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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Reason for buying:
I decided to buy this product because I had read from a number of reliable sources that taking Glutamine had numerous benefits and I wanted to experience them for myself. I purchased the Muscleform brand because it is the best value Glutamine on

Benefits of Glutamine:
- Increases growth hormone levels by 400%
- Boosts the immune system
- Maintains muscle cell volume
- Increases muscle protein synthesis
- Prevents muscles from being broken down
- Speeds up wound healing and recovery (muscle soreness)

Mixing and Taste:
When I first tried the product by mixing 5g (tea spoon) with a glass full of water I found that it mixed reasonably well and tasted relatively sweet and there was a lot of it left inside the glass. I then found that mixing it with my protein shake completely dissolved it and there was none left inside the glass.

After taking 1 tea spoon (5g), 3 times a day with my protein shake I found that it made a positive difference to my muscle growth, strength and muscle fatigue during workouts. I also find that I have less illnesses (sore throats, colds, coughs etc) during the flu season (October to April) and generally feel better within myself.

This was my dosage and timing: (1 tea soon = 5g)

Training days:
Immediately upon waking up (5g)
30-45 mins pre workout (5g)
Immediately after workout (5g)
60 mins before going to bed (5g)

Non Training days:
Immediately upon waking up (5g)
Lunchtime (5g)
60 mins before going to bed (5g)

Who should be taking them:
Although these supplements are designed for body builders, they can also be taken by individuals who do any fitness activities and can also be taken by individuals who do not exercise. These would be particularly useful for burns patients as it is more likely to speed up the healing process.

Glutamine in protein powders:
Although you will find that most protein powders and meat sources contain glutamine, it's not in free form and you have to wait for your body to digest it and absorb it before it reaches your muscles. This Glutamine is in free form which means that it does not need to be broken down and can be absorbed very quickly into your muscles. Controlled studies have also shown that taking Whey with 5g of Glutamine increases muscle mass and strength a lot more than just taking Whey without extra Glutamine.

Side effects:
Although every supplement has the potential to cause undesired side effects, I did not experience any whilst taking the product and will update this review in the event that any side affects do occur over time.

I believe that this product offers exceptional value for money and is much cheaper than the other brands that I have tried (PhD Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition and USN). It is also equally effective and is ideal for individuals who do not have a healthy budget dedicated to supplements (like me). This is now the only one that I buy and would highly recommend it.

An essential supplement for athletes and non athletes.

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on 3 January 2016
In March 2015 I started having digestive problems, without going into details I couldn't digest things properly. It didn't seem to go away. Imodium helped at times but you can't live off that stuff. I had tests at the doctors and luckily they didn't find any intolerances or anything specific from stool samples and blood tests... I don't know what caused it, perhaps anti biotics I was on, perhaps it was from a virus, but it just wouldn't go away. Pro biotics helped in spells but I still seemed to react to certain foods. It was strange because I could eat one thing one day and be fine, but then another time it would make me unwell. It wasn't consistent... I suffered this way for 9 months, I tried many things and anyone who is going through the same will understand that it is very unpleasant, embarrassing and affects your mood...

Not sure how but I stumbled onto a forum discussing L Glutamine. So many success stories that it was worth a try, though I've heard them before with other cures and nothing had helped this far. I've been using it for nearly two weeks and I'm back to normal. From the first use, I've been fine. I used a mere 2.5g (one scoop) for a week and then upped it to 5g, I don't plan to go higher, may drop back down to 2.5g if it helps... I bought this particular product because it has no additives, which is recommended everywhere and it's a powder rather than capsule. For me it's tasteless, mixes easy and it's made me feel like myself for the first time in a year... Give it a go, I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.
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on 3 October 2013
My partner who after an exhaustive amount of Online reading came to the conclusion that he was suffering from either an Ulcer or "Leaky Guts". He was suffering with:

Bloating and gas.
BAD indigestion. (He would wake in the night with a mouthful of stomach acid quite often!).
Cravings for sweet stuff/eating constantly.
Nausea/feeling hot "sicky".
Lack of energy.

We purchased this item and he began to take it. On an empty stomach before eating in the morning he would put ONE heaped teaspoon into NON CONCENTRATE apple juice (you could use anything he just liked the apple!). Now bear in mind that a glass of water could sometimes set of his indigestion!! (NO JOKE!). And just before bed he would have the same again on an empty stomach.

By the SECOND day of this he noticed NO acid "burps". By the THIRD he noticed no cravings or desire for "sweet stuff" and remarked that he felt he had much more energy! He also noticed he was losing a fare amount of weight (fat i should say!). He has felt BETTER after a week of taking this than he has felt for years. He remarked "it feels like i have lost 10 years off my age!" He is 36!

He has no problems with feeling tired AT ALL during the day now and also finds he is eating FAR LESS and hasn't craved chocolate sweet things AT all and finds he doesn't "need to eat that stuff" now!! We have given some of this to a friend who seems to have some of the issues my partner has....... Now she is eating curry's/spicy food with NO issues!! We are just about (now) to order ANOTHER bag it IS THAT GOOD! he says he will continue to take it indefinitely:


Susan Davies
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on 26 July 2012
The only gripe I have about this product is if it goes up in price as I've become complacent about it now and I'm sure I will buy it again, and again if need be.

The taste is fair and as one can expect; does not impede or intervene beverages but I highly recommened taking it down in one fell-swoop as L-Glu can settle and every gram counts imho.

