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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2012
Feel as one may about French films, it must be admitted that they bring something to the field of erotic cinema that is refreshingly 'real' , and the film 'Q' ('Desire') carries on this tradition. In an interview in the 'extras' section on the disk the director (Laurent Bouhnik ) states that he was attempting to present a more 'honest' and 'feminine' view of human sexual relationships. The mechanism that he uses to achieve this goal seems to centre on focusing on the female characters in the story as they relate to life circumstances and men. The plot revolves around a group of young 20 somethingish individuals, who appear to all be acquainted, living in a small sea-side town. Played out against the grim economic realities of present times we follow the action of the principal female character, Cecile, as she comes to grips with her father's recent death. Apparently a bit 'un-hinged' by her personal loss she appears to be casting about for some satisfaction/resolution through a series of sexual dalliances and relationships. She is having 'issues' with her 'steady' boyfriend so she 'teases' some other guys into having sex with her and also gets involved in some sapphic action with the sexually naive & frustrated Alice. To a lesser extent the plot also attempts to track the sexual flounderings of some of the secondary characters and it can get a little confusing, on first viewing, as to who is with who and why they're doing what they're doing.

Indeed, 'frustration' is a key concept in this flik as the director, again, makes his point that, in the real world, sexual relationships are not always 'smooth' and 'hot' as depicted in the porno cinema. This film IS quite explicit in showing intimate sexual situations and full female (& male) nudity abounds. There are scenes of oral and auto eroticism, as well as hetero and lesbian liaisons - but no penetration, and the sex is all woven into the context of the story-line so that it does not come off as 'gratuitous'. In the final analysis, the film doesn't come to any grand conclusions - it is essentially a 'slice of life' examination of human relationships - but the 'thespians' are all very attractive and get naked a lot. I would say that the director achieved his objective in providing a more 'realistic' vision of eroticism, which ironically may lower its' actual erotic potential, but it is an easy and enjoyable watch (with lotsa naked bodies) and even has a (relatively) happy ending!
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on 2 September 2012
Watched this with my wife and we both enjoyed it. I read on here that one of the reviewers said there was no script, that the acting wasn't that great and it was all about the sex. I personally think that these comments are all pretty far from the truth. There is a very simple story, told very well. The film does have a strong explicit element and you have to admire both the casting, the direction and the acting in a film that does have such a strong provocative element for shooting in such a believable way. For the most part the shock factor is handled very well and I believe this film pulls it off. There's an element of humor in the drama that unfolds, that adds to an overall sense of mischief in the film, that spans right the way through to the direction to how the screenplay develops on screen. There are plenty of obvious things you can pick holes in. Like the fact the actors, especially the female roles, are all very attractive -but is this not true of a lot of mainstream Hollywood films?

In summary, this film is a bit of fun, watchable, well made, well acted and very rude. Not everything you watch has to be a life affirming moment.
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on 12 May 2016
This review will be short, sharp and sweet. For this is exactly how the film portrays the love emotions in many of the relationships/non-relationships depicted in the film. Warning though, it is explicit. Though not a prude, I was somewhat surprised with the frankness and explicit nature of a few scenes. Nudity abounds but the acting (from a young cast) is not only very good it seems genuine. There is great attention made to the tiny details which make situations and characters that much more believable. Also, I've never heard French so seductively spoken as it is in several of the 'love scenes'. The English sub-titles do not distract from the overall enjoyment of the film either. So as far as erotic dramas go (some might call it explicit), I quite rate this. Rated a certificate 18, this is certainly one for the adults, and only those who are not easily offended I feel. Overall I rate this a solid 4 out of 5 star value for entertainment.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 March 2016
"Q" is an interesting and entertaining film, involving several good actors, that seeks to offer a snapshot of 'life' in contemporary Western society.

It's an 18 - and I was, on initial viewing, amazed it was passed as such (rather than an 18R) - as there is real, full sex on screen. While aspects of this are done artistically, it's nonetheless intended - at times - to titillate (and I enjoyed seeing lots of naked female bums and breasts! Very attractive).

It a tale of wayward young adults, lost for something to do, unemployed in modern times. Society has failed these individuals. The film focuses on the relationships between these young adults (aged c. 18-24). And if follows a woman who decides that she and her friends ought to sell their bodies for sex in return for money - but only to men that they like.

