-Link TL-PA2030 200Mbps Single Powerline Adapter with 3 Ports
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on 5 January 2015
I bought these as they have been around for a while and seem to regularly get positive reviews. Other brands may be cheaper but the price of these has fallen over the past year or so and the set I got with a 3-pin plug socket built-in looked good value.
Setting up was dead easy. I watched their little video and pairing the 2 units is simple. If you are going to use a unit behind a cupboard or something just remember to allow enough space for a normal plug to fit in the unit as well.
I started off using one to connect a Windows XP desktop computer to the web via the supplied Ethernet cable. It said the speed was 100 Mbps, where I usually get 65 or 72 Mbps off my wifi and fibre broadband. I barely noticed any difference so I guess download speeds are really controlled by the sending computer or by ISPs.
So I then connected my Panasonic Viera TV via the Eternet cable to that same unit (leaving the PC to use wifi as before). My TV is 2011 maybe 2010 so it is not smart just sort of moderately intelligent. It has USB sockets, and card readers and a satellite receiver built in but I am disappointed that I can't watch catch-up TV via my other desktop Windows 8.1 PC. I can access photo files and video files, but then I can do that sat in front of my computer. I can now access Twitter and Facebook via my TV and a few other channels that are of so little interest I can't remember their names. Facebook and Twitter are pointless aberrations as far as I am concerned. But I can't blame TP-Link for any of that - it has done its job. (I don't currently have a satellite connection. Maybe when I install FreeSat later in the year things may change. I will not be buying Sky).
There is a mini-CD with some software called PowerLine Utility on it that I have installed on both PCs. I don't know what it is for or if it does anything. Maybe it is of use if you set up a network of several computers and printers? As ever the disc has no info with it, not even a 'Help' button. No paper instructions either.
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on 17 October 2014
If i could give 3.5 stars I would. It does its job most of the time. It is on the same ring as the BT box but it does slow the Internet down and it sometimes has a blip. We live in the country so don't have fancy fibre optics, so when this slows it down it is then rather slow. We don't get wifi in most of the house due to all the walls being thick and solid. This gadget doesnt and isn't designed to extend your wifi it is for hard wired broadband and it means I have been able to move my desktop computer into another room without complicated wiring. It also needs to be on the same ring main as the router so if you plan to use it upstairs you might need to check your wiring, you may get some signal through the fuse board but as this does slow the signal a bit when on the same main it will slow it lots if it works at all on different ones. So to sum up its not the perfect solution but it is a solution. I'm not looking for anything else to do the job but at times it can be frustrating.
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on 26 January 2014
By circumstance I was forced to move my pc to another room away from the wall mounted Virgin fibre optic input box. I bought these super little gadgets rather than reroute and/or install new Ethernet cables to the PC, the smart TV and a few other "connected gadgets" not all of which are Wi-Fi enabled

So this was not just trying something new but moving everything - scary.

I worried needlessly. After I had moved everything and arranged it to my satisfaction I connected the TP Homeplugs with the supplied Ethernet cables, the first to the router and plugged to the mains, the rest (3 more) to the appropriate remote mains sockets and via the Ethernet cables to the various connected gadgets. I then, with some trepidation, switched on the PC and to my delight found that everything worked without me having to do anything else at all. Huge sigh of relief and suitably (falsely) modest demeanour when my wife said "That went well then"

I didn't have to press any buttons. This didn't matter
The supplied CD wouldn't load it said "Wrong version of Windows" (its 8.1) This didn't matter.
The pass through socket is worth the extra money.
HD Streaming from my pc to the TV or watching Netflix in HD are both faultless.
Buy these! They are simplicity itself to set up and work perfectly
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on 8 October 2013
I use a computer on a different floor to the router, and my wireless signal is not great.

I bought the 200Mbps versions plugged straight into the power sockets as recommended, and my download speed is just shy of 60MBps for a 75Mbps fibre broadband connection. Upload is around 18-19Mbps which is pretty much what the broadband max speed is for upload.

I haven't tested local networking speed between machines.

I would have to hoped to be able to max-out the broadband on a 200Mbps network, but I presume distance to the router and quality of mains etc. will adversely affect the signal.

I know it's not the broadband, because in the same room as the router, I can get the full 75Mbps download speed using 5ghz wifi on the same laptop.

These are a neat design, and the pass-through plug is a god-send. They are backwards compatible with older TP Link devices (I have various older adapters, and they work fine with these new ones).

There was not set up - I just plugged them in and they worked instantly.

These remain nice and tepid in use (unlike the old ones which get rather warm), which indicates efficient power use.
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