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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Hardened Edition|Change
Price:£36.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 19 November 2011
I brought the Hardened Edition and that is what I am going to review.

-- Packaging --
I was quite surprised by the size of the box it came in, I was expecting something a little slimmer based on the contents (a card and a mini field guide) but everything had its own area and fitted perfectly (Although I found the field guide to a bit tough to get back in once I got it out). Overall I am happy with the contents and the packaging.

-- Game Manual --
This is just a tiny little issue that I have with some games released these days, including this one. the games manual is literally 10 pages long and most of that is credits. When I think manual I imagine a little booklet containing colourful images and illustrations showing the various controls and perhaps even a back story and profiles of some of the characters but no, this is the bare minimum of what you can call a manual, the instructions is just a white box with the various icons on it such as grenade, ammo etc. Was it really too much effort to at least show what it actually looks like IN GAME??

-- The Game --
The campaign I found moderately enjoyable but I felt that something was missing and that something was a little variety every now and then, the previous games had levels which had you in control of a gunship, on a speed boat, sneaking through snow and whatnot but. Don't get me wrong MW3 has some of these things but they are more bite sized and they are over way too quickly. But I still loved the game I found it enjoyable to control some of the guns and airships brief as it was.

The game took me around 6 hrs to complete and that includes back tracking to get some of the intel and level specific achievements which I guess is ok for Call of Duty since most people will spend literally months of game time in the space of a year, so as game time goes MW3 is a bargain.

-- The Online --
I found the online to be very enjoyable, I tend to stick to team deathmatch and very rarely venture elsewhere however I discovered Kill Confirmed which is basically team deathmatch but instead of earning points towards goals for kills, you earn for getting kills and then picking up the tag the players dropped. This makes for a more strategic match since you can confirm your teams kills and deny other kills made by your opponents which is already mildly amusing.

-- Spec Ops --
There are two modes here, Missions and Survival. I'm not going into detail about these, its very similar to what we see on MW2 however the survival is a LITTLE like Zombies from Black Ops and World at World. Basically in survival you choose a map (which are the online maps) and then kill the various waves of enemies, it starts out easy at first but the enemies quickly becomes tougher to kill and deal more damage, plus with dogs and choppers flying around it makes for quite a fun game.

-- Overall --
Overall I like the game, I really do, I found the single player to be fun and enjoyable, the online is great and the spec ops are good too as a little thing to do while your bored. However its small things that made me give the game only 4 stars such as the manual and lack of variety in the single player but the main reason is simply because this is basically the direct sequel to MW2 and I found the game a little too similar (don't get me wrong, I like that they kept the gameplay and visuals the same) but I feel that there is a lack of NEW features so for me its 5 Stars for fun but 4 Stars overall.

Thank you for reading and I hope my spelling and grammar wasn't too bad :P
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on 14 November 2012
Game is brilliant but DO NOT and i mean DO NOT buy this hardened edition. All of the DLC codes in these hardened editions are now EXPIRED. Activision have told me they are useless and are no longer valid. so DO NOT BUY HARDENED just buy the standard edition!
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on 25 July 2013
The hardened edition of mw3 has dlc codes which ALL run out around 2012. What you are actually buying is a case with very little in it. It includes a metal case for mw3 and a notebook. This is all kept in a fairly weak case and is filed up with packaging.

So just get the standard edition if you want mw3. Tbh this shouldn't be selling now its an unfair deal.
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on 25 November 2011
Alot was expected from this game, in my opinion it has delivered. Let me start with the multi-player. The maps are great fun and there are many. Personal favourites of mine are Resistance, Bootleg, Lockdown and Hardhat. I personally find this maps the most fun, although there are alot of other ones. The array of guns, perks and unlcocks are vast. Moving onto the Special ops, you can choose from Survival or Missons. Survival is comparable to Zombies from previous games, or Horde from Gears of War. You fight endless waves, similar to zombies, but youre fighting human soldiers. Similar to Gears you actually get boss levels now. The boss levels are Juggernauts, although there are some levels you fight against Helicopters, you can usually take these down with a few clips of an MP5. In the mission levels they are what they say on the tin, you have to meet an objective successfully. Typically, the Story mode is too short, as it normally is. I wont spoil the story for the player, but it is a very fun and interesting story with its usually twists and turns. Elite is a good app you can download to your console, also access it via your computer. I look forward to the new map pack downloads that we will soon be getting, as normally there are some brilliant new maps. The gameplay is typical COD. It hasnt changed much, it doesnt need to, same with the graphics. Hope this helps!
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on 17 September 2013
I am a hardcore COD fan I buy and collect all the hardened editions of this franchise, this particular buy came with the steel book cover, handbook and a COD ELITE membership.
The game play is absolutely amazing and multiplayer is just as good, I would recommend this to any COD fan
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on 9 November 2011
I pre-ordered this as I loved the zombies and multi-player on Black-ops and I expected this to be as good as, or better than, BO...Mine arrived a day early actually, so no problems with delivery, but I'm guessing that I was lucky.

Ok, so the Spec ops survival mode is great fun! Spent loads of time on this so far, and I am hoping to be spending much more time on it. I haven't tried the spec-ops missions yet, but I'm hoping that they will be as good as spec-ops on MW2.

However, the multi-player has proved to be somewhat disappointing thus far.