This is a rather daring French film (with English sub-titles). It's got a low-budget, but looks good on Blu-ray.
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on 20 August 2012
French art films can be cutting edge or dreadfully dull. Q falls in the former category...excellent.
Following the antics of a femme fatale, and it has to be said a very beautiful femme fatale at that (Deborah Revie), and her girlfiends, the story line is a little difficult to comprehend at times.
What makes this watchable is the sheer brilliance with which the leading actress teases and cajoles men (and women) to gratify both her sexual needs and her need to be manipulative.
The sex (there is a lot of it) is very graphic. If you are at all apprehensive or offended by the sight of intimate arousal, both heterosexual and lesbian, then steer clear.
But, rather than being the focal point of the movie, the sexual content augments the story very well.
This probably would have been censored heavily not many years ago.
Overall? Excellent.
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on 1 June 2012
This is, to my knowledge, a breakthrough film. It mostly successfully shows the diffuse sexuality and searching which is typical for some people in their twenties. Wonderfully photographed, it grabs your attention immediately and doesn't stop at the usual boundaries of filming nudity and direct sexuality. It's not porn, though it can be arousing at times. The ending was a bit over the top for me. But overall, an excellent film. I would like to see the lines this film crosses eliminated when appropriate. It's the 21st century. The standard of extreme violence and autopsies being ok for family television but showing sexuality in a serious film being taboo..we need to move on. This film, intrinsically worthwhile, also helps loosen the moronic censorship standards. Check it out. Brian Tlougan, author of A-list: The Best in Cinema & TV
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on 13 December 2011
This really does what it sets out to do , ie it is sexy and erotic , fun and moving . it all works so well because Deborah Revy is magically flirtous and manages to change the lives of all around her . Cant recommend this film enough , so many films just pretend to show sex but this actually feels so real but not in a sleazy way . Brilliant.
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on 15 March 2015
I watched this film, initially, on Prime but enjoyed it enough to buy the dvd and watch again, with the added bonus of director and actress' interviews. On the surface it is one of those films that the French do so well: it is an entertaining trench of life involving a bunch of twentysomethings in a French channel port (Caen is mentioned in the dialogue) all of whom, with the exception of Matt the mechanic, appear to be unemployed, with most of the (disenchanted) male characters involved in petty crime/revenge against a dodgy employer, including car theft. However the film revolves around the sexual antics of the feisty Cecile whose father has recently died and whose ashes she has to decide what to do with. This seems to be a tenuous reason for her sexually provoking a string of men, and one woman, of varying ages, despite having a steady boyfriend, though she is frustrated with their sex life. There isn't much of a plot, although the film is book-ended with the matter of her late father's ashes. It is more a loosely linked set of situations interspersed with some highly charged and erotic sex scenes. The acting's not very good, the dialogue is rather pedestrian and the direction's not great but the sex scenes are great and pleasingly explicit! You get everything here: oral sex, lesbian sex, female masturbation, penetrative sex, etc. Interspersed through the film is monochrome film of naked women, only viewed from the neck down, showering together and talking about men and sex. PLOT SPOILER: They turn out to be the main female protagonists preparing for the final scene of the film - a sex party for which all the male 'guests' have paid. Another scene, which helps lift the film out of being soft porn to being more of an art film is the scene outside the cafe where the action transfers from one character to another and back to the original, all of whom are talking on their phones! There is a lot of 'sobbing' in the film: e.g. Alice has a good cry after masturbating in one totally disconnected scene, one of the 'men' sobs into his phone while begging his girlfriend to come back to him. Altogether, a very brave film: none of the main actors' careers seems to have blossomed after making this film...
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on 15 January 2015
Very hot and raunchy, the lead actress was stunning. She basically has a series of sexual encounters. She is pumped numerous times, but she takes it very well. It is very sexual.
Her lesbian scenes are also very graphic.
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on 22 February 2014
Not sure what to expect having read other reviews but this was far more graphic than I have seen in an 18 rated film.
Having said that the cast were excellent , normal and believable and I enjoyed it. The story was weak but flowed well and could have made a decent film without the sex.
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