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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2012
For me, the early Doobie Brothers music came at the right time. I was in my mid teens and looking for the next style of music to carry me away. When I saw the Doobies on The Old Grey Whistle Test I determined to investigate. Listen To The Music, so simple, so summer strumming, was the track that grabbed me and my first purchase was Toulouse Street. Lovely stuff. I rapidly collected the first five albums, the first of which, The Doobie Brothers, doesn't feature here. Instead, we have the sixth album, Taking It To The Streets, which signals the introduction of Michael McDonald along with a new sound. I, personally would have preferred the first album in this box instead of the sixth and, though I play Taking It To The Streets, to me, it marks the decline in the real Doobies sound. Happily, having seen them live last year (2011) I can report that they are back to the sound I love best. Each album features classic tracks you may have forgotten about. I recommend the purchase of this collection.
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My fellow reviewer Mois Bennaroch has thoughtfully pointed out that these original albums have been remastered with additional tracks.
From experience I have often found that many of the sister sets are in actual fact the remastered versions with additional tracks or at worse a mixture of the two.
So I thought a track listing would be a great way to compare the two versions
Still an amazingly cheap set with the neat cardboard sleeves- heck someone has got to love them!

If you spot any mistakes just add a comment and I will rectify it Toot Sweet
(and yes I know it's not spelled that way!!)
disc 1
* 1. Listen to the Music
* 2. Rockin' down the Highway
* 3. Mamaloi
* 4. Toulouse Street
* 5. Cotton Mouth
* 6. Don't Start Me to Talkin'
* 7. Jesus Is Just Alright
* 8. White Sun
* 9. Disciple
* 10. Snake Man
disc 2
* 1. Natural Thing
* 2. Long Train Runnin'
* 3. China Grove
* 4. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
* 5. Clear as the Driven Snow
* 6. Without You
* 7. South City Midnight Lady
* 8. Evil Woman
* 9. Busted down Around O'Connelly Corners
* 10. Ukiah
* 11. The Captain and Me
disc 3
* 1. Song to See You Through
* 2. Spirit
* 3. Pursuit on 53rd St.
* 4. Black Water
* 5. Eyes of Silver
* 6. Road Angel
* 7. You Just Can't Stop It
* 8. Tell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)
* 9. Down in the Track
* 10. Another Park, Another Sunday
* 11. Daughters of the Sea
* 12. Flying Cloud
disc 4
* 1. Sweet Maxine
* 2. Neal's Fandango
* 3. Texas Lullaby
* 4. Music Man
* 5. Slat Key Soquel Rag
* 6. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)
* 7. I Cheat the Hangman
* 8. Précis
* 9. Rainy Day Crossroad Blues
* 10. I Been Workin' on You
* 11. Double Dealin' Four Flusher
disc 5
* 1. Wheels of Fortune
* 2. Takin' It to the Streets
* 3. 8th Avenue Shuffle
* 4. Losin' End
* 5. Rio
* 6. For Someone Special
* 7. It Keeps You Runnin'
* 8. Turn It Loose
* 9. Carry Me Away
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 August 2013
i have to be honest,i swithered wether to get this,as there are 2 discs sets also available,however when i heard that there was an original's vol 2 coming with the hard to get 'One Step Closer' and particularly 'Farewell Tour',i thought i might as well,ultimately(between both sets) your getting 10 albums at about 2 quid each.

This set captures the bands finest 70's discs,so its no surprise that the debut disc from '71 is left off,chronilogically it probably should have been there putting '76's 'Takin It To The Street' on volume 2 but i can understand the record companies thinking(for once).

So to the music 5 great albums from 1972 thru 1976,capturing the classic Doobie rock/country/gospel influenced melodic rock,certainly on discs 1-4,the 5th the aforementioned 'Streets ' album shows the 'aor/Steely Dan' influence creepin in,it would take over in future albums.

All the major hits from this era are here 'Listen to the Music','China Grove','Rockin Down The Highway' etc but its the many classic album tracks such as 'Clear As The Driven Snow','Another Park,Another Sunday' ,'Rainy Day Crossroad Blues' and the like,which will make you wonder why they are not held in higher esteem as a band of great talent.