I generally play domination, and, unlike the campers and other TDM 'rejects' who run around only making kills for their own individual score, I push for the domination points rather than solely kill streaks. In BO my captures were shown on the post-match summary, along with the number of kills, assists etc. My KDR is generally around 0.8 as I focus on captures not kills, but, because of captures, or at least my attempted captures (not always successful!) my score is usually in the top 3 , which is fine as it is a *team* game, but MW3 does *not* show captures, meaning that the team only see the points and the KDR, which, compared to some is very low.

One of the changes made from BO to MW3 was that of more gun-on-gun action, with air-support acting as support, unlike BO which had air superiority. However, in MW3 the weapons seem to be way more powerful, taking fewer hits to 'kill' a player, meaning that it is now much less likely that a player can survive an encounter. In BO its was possible to survive a head-to-head encounter, barely, but in MW3, not so. While I know that players should try to avoid head-to-head encounters, we all know that this is not always possible! Further, in BO any air-support called could be swiftly dealt with, taking only 2 hits from the RPG or Strela-3, while in MW3, each chopper took 4-5 hits.

Generally the multi-player maps that I have played thus far seem to have far more 'hiding' or camping spots that BO, meaning that most of the time you don't get the chance to see your assailant before they've swiftly dispatched you and probably other members of your team. I can understand the need for some spots on each map like this, but thus far, there seem to be a few too many such spots, which I feel makes it much more difficult to get around and survive more than a few seconds sometimes, particularly if you are one who pushes for domination points, again adding to the disappointment with this part of the game.

On the plus-side, I love the idea of strike packages. As I am a player who will push for flags rather than kills, I use the support package. Though I tend to die more often than my team-mates, my point streaks - points given for both captures *and* kills - do not reset on death. So, I can take a point, kill an opposition, but then die myself, and I still have the 2 points gained from my captures/kills. This is a great idea that plays in the favour of more team-minded players such as myself, making the game a little more balanced.

Overall, the game, particularly the multi-player, isn't what I had expected it to be, and I am really quite disappointed with the multi-player element. Because of this, I probably won't be doing the on-line multi-player games as much as I had with BO, which is a real shame as I used to really enjoy this. For now, I'll focus on the spec-ops, both survival and missions, but switch to BO for multi-player as it seems to have a better balance between weapon power and game play.

For now, I am really disappointed with this game overall, but there is hope, particularly with the spec-ops.

I hope this review has helped a little...

- K
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on 8 November 2011
PLEASEEEEEEEEEE stop rating it one star on your delivery, this game is soo good.

Campaign- I have played around 4 missions, and i feel right at home, some of the scenes are literally jaw dropping and the sound has improved alot.

Multiplayer- Ok, this is call of duty so some of you are saying that it is the same old thing, but call of duty will never change so much, they have changed it enough this year, as in Killstreaks, perks, weapon proffeicens, weapon ranking and more..

I love the gun on gun gameplay it has brought, and new game modes such as kill confirmed and team defender.. aswell as the private match game mades which they made for us.

Spec ops/ survival.. i have played survival and it is good, its a chalange but it does get tedious and your constantly blasting enemies, without having to think much.. BUT i have only played on easy, meaning that it isnt that hard and doesnt require thought.. the missions are as they wer in mw2, most people loved them so there was no need to change these.

For the people who say it not worth it.. Ask yourself, would you pay £40 for..

New campaign
Upgraded multiplayer
New MP maps
New Spec ops missions
And all new survival mode ?
(Dont forget new acheivements) :)

Yes you would

The hardened edition for an extra 30 pound (is what i got it) is totaly worth it, the steelbook case is great and looks amazing, whilst the journal feels like its been through the wars and is very detailed.. And the best bit is that you are a COD elite premium member, most importantly meaning that you get all the dlc for this game which will cost you more than the elite membership.. plus you get all the cool elite stuff which i havent really looked at.
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on 1 February 2015
disappointing that all the features advertised are not available , son thought he would be able to enter all the codes as advertised to gain ectra things however code are expired - out of date - disappointed ! -
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on 10 November 2011
This shouldn't even be sold as a full game.
Its literally just MW2 with new levels slapped in awkwardly.

There is no graphical improvements whatsoever
No game play improvements or innovations
The same old crap recycled and sold at a stupid price

I was expecting better.

the only reason I am not trading this in instantly is because the survival mode is fun.
That's literally the only redeeming factor

Save your money or buy Battlefield 3 instead
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on 12 November 2011
I haven't been able to play the game properly due to a disk read error every time I play or try to load on to my hd. I was wondering if I was alone so I went on the Xbox forum pages and found hundreds of fellow gamers who have had problems (specifically with the hardened edition in the uk).
I have played a few online levels and the special ops(at a friends house) and would give the game play 5 stars.
Amazon delivery was swift so I'd also give 5 stars.
But the fact that I have had to return the disc leaves me rather bitter. I know it is not amazons fault but I believe that the hardend edition is a waste of money, the added content is limited, the small notebook you get is not worth the extra £30.
Amazon was unable to replace like for like due to selling all there alocation so has given me a refund(hopefully) but I would not have swapped like for like as i believe the discs to be of poor quality.
My Xbox is not old and I have many games which work perfectly including new realises like gears 3 and arkham city ( both work perfectly)
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