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on 5 September 2016
good movie shame it was subtitled
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on 2 February 2018
Glued to the episodes. So few documentaries show Bruce in his normal life and one which focuses just as much on his family as Bruce himself. This documentary shows Bruce's struggles with racism and stereotyping which he fought to change.

Some say they followed Bruce Lee all their life and do not like this DVD. This is an insight into how the movie business treated him and his ideas, what effect this had on his family and all from the memories in his daughter, family and friends. They knew Bruce a lot more than snippets in magazines, hearsay and rumours of curses.

The whole family enjoyed this DVD and felt the happiness, joy as well the sadness felt by Bruce. If you are expecting a DVD full of fights you will be disappointed. If you want to see Bruce's day to day life and struggles and maturing from an arrogant, niaive young man to the man we came to know then I'd definitely recommend this DVD.

Looking at the feedback it is clear that many 'fans' think they know more about Bruce Lee than his own family who co-produced this video. This is a great insight into Bruce's struggles with breaking Chinese tradition and his health. I only wish the rumours about his mysterious death would cease. Bruce unfortunately died due to the migraine and opiates taken for back pain. No voodoo involved or vengeance. As someone who too has weekly migraines and had a spinal fusion I only know too well how dangerous the drugs are but necessary to have a near normal life. Chuck Norris was a great family friend and will tell you exactly the same. Sorry to spoil the mystery of his death.
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on 24 February 2013
I purchases this DVD as a gift for someone ,The Legend of Bruce Lee,i am happy with the 2/3 day it take to come in the post and it,s a very good price.
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on 14 April 2017
The art work and product description make this film seem like a must have for your collection. But - it is like a cheaply made soap opera. It has not been made with cinema cameras. If you're from the UK as I am then I would say the quality you find on such daytime soaps such as Neighbours or Home And Away are far better, even CBeebies dramas are of a higher standard. This is no exaggeration and probably has to be seen to be believed. It has all the quality of a very low budget TV drama. If you are a Bruce Lee fan and probably desperate for anything related to the icon then you will probably disregard the bad reviews as I did and also be dissappointed. If so buy it as cheaply as you possibly can as I did. The movie 'Young Bruce Lee is a far better buy, made from his brother Robert Lee's point of view and is a very satisfying, informative and entertaining film.....Or of course 'Dragon- The Bruce Lee Story'.
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on 12 January 2017
Can't believe the hate for this movie, I think it's a great film but defo doesn't stay true to the story. Looking forward to seeing the new birth of the dragon film 2016 I have heard a lot of bad press for it here and there. Hopefully someday they will make a true to the core autobiography of Bruce Lee with a great lead and cast
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on 10 January 2012
I have just started watching this and the audio on the packaging just states stereo which is a bit naughty really as it is chinese audio with subtitles. Strangely enough it still seems dubbed (lips out of sync). I love world cinema and dont have a problem with subs but just wanted to clarify this. I have neutrally rated it till watched and will then ammend.
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on 11 January 2012
From a young age I've been a huge fan of Bruce Leed to the point where I've purchased all his films, documentaries, films about his life, books etc etc.
Now as far as films go this isn't bad but very over dramatised.....By no means is this a factually based film about Bruce Lee's life, it loosely follows periods and experiences he had (even if out of sequence)......One of the most poignant parts is he's developed a mortal enemy named Yellow Skin who keeps popping up throughout the film challenging Bruce Lee to fights! Another bad point about this film is the music.....if there has ever been a worse score written for a film I'd like to hear it!
Overal if you can get passed the cringe worthy bits this isn't actually that bad a movie, the fight scenes are well choreographed and the main actor does look sort of like Bruce Lee. Worth a purchase but take it with a pinch of salt.....
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on 16 January 2012
I havent seen this film & dont intend to.Yes,by reading other reviews its obvious the so called true story is still mostly fiction.I am also surprised at the different beliefs by the reviewers of certain aspects of Bruces life and even adding fiction upon fiction.Where on earth did all these false theories come from ? One reviewer was annoyed that Bruce broke his back during a fight & corrected this myth saying it was during weight lifting....Sorry but doesnt anyone know the truth ? Bruce lee was in a very bad car accident & told he would never walk again...In Hollywood terms "boring" - ...put him in a fight...& loose ! He never lost a fight ! But Hollywood dont care for truth & so 40 years later we have chinese whispers abound....I suggest you read the book written by his wife Linda.I read it in 1975.I presume it's still available in print.Avoid all others,especially during the past decade.Checkout interviews by people like James Coburn who even spoke of Bruce after the car accident & his writing the book "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" while parallised.Also his fight with Taky...Lasting all but 10 seconds,& the two becoming best lifelong friends.I havent put Takys full name on purpose....If you dont know, then you dont know Bruce Lee.The story of the fight itself is worthy of putting on film,but alas ...Hollywood again dont want truth...& certainly not a 10 second fight ! One day we may get the truth on a decent film of Bruces life,but it will have to come from a very brave independant film maker totally loyal to The Little Dragon & not someone loyal to chinese whispers.
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on 19 January 2012
This is a Chinese TV show that lasted for hours cut down to 3 hours 5 minutes. Its 2 hours fifteen minutes before Bruces tv/movie career is covered and that is rushed through in about 10-15 minutes showing scenes that had nothing to do with the movies such as long fight with a Thai boxer for The Big Boss. Theres a brief montage of scenes of Italy (Leaning tower of Pisa, Coliseum etc) to cover The Way Of The Dragon and a glimpse of the mirror sequence from Enter The Dragon. The film mainly deals with a mostly fictionalised account of his life. All Bruce Lee fans know that he injured his back weight training not being hit in the back by a huge caber after a fight!
Theres also an enemy that keeps popping up throughout the film nicknamed Yellowskin and some godawful cheesy songs. His early trainer (Y)Ip Man is named Master Ye here and other major characters have also been renamed. In short this is not The legend of Bruce Lee!!
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on 9 February 2012
Was'nt very well advertised seeing as it is billed as the legend of Bruce Lee,being a devoted fan and a member of the Bruce Lee fan club, i felt i had to see for myself if this was truly the legend or not .Unfortunately for me it was not ,for one annoying fact it was in chinese with subtitles which completely spoiled it straight away.Bruce Lee for me was not just about his martial arts capabilities but his philosophy and charisma on screen ,so many films have used a look alike to portray Bruce ,and yes they can move somewhat like him fight somewhat like him but hey they can never move or sound like him ,in this film when he fights its so terrible the war cries they have used are more like a scoulded cat ,no not good at all .The fight scenes did do the legend justice but were sometimes well over the top .Such a shame that his daughter has added her name to this as it does not do the man justice .For my money the only real tribute to Bruce Lee is and will allways remain ,DRAGON THE BRUCE LEE STORY ,with JASON SCOTT LEE doing a remarkable performance ,and trully done the legend justice, but as far as being true to the legend himself ,no i dont think so ,big shame ,but if you want some good martial arts fights its still worth an eyeball . As Bruce said dont imitate others be yourself ,and this is a poor imitation of a man who completely changed martial arts by rewriting it ,developed his own unique martial art ,jeet kune do ,and was and still is the legend that was BRUCE LEE,
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