The only downside is the packaging,as someone who loves the little booklets and archive notes and details,then this packaging was always going to jar,its a cheap box with mini replica sleeves,with writing so tiny its barely readable,and the covers reproduced too darkly,but its a trade off price versus quality,the sound quality is excellent(always loved Ted Templeman's work with the Doobies and Van Halaen) ,so i cant complain to much.

So ultimately you get 5 classic albums for minimal price,its your choice.
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just be aware that there are new editions remastered of the Doobies discograhy with bonus tracks and better sound, and it will not cost you a lot more

The Captain And Me & What Were Once Vices
Stampede/ Takin It To The Streets

Livin On The Fault Line/ Minute By Minute
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on 13 February 2016

This box set, under the Original Album Series, and released by Warner Brothers/Rhino in 2011, contains 5 CDs (5 albums of Doobie Brothers). I have compiled a detailed song listing (with album and singles label & number, chart position, date of release, with personal comments)(BB200=Billboard Album Chart; BB Pop=Billboard Hot 100; BB AC=Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart; BB R&B=Billboard Rhythm & Blues Chart; BB ROCK=Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart; CB Pop=Cash Box Singles Chart; RW Pop=Record World Singles Chart; UK=British Singles Chart):

DISC 1: TOULOUSE STREET (Warner 2634)(BB200 21/1972)*their second album release; the first album release is found in Vol. 2 of Original Album Series:
01 Listen To The Music (Warner Bros. WB 7619)(a-side)(BB Pop 11/1972; CB Pop 9/1972; RW Pop 10/1972; UK 29/1974)(July 1972)*the single version can be found in “Long Train Runnin’” box set.
02 Rockin’ Down The Highway (Warner Bros. WB 7661)(b-side, November 1972)*the single version can be found in “Long Train Runnin’” box set.
03 Mamaloi
04 Toulouse Street (Warner Bros. WB 7619)(b-side, July 1972)
05 Cotton Mouth
06 Don’t Start Me To Talkin’
07 Jesus Is Just Alright (Warner Bros. WB 7661)(a-side)(BB Pop 35/1972; CB Pop 33/1972; RW Pop 29/1972)(November 1972)
08 White Sun
09 Disciple
10 Snake Man
DISC 2: THE CAPTAIN AND ME (Warner 2694)(BB 200 7/1973)*their 3rd album release:
01 Natural Thing
02 Long Train Runnin’ (Warner Bros. WB 7698)(a-side)(BB Pop 8/1973; CB Pop 9/1973; RW Pop 9/1973)(March 1973)
03 China Grove (Warner Bros. WB 7728)(a-side)(BB Pop 15/1973; CB Pop 8/1973; RW Pop 10/1973)(July 1973)
04 Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
05 Clear As The Driven Snow
06 Without You (Warner Bros. WB 7698)(b-side, March 1973)
07 South City Midnight Lady (Warner Bros. WSB 29552)(b-side, July 1983)
08 Evil Woman (Warner Bros. WB 7728)(b-side, July 1973)*rare gem; CD debut.
09 Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners
10 Ukiah
11 The Captain And Me
DISC 3: WHAT WERE ONCE VICES ARE NOW HABITS (Warner 2750)(BB200 4/1974)*their 4th album release:
01 Song To See You Through (Warner Bros. WSB 8062)(b-side, November 1974)*rare gem; CD debut.
02 Spirit
03 Pursuit On 53rd Street (Warner Bros. K-16394)(uncharted UK a-side, May 1974)
04 Black Water (Warner Bros. WB 7795)(b-side, March 1974) and re-released as (Warner Bros. WSB 8062)(a-side)(BB Pop 1(1)/1974; BB AC 38/1975; CB Pop 3(1)/1975; RW Pop 1(1)/1974)(November 1974)
05 Eyes Of Silver (Warner Bros. WB 7832)(a-side)(BB Pop 52/1974; CB Pop 43/1974; RW Pop 67/1974)(June 1974)
06 Road Angel
07 You Just Can’t Stop It (Warner Bros. WB 7832)(b-side, June 1974)
08 Tell Me What You Want (And I’ll Give You What You Need)
09 Down In The Track
10 Another Park, Another Sunday (Warner Bros. WB 7795)(a-side)(BB Pop 32/1974; CB Pop 38/1974; RW Pop 30/1974)(March 1974)
11 Daughters Of The Sea
12 Flying Cloud (Warner Bros. WBS 8041)(b-side, October 1974)*rare gem; CD debut.
DISC 4: STAMPEDE (Warner 2835)(BB200 4/1975)*their 5th album release:
01 Sweet Maxine (Warner Bros. WSB 8126)(a-side)(BB Pop 40/1975; CB Pop 44/1975; RW Pop 61/1975)(July 1975)* the single version can be found in “Long Train Runnin’” box set.
02 Neal’s Fandango
03 Texas Lullaby
04 Music Man (Warner Bros. WSB 8161)(b-side, November 1975)
05 Slat Key Soquel Rag (Warner Bros. WSB 8092)(b-side, April 1975)
06 Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)(Warner Bros. WSB 8092)(a-side)(BB Pop 11/1975; CB Pop 10/1975; RW Pop 5/1975; UK 29/1975)(April 1975)
07 I Cheat The Hangman (Warner Bros. WSB 8161)(a-side)(BB Pop 60/1975; CB Pop 76/1975)(November 1975)
08 Precis
09 Rainy Day Crossroad Blues
10 I Been Workin’ On You
11 Double Dealin’ Four Flusher (Warner Bros. WSB 8126)(b-side, July 1975)*rare gem; CD debut.
DISC 5: TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS (Warner 2899)(BB200 8/1976)*their 6th album release:
01 Wheels of Fortune (Warner Bros. WSB 8233)(a-side)(BB Pop 87/1976)(August 1976)* the single version can be found in “Long Train Runnin’” box set.
02 Takin’ It To The Street (Warner Bros. WSB 8196)(a-side)(BB Pop 13/1976; BB R&B 57/1976; CB Pop 15/1976; RW Pop 24/1976)(March 1976)
03 8th Avenue Shuffle
04 Losin’ End (Warner Bros. WSB 8408)(b-side, July 1977)*a-side “Little Darling (I Need You)” can be found in Vol. 2 of this series.
05 Rio
06 For Someone Special (Warner Bros. WSB 8196)(b-side, March 1976)*rare gem; CD debut.
07 It Keeps You Runnin’ (Warner Bros. WSB 8282)(a-side)(BB Pop 37/1976; CB Pop 50/1976; RW Pop 56/1976)(October 1976)
08 Turn It Loose (Warner Bros. WSB 8282)(b-side, October 1976)*rare gem; CD debut.
09 Carry Me Away


