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on 1 January 2015
Purchased one just over two years ago. Sparked and could have set on fire just after the year. Only used for heating up milk and chocolate for sweets, etc so not really used much as we don't microwave meals. We were offered £75 towards another one so purchased a second one. Same thing has happened sparks flying and worried will set on fire. Cannot leave unattended as before sparks started the microwave would sometimes increase the minutes up to 30 mins all on its own - so not at all safe. Cannot recommend. Great size and concept but not safe to use... this product should be withdrawn until problems sorted.
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on 31 October 2015
I read all the reviews and visited the website before purchasing. The microwave looks fantastic and fits neatly into a corner. It takes a standard dinner plate as the description states. It is not overly high and some of my jugs are too tall but it's not a problem to select a shorter wider vessel. I have not found the microwave to move when the door is opened/closed and it does not feel flimsy. It is quite sturdy and feels well made. I am a careful person but think you would have to be really heavy handed to get this to move/slip when using. The controls are so simple. the control panel is completely flat and does not have raised touch pads for operating, contrary to some reviews, but maybe this is an update/improvement from Whirlpool? I love the 'memo' option as it's really useful on repeated dishes such as my morning porridge. The colour (mine is cream) is quite creamy/yellowy. Everyone who visits admires the microwave. Although quite pricey compared to standard microwaves, if you want the look this offers I can truly recommend it. I've yet to see if it catches fire!
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on 11 May 2015
Item delivered on time as expected, packaged well. Microwave is less bulky than other microwaves and fits perfectly in corner of kitchen without dominating work surface. There is no sacrifice internally to the microwave as it still has room for full size dinner plates but with the benefit of the external size being smaller. Looks great, wattage is 700, but still performs well compared to previous 850 microwave that I had. It also comes with a free steamer, which is great, works out for you how long to steam by simply imputing what food and weight. Only thing not sure about is when its finished it doesn't turn itself off, I have to open the door, but beeps to tell you. Haven't fully read the manual yet, so sure there must be a reason for this, as I haven't changed any settings yet. If anyone knows the reason for this, please enlighten me. Overall great purchase, very happy and would definitely recommend, some great colours to, I have the black. Thank you.
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on 26 November 2014
This thing is great! It's a lot smaller than its predecessor which died in spectacularly loud fashion, so I was a little unsure of whether we'd be able to make it work, but this has allowed us to get rid of the massive dinosaur of a microwave, and the steamer we had that was far too big for our kitchen as well.

So now we have a bit of spare room in the kitchen and it's looking a lot better for it. The fact that this tucks into a corner is its best selling point and makes it a really good option for people who, like us, have relatively small kitchens and space is at a premium. It's not as powerful as others (it tops out at 700 watts), so that has to be accounted for, but once you've adjusted to that, it handles itself perfectly.

The steam function is good, as long as you ignore the built in presets. I found they didn't even get the food warm, let alone cook it to the point of being edible. But use your own judgement and set the timings manually, and again it works very well.

Our worktop is a fairly glossy surface and I found that the whole unit had a tendency to slide about a bit when trying to pull the door open, but this is easily solved by placing a hand on it to steady it, or putting something with a bit more grip on the three feet. I applied a thin layer of Sugru and it's done the job nicely.
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on 6 April 2013
I got rid of my big, combination microwave for space reasons and that I never used the combi features. Just a plain old heat and eat type. It's a bit pricey for its size and features, but I wanted space saving, more because I hate the look of gadgets cluttering up the countertops. This does have form, the style is nice, clean and small. It would not do for a family, but for 1 or 2, it's great. It is designed to fit in corners and it does. But it is not designed to work in corners, as the instructions say it needs 30cm above and room around sides and back for ventilation. So that means you have to pull it out of the corner to use it or not have it totally in the corner. No biggie really, though it might be to some. The cord is not adjustable and is short, so it needs to be within about 2 feet of an outlet. It is a lower wattage than most these days, a cat. C, 700 watts. But when looking at cooking instructions that only meant another 30 seconds or so of cooking time. I think I can wait that long. It is true the controls are fiddly, not in the sense of complicated, just the touch doesn't always work and it does work better with a thumb than a finger for some strange reason. I really wondered if I had made a mistake with this, but I am getting used to it and it does all I need a microwave to do. If you do lots of cooking or want to put tall things in it or are cooking for a family buy another model. If you want to heat up ready meals or leftovers and steam some veg for 2 people, great! I got the white and a very minor point - in the picture it looks like there is a white line going across the front about a fifth of the way up the unit. Mine has no line and it looks like a solid black front.
UPDATE: after about a month's use I had a problem with the control panel, where the plastic bubbled up...now I feel sooo stupid, it was a plastic covering that was supposed to come off when unpacked. Was fit on so cleanly that I didn't know it was there. I apologise to Amazon for being so dim.
UPDATE: a year on it it now makes lots on noise, rattles and has a strange habit of turning itself on for a second when the door closes. Overpriced for the design, but doesn't last.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 February 2013
Like many purchasers of this microwave I live in a small flat where every inch of space is at a premium.