Also, be sure not to take L-Glutamine with hot beverages as heat destroyes this compound. Don't store it in heat either; this is just information I came across and I believe is useful as it can easily be overlooked.
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on 27 September 2013
I never written any reviews before I hope this will help some people who are suffering like I did for past 10 years with pain and bleeding hoping and waiting for a cure, it might not work for every one but worth giving it ago along side with existing medication. I eat porridge for breakfast and taking my medication and probiotic multivitamins.

I used to go weight training five times a week until I got struck with Crohn's disease 10 years ago left me unable to do any thing the things I used to do.
I have tried every thing, from Chinese medicines to what ever I could find to try to ease the pain and bleeding spent endless amount of money trying different things then finding myself back in a Hospital again.
I did wonder if any body else was suffering like me who want to get back on their feet, back in the gym again. I started to read discussion boards on body building websites until I came across some people body builders been taking this stuff called L-Glutamine amino acid that repairs body tissue after the work out when muscle gets ripped through work out. I thought I give it a go. Got nothing to loose and it didn't work for first two week of me taking it then I found out why!! then I started to take it first thing in the morning on my empty stomach half an hour before eating any food as the heat destroys the compound and things started to change for good from past three week i never felt better no pains been going to gym and I even when to snowdonia national park in north wales walked to the top of the snowdonia mountain... I only used to get 1 or 2 good day in a week if i'm lucky at this rate I feel normal so far its working for me I will update further if my symptoms return please share if you have some things that might have worked for you to help others thanks you for reading.

Follow up from previous as I said I would update.
have now been on this stuff for a while had noticed my fingers joints not hurting me no more.
my sister lives in the USA been suffering with her stomach pains after giving birth gone through three operations they could not find any thing wrong with her.
so I said to try this stuff and after six week she called me to say why I didn't tell her about this stuff before! her pain and bloating has disappeared as before she had to sit down after half hour standing or walking and now she can't sit still due to her boost of energy levels and lost weight. I had no side effects but it made me drink lots of wine due to not been able to drink for 11 years I could only take one sip and it was like as if i have swallowed broken glass and pain would then start.
I can say i'm now expending my blinds business further I thank the lord for pointing me in to the right direction as I can now start living like a normal Pearson.

This is my last post on this product I hope this will help some people who are still suffering with pain/bleeding every day and night like i did.

Follow up from previous I had to update another:
After taking this over a year I had to go to hospital again for an endoscope and a follow up appointment. The specialist kept asking me how I am feeling? I said fine but he kept asking and said come over here I want to show you this photo you only got a tiny amount of inflammation around the edges so how are you feeling? I told him that it was L-Glutamine powder. I just increased the amino acids in my body and this is the result almost repaired.
I did used to get some flair ups by eating bad thing then I came across watercress eating hand full every day which is rich in amino acids since I have been taking this along with L-Glutamine it's all repaired no more medication no flair up for three months. I am my normal self-thank the lord.
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on 26 May 2012
If you are looking for L-Glutamine powder you probably already know exactly what it is doing, and why you want to buy it. I've been using this particular brand for the past few months - about 5-15g each day (15g on training day, 5g on non-training). It mixes well with water (or juices) and its taste - by itself - is not bad (personally I drink it just with water - it's good enough for me, but you can try mix it with some juice or even add it to a protein drink). I didn't notice any difference between this type of L-Glutamine and other (much more expensive) products -> so I guess this brand is working just fine. There were no problems with the delivery, and I will be buying that again in the future.
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on 19 September 2015
I had a pain under my sternum for a few months. Went to my GP and he put me on a PPI. That didn't really help. Typical treatment for a stomach ulcer is a combination of a PPI and antibiotics. However, I didn't particularly want to go on antibiotics for various reasons.
So I read online that L-glutamine is used a lot in Asia for stomach ulcers.

I took around 5g a day mixed in with some cordial (as the taste of it alone with water is rather unpleasant) and on an empty stomach. They provide a little scoop which says it's around 2.5g per scoop. I did this for around six or seven weeks and noticed the pain going after about a week or two; however I wanted to make sure it was gone for good so kept taking it. I've been off it for around 2 weeks and I haven't noticed the pain coming back yet.

Now the reason I've given this four stars, despite the great job it did, is that I found it to be very constipating. Since coming off it, I have been much more regular - every day or every other day. However, when I was using it, I wouldn't defecate for days, sometimes for a week.
But even so, this product was well worth using for healing my stomach ulcer.
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on 2 November 2015
Dissolves well with relatively neutral taste. Mixed in with my normal Protein shakes without altering the flavour.

Works very well for reducing recovery time in between sets, highly recommend this product.

There are also various articles and reviews where people have used Glutamine for intestinal-related issues with great success.

For the price, it is worth trying!
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on 23 August 2015
Can't really comment on any benefits from taking Muscleform L-Glutamine, as I've only had it for 2 weeks and the 500g packet should last about 3 months as the directions say to take 5g per day. So I will have to do an update on any benefits in a couple of months time.

As for taking the powder, I mix it with a little bit of orange juice, and find that it mixes well, with no funny taste or smell. However 2 things that could be better are both to do with the scoop provided. The directions say to take 5g per day and they enclose a 2.5g scoop, why not a 5g scoop? Also the "handle" on the scoop is very short - about 1 inch - which means when trying to get the powder out of the bag you get the powder on your fingers as well, which is a waste and can be messy. So it would be better if the scoop was 5g and with a 3" - 5" handle.

"Update - 6th November 2015" - I have now finished taking the Muscleform L-Glutamine and personally have not noticed any change in anything - strength, size, definition, recuperation, nothing at all.
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on 24 February 2016
I was feeling very dull witted I'm known for my Sharp wit ! I Was feeling quite cloudy in my thoughts a combination of to much booze and no exercise. This has really perked me up! I will continue to use it and I will buy another.
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