1 This is the first time 5 popular charted albums of Doobie Brothers are grouped together in one set at a reasonable price. To buy them separately is definitely more expensive. By the way, beware of a ten CD box set "The Warner Brothers Years" (basically Original Album Series Volumes 1 & 2 together) is being released on July 24, 2015 at very high price (over Canadian $74).
2 As noted above, all the hit singles from 1972 to 1977 are included, with 5 making their CD debut (one exception “Little Darling (I Need You)” as noted above.
3 The sound is very well remastered: clean with no hiss. The harmonies of the Doobie Brothers are clearly displayed with clear differentiation of different instruments.
4 All the albums come with their own miniature cardboard LP cases, with the original front and back covers, enclosed in another case. In case you cannot read the song listing at the back cover because the letters are too small, the song listing is clearly outlined at the back cover of the case.


1 There is no booklet, no label & number and no chart positions.


Although Doobie Brothers have 28 charted singles on Billboard Hot 100, I have just finished compiling a Complete Singles Discography, and have found that they have actually 45 singles from 1971 to 2011 (charted & charted)(but only 76 songs not 90 songs because 5 were album cuts with no b-sides, 7 repeated releases and 2 b-sides belonged to other artists). The labels are (1) Warner (1971 – 1987), (2) Sesame Street (1981), (3) Capitol (1989 – 1991), (4) Warner (1993 – 1994), (5) Pyramid (2001) and HOR Records (2010 – 2011). You will need (1) “Long Train Running” box set (Rhino, 1999, 4CDs), (2) Original Album Series, Volume 1 (5 CDs, Warner, 2011), (3) Original Album Series, Volume 2 (5 CDs, Warner, 2015), (4) Brotherhood (Capitol, 1991) and (5) World Gone Crazy (HOR Records, 2011). Fortunately most of the tracks not found in above sets can be found online.


