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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2012
What can I say that others already haven't? If you are not a fan of obscenities and frequent allusions (if you can really call them that) to sex then you really should avoid Steel Panther like the plague.

But, if you're a fan of thumping rock anthems, dirty riffs, machine gun speed solos and importantly, a nostalgic take on the 80's heyday of Glam Metal, then this my friend, is definitely the album for you.
Sure, it's not the most original or best album ever (I agree with others who prefer the debut album, but still love this little gem) but it certainly is a lost of fun, with ample air guitar time, and tonnes of soaring choruses

The album opens up with the delightfully absurd intro track "The Future" before storming into the blistering "Supersonic Sex Machine" (Which has more than a passing similarity to Judas Priest's "Painkiller) then continuing to the hilarious "Just Like Tiger Woods". Sure, there is some filler, the last 2 tracks come to mind immediately, they are both very forgettable and really do seem like B-sides.

Still, when the vast majority of the album is as good as I described it really is hard to dislike, at their lowest point Steel Panther are still a great deal better than the bands they are parodying (In my opinion anyway). Indeed, you can see these guys have a great deal of love for the genre of music they are producing, and that is just fantastic to hear.
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on 3 April 2012
I don't think "Balls Out" is as good as the first album (Feel The Steel), but it was always going to be a huge ask to equal, or better it with more funny songs, rocking tunes, killer riffs and shredding solos.

I wasn't that keen on the new album upon the first listen. Perhaps once you've heard one album of songs about girls, sex, drugs, rock and all the things that make Steel Panther, it becomes a bit repetitive. There were a couple of stand-out tracks (Supersonic Sex Machine, 17 Girls In A Row, It Won't Suck Itself) but I wasn't hooked straight away. However, after a few more decent listens to it (nice and loud), coupled with seeing them at one of the best concerts I've ever been to at Brixton Academy (31.03.12), I'm now loving it!!

I didn't give it 5 stars simply because I still don't think it tops "Feel The Steel", but with rocking tracks like the one's mentioned above, plus It Won't Suck Itself, Tomorrow Night, Gold Digging Whore, I Like Drugs and Let Me Cum In, it's now a current favourite in the CD player in the car. A good way to start any morning on the drive to work!

As every fan of Steel Panther knows, the songs and parodies are one thing, but the musicianship is what really makes them so freakin' good to rock out to....and this album continues to deliver just that! If you get the chance, go see them live too. You won't be disappointed.
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on 7 August 2015
I love Steel Panther!! They are hilarious!! This is my second CD by SP. Although it is not as funny as Feel The Steel(IMO), it is still pretty awesome. I am a big fan of hard rock/heavy metal.
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on 3 November 2011
This is like the first album,but taken to the max,it rocks harder,with guitars higher in the mix,competing with the vocals,and yes a quick glance at the track list will confirm that PANTHER are as crude as ever,with no sign of going straight[music wise].
Steel Panther seem to have found their sound,on this c.d mixing the best bits of DEF LEP,POISON,and Motley crue,although some tracks sound a bit samey.Best tracks are -Just like tiger woods[never thought I'd here golfing speak on a rock record]This is probably the funniest on offer and tuneful to boot.
-Why can't you trust me,is a melodic rocker in the def lep vain,and probably their best song,however I did find the lyrics to be overly aggressive,and sexist with lines about beating up the girlfreind,just as well it's not to be taken seriously.
-Thats what girls are for,has the best chorus,"sewing cooking being good looking" proving that they can do sexism in a funny way.
Overall I found the songs to be solid but less memmarable,mainly because there are fewer sing along choruses,and that as I mentioned earlier the guitars are louder, meaning I had to concentrate more to listen to the lyrics.Still good though buy it.
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on 1 November 2011
Immediately after listening to `Balls out' all the way through for the first time, I turned to `Death to all but metal'. Why? Because, good as it is, `Balls out' just doesn't have the magic, the spark of something special that permeates `Feel the steel'.

Welcome back to 80's metal reimagined by sex-addicted stoner slackers who happen to be world-class rock musicians. Despite the fact that there is only one real stand-out track - `If you really, really love me', a slow-burning melodic burst of brilliance - there is still plenty of fun to be had. `That's what girls are for' is a singalong for all the wrong reasons. Feminists would justifiably be apoplectic if tongue was not set firmly in cheek. The chorus of `Critter' is just indescribable, probably the most extreme lines `Steel Panther' have ever uttered. When you're not banging your head to `Balls out' you'll be laughing your head off to the crude, un-PC lyrics that the initiated know, understand and love.

It's entertaining, it's hilarious, it's genius metal, but it's just not `Feel the steel'. I'm really sorry this isn't the five-star follow up we were all expecting.
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on 13 January 2015
more madcap music from a very funny band of top notch musicians. Very blue and sexist, but thats part of the parody, so not to everyones taste if you are offended by humor so close to the bone they chip it. Seen the live dvd and the banter is just as good, if you like the music you'll love their English Invasion dvd
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on 21 January 2013
Great arrived in good order and the postage was very quick no probs at all will use again thank u .
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on 12 December 2012
This has to be one of my top albums of 2011! An absolutely remarkable, yet humorous effort from Steel Panther!! All the songs are typical of them, sex, sex and sex, but they are all instant classics, and very sing-a-longable (especially Gold Digging Whore)
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on 23 April 2012
After playing 'Feel The Steel' for the millionth time, 'Ball's Out' has arrived!
As with 'feel The Steel', I instantly had my favourites, but the more you listen, pretty much every song grows on you. So far my favourites are 'Let Me Cum In', 'If You Really Really Love Me', & 'Why Can't You Trust Me'!
More famous celebs get the 'P' taking out of them...no one more than Tiger Woods!

Steel Panther are a ridiculously talented band, first thought of as a joke, people are taking these guys seriously now, growing ever popular and selling out tours all over the world.
Roll on November 15th - where we will be rocking out Hammersmith Apollo!

So, bring out a third album guys - you Rock!
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on 3 June 2013
Praise the Lord! At last! When our local church was looking for music to play as the congregation arrive and settle in their pews, I suggested SP's 'Balls Out'. Although I was almost out-voted by Mrs Bronski, we can now relax into our pre-worship trance to the sound of '17 Girls In A Row', 'It Won't Suck Itself' and 'I Like Drugs.' I have to say I feel the album is let down by 'Weenie Ride' (track 14) but when I spoke to the Rev. Scramble, he said 'I was going to say the same about "Just Like Tiger Woods"'(track 3). Okay, so none of the tracks on 'Balls Out' can compare to early SP classics like 'Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'' and 'Fat Girl', but how can you improve on perfection? You can't.
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