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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 February 2012
Airbag I came across quite by accident thanks to Amazon and its recommendations usually I never pay much attention and this album was sat in my wish list for about a month befor i finaly got it but that has changes now thanks to this find.
The album as many have already said is a very pink Floyd/porcupine tree style sound more so to the pink Floyd influence. The guitarist has a very Gilmore feel and to me the vocalist sounds a little like Steven Wilson (my fav musician).
The artwork on this album is good as the cover is a representation of the best song in my view from the album "the bridge" and the back has the man walking with his suitcase which then as its folded out it becomes a small poster with one side a full size image of the cover and the other the lyrics and the track names. The album really doesn't have that many lyrics and most of them are based on emotions such as depression o sadness.
The music on the album is beautiful and as a whole a true masterpiece with each song revolving around a concept of the track names. The music is very much pink Floyd inspired Prog rock and I believe even if this album is not completely original it is one cracking album and has been in and out my player for nearly two months now and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon.
I love this album and it is better than their debut which was a hard thing to do.
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on 27 July 2017
This is a hauntingly beautiful work of music, particularly in the latter half of the album (but all of it good). If you're a fan of shimmering keyboards and synths and melodic guitar leads then you're in for a treat. This music touches the soul in a particular way - I challenge you not to have a tear in your eye as you listen to "Light Them Up" or "Homesick".

I only discovered this band quite by accident after completing my (The) Mystery collection (another great band) was looking for live clips on You Tube and up popped this band by the unlikely name of "Airbag". As regards their overall style and sound, yes there are elements of Floyd though not as much as some reviewers might have you think. Possibly a bit of U2, Anathema and Wakeman and the lead singer at times comes across as a slightly more throaty Justin Hayward.

Anyhow go ahead and buy this album, you will not be disappointed.
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on 20 November 2011
Great Album, for sure it confirmed my guess about the quality and more, I already owned their first album "Identity".

This new album is wonderful I liked very much.
Great atmosphere, great space sound, all the instrument are perfect, in particular I like very much the guitar solos and sound in "Never Coming Home" .... amazing track, I love it !!!

Compliments indeed to these guys, they made a great job !!!

If you love Steven Wilson or Pink Floyd atmosphere, get it with confidence !!!

Greetings from Sicily (Italy)
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on 18 December 2011
this is the first time i have ever felt the need to write a review.where do i start i'm not one to be taken in by reviews that say this album is great and that kind of thing bought them and found they were rubbish but being a massive prog fan and looking for something new i thought i would give this a try. First I've never heard of the band or anything about them so ordered it it came i put it on in the car on the way to work and well i don't even remember driving to work cos this album sucked me in and took me somewhere else, utter fantastic is all i can say. but before you all you all start rushing out to buy something that you think is groundbreaking its not if it wasn't for pink Floyd this band would not exist but what i will say Pink Floyd could make records for the next 50 years and never make one this good. I can't pick out high points because its that good and all the songs flow so well into each other but when i first put it on for the first 30 seconds i thought mmmmmmmmm what do i make of this then about 1.30 minutes into the first song my jaw hit the floor and stayed there while repeating OH MY GOD and i haven't stopped playing it since. if you are a big prog rock fan this should be down on the list of things to own or hear before you die and i do not say that lightly. 5 stars is not enough
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on 11 March 2016
Have not received the cd yet but got my mp3 version and let me say this group and this album is stunning.So much so I had no hesitation in ordering The Greatest Show on Earth cd and Identity cd as well.They are quite a remarkable group.They are a cross between Pink Floyd,Porcupine Tree,Coldplay.
Whatever way you look at this group they really are a stunning band and deserve a lot more success than they have gotten.At the time of writing this they are not far off releasing their 4th album which believe me I will have no hesitation in buying.
If you like any of the above bands that I mentioned in an earlier paragraph then buy this and there other 2 cd's has you will love listening to them.Bjorn Riis the lead guitarist and songwriter is an amazing talent.He also has a solo album out as well.You may want to look it up.
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on 28 November 2011
More of a gentle and general evolution from the first outing, more assured,and even more 'musical 'although Identity is also a must have purchase. The feel of classic post Meddle Floyd is still very much present, but with better songs and a gradual groping for their own voice. The sense of space is gorgeous, and the playing superb, with Keyboards occasionally taking pride of place amidst the Gilmouresqe Guitar (no criticism)

This is lush and mind expanding music and is none the worse for that in my book. With more exposure these guys should be huge.

If you like this check out The Engineers who mine similar terrain.
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on 18 October 2011
If you know Airbag's debut album "Identity" then probably you already know what to expect from their new release "All Rights Removed". This fantastic album is an another step forward and it's more mature than debut release. It contains only 6 tracks with suite "Homesick 1-3" that lasts over 17 minutes. Last 3 tracks are unbelievably beautiful with pretty dark instrumental "Light Them All Up". I've heard a lot of comments comparing "All Rights Removed" to some of the Pink Floyd' albums but to be honest Airbag creates their own music style which is quite difficult to describe. That is one of the best, if not really the best, albums of 2011. Highly recommended.
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on 20 November 2013
Put this on my Christmas list last year after stumbling across it as a recommendation on Amazon - if you like Porcupine Tree, Anathema, RPWL, Riverside, Demians, Pineapple Thief (all of which I recommend by the way)... you get the idea, then this is right up your street. A year later, I still love it and listen to it often.

Whilst all the songs are good, this is a 'press play and forget it' album. I am not sure if it was intended as a concept album, but it feels like one (without the cheese).

From the brilliant opening track that sets the mood, the album takes you on a wonderful mellow and uplifting journey. I love to put this album on if I drive somewhere, or if I am working alone.

Most of the critical reviews say they sound like Pink Floyd. Yes... there is a Pink Floyd feel about this album, BUT that is not a bad thing.
I am not a Pink Floyd fan... though I do love a few Pink Floyd songs. To me it sounds they have been inspired by the best of Pink Floyd and brought that 'feel' into the best of modern song-writing.
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on 21 October 2012
After buying Identity from an Amazon recommendation, I decided to purchase 'All Rights Removed'.
Again, the vocals on this offering were very good.
So melodic also, how original prog rock was and should be.
If you are after the heavy metal inspired offerings of the vast majority of the newer bands, then you will be disappointed.
I have purchased quite a few albums that have been recommended to me which have not been to my taste and what I would consider to be heavy rock or metal.
This is prog rock how I remember it to be, without the thrashing guitars and screaming vocals.
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on 10 December 2016
Highly technical prog with the compelling freshness of indie-type vocals and almost-familiar guitar tones. If you ever wondered what melted chocolate sounds like as it drips through the structure of a song, well, this is as close as you'll get. Airbag have a very controlled approach, perching the listener on the edge of his (or indeed her) chair; the album cover art here suggests where the listener might find himself if brain activity can be wired up to a virtual reality headset.
Rather too many reviewers like to describe this outfit as the new Pink Floyd, but that likeness is a superficial attempt to rationalise the soundscape with familiarity. Yes, some of the guitar tones and keyboard patches do bear a strikinging resemblence to Floyd, among many other bands, at their absolute best, but as you go over the material several times all the subtle differences emerge. I recall the same was said about Pendragon, on the release of "The World" and "The Window of Life", and now when you go back and dig those albums out for another airing, they have their own originality, just as this album will have when the NEXT Floyd-wannabes come along. In 1977, it was said of the Alan Parsons Project that they're the closest thing to Pink Floyd without actually being Pink Floyd (and we all know where that went...!) In the near future, we'll be saying about some new band: they sound just like Airbag. We can hope.
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