Doobie Brothers was a pop-rock band formed in San Jose, California. When I was compiling their Singles Discography, I was amazed by (1) their longevity in charting career (1971 to 2011), (2) charted in various formats: Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, Billboard Rhythm & Blues Chart, and Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart (in their later career with “The Doctor” topping the Billboard Rock Chart for 3 weeks in 1989).

Besides getting 5 popular charted albums, you also get almost all the singles. The sound is very good. The miniature cardboard LP covers are collectible and cute. This set, together with Volume 2 to be reviewed separately, is highly recommended.
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on 7 July 2012
Remember the days when you could rely upon your favourite bands putting out an album every year? And the best of them could do it despite major personnel changes (both voluntary and enforced due to Tom Johnstons's health problems) AND still produce material of the consistently high quality of these 5 discs. These albums represent the studio output of 1972 to 1976 from quite simply a great rock band, which progressed over the same period from Tom Johnston's soul-influenced R&B of Listen to the Music and China Grove through to the funkier Takin It to The Streets where the growing influence of Steely Dan emigrants Skunk Baxter and Michael McDonald (that would lead to 77's Living on the Fault Line and 78's Minute by Minute) is becoming obvious. Despite the quickfire production schedule, there is not a weak album here and rarely does a set like this provide such a fascinating record of band's dramatic progression over such a short period of time.
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on 1 December 2014
Tremendous value set. It's a shame the first Doobies LP isn't here, instead we get one of their soul/funk efforts from the McDonald years which sits incongruously alongside the sensational FM rock of Captain and Me, Tolouse St and Vices; all of which are the pinnacle of good time, heavy West Coast rock. There is hardly a duff track on all three records. Every song could have been a hit single. The song-writing and musicianship is absolutely peerless. Stampede sadly marks a steep descent in their fortunes lacking both memorable tunes and introducing some brass accompaniment that simply doesn't suit the band's style. But three of these records mark the very pinnacle of American rock in the 70s.
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on 28 April 2014
Many 5-star reviews on Amazon appear to be written by myopic fanboys, unable to bear criticism of their favourite bands or accept that not everything their faves produce is great or even good. Of this 5 album collection The Captain And Me is the outstanding one with every track a winner and deserving to 5 stars. This is one of the few albums I can listen to without skipping tracks. The key to this is the variety from folk and country tinged tunes like South City Midnight Lady to hard rocker Without You. Toulouse Street and Stampede are both very good but just short of the quality of Captain. What Were Habits has 3 or 4 skippable Tracks that don't linger in the memory and doesn't really warrant more than 3 stars. Takin It To The Streets generally has a good rep but to my ears it's where they started to go off what with Michael McDonald and his soul influence beginning to edge out the rockier songs of Tom Johnston and the folkier /country tunes of Pat Simmons. Not a bad album and worth 3 stars in my book but a wiser choice than the debut for inclusion. On balance this is an excellent investment in the best Doobies material and is a better introduction to noobs than a greatest hits set as there are so many strong album tracks.
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on 15 January 2012
My annual Happy Christmas to me from me, prevents the underpants and socks disappointment, and I have to say I made a brilliant choice.

I had "The Captain and Me" on vinyl many years ago and although that is still in top condition the move to digital recordings both on CD and on computer has stopped me playing it (along with many others). Of course the first out of the pack was that album, but I have to say the others were just as good. This series is a great way to fill the gap and I will investigate other artists which have whetted my appetite along the way, excellent value for money and I would heartily recommend.

All I need now is other excuses to buy not just Christmas!
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on 9 September 2014
AMAZING band of musicians who created some beautiful and exhilarating music for a few decades!
Listen to the music Long Train Running plus so many more gems South City Midnight Lady, Toulouse Street, I cheat the Hangman,
aking it to the Streets, Music Man etc
There are so many wonderful moments great music great harmonies plenty of guitar and drums - EXCELLENT.
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