Size - takes up about 50% of the worktop space of my old combo microwave. While I am not putting mine in the corner I now have an additional 5" wide strip of work surface at the front and 4.5" at the side and as others have pointed out, because of the height the door sits above surface level, this is useful space where you can put plates or ingredients.

Internal size - this was my main concern, however it takes my Sistema 3.2 Litre Large Microwave Steamers nicely. There is sufficient space for it to turn on the turntable without catching and there is a couple of inches above for steam to escape.

Noise - 66db from a background noise of 40db so 26db above background levels in my flat. My old combo was 77db.

Power - it is 700w and my old one was 800w however cooking a 400g of Heinz tomato soup takes the same time. Steaming my normal amount of veg took 10 mins in my 800w one and 10 mins 30 secs in this one.
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on 20 July 2013
If you are worried (as I was) about what fits in here, it's easy.
A 1 litre or 500ml Pyrex jug with a plate on for a lid - the spout lets out the steam - just fits. (my most used items for heating things up in the microwave like peas, because the handles don't get hot & they don't stain, just wish Pyrex would make a lid that fits them)
A Sistema MIcrowavable lidded mug fits (they hold a tin of soup or beans etc..)
Basically a tin of Heinz Big Soup is about the tallest item you can get into it.

As I really only use it for heating up a tin of beans, frozen peas, or a microwave meal from M&S I haven't got round to learning how to use it fully.
All I do is press the Jet Start button.
Press it once, the microwave goes for 30 seconds, starting straight away.
Press it again, it will add 30 seconds to the time, keep pressing to keep adding 30 seconds each time.

When it's done, the light inside the microwave will stay on & the turntable keeps turning until you open it.
You need to press the stop button to get the time to show up again.

It's simple & it takes up much less space than my old microwave, which is just right for me.
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on 20 August 2013
We bought this model for two reasons - firstly, my wife's brother got one and recommended it, and secondly it was compact, which was key as we had limited space for additional appliances in our kitchen.

One thing I particularly like about the Whirlpool Max is that it's easy to use. Oh so easy in fact, that we have clearly become too used to it. We visited some friends recently and borrowed their microwave to heat some food for our youngest son, and suffice to say we were reduced to pressing buttons and twirling knobs in various combinations to try to start the microwave. It simply wasn't user friendly, which highlighted just how easy the Whirlpool is to use. Most of the time I just press Start and use the default max-power-for-30s mode (pressing Start multiple times increases the time by 30s each time).

Before buying I read lots of reviews, and Which said after 15 minutes of constant use the power will drop. We haven't suffered from this as mostly we use it for less than 5-10 minutes, as that's ample for our needs. We also haven't yet struggled to fit anything in it, no doubt in part because we use our common sense and put food in containers that will fit.

The steam function is good but not great, so whilst we do occasionally use it for things like steaming fish, we tend to do the vegetables on the hob with a steamer.

This is one I'd definitely recommend - doesn't hurt that it looks very sleek and stylish to boot.
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on 21 January 2015
Considering the height of this thing, at least 14 inches before you add any breathing space, it is incredible that you cannot fit a 7 inch sachet of soup etc. upright inside it! My old microwave is lower but there is plenty of headroom in that. The turntable is extremely wobbly and if I had had tried it out much sooner I would have sent it back...but this is the first microwave out of about half a dozen that I have had to use regularly that I have had any trouble with and after checking it did start up, I left it in the corner of the kitchen until it was needed. With so many brilliant reviews I thought I had picked a winner, however I have now come across all the ones who said it may cause a fire...so, on top of the other problems and the fact that it is not very fast at heating, it may be on its way to the tip already.
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on 26 October 2016
Looks great and takes up less space so ideal for smaller kitchens . I loved this microwave so much I bought a second when the first one broke . After 2 years the second one had the same fault so I decided third time lucky . Just out of warranty and exactly the same problem has occurred . Sparks coming the side panel and a smell of burning . Customer services advised me that this was not a known problem but YouTube seems to show otherwise !!! I will not be buying this again .
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