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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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Jessie spent her childhood in and out of foster homes and she had no one to turn to and nowhere to go after being thrown out at the age of 18. She ends up spending the next 14 years of her life working as a prostitute, a role that deep down she despises. Her pimp, Spence terrifies her and it is clear that up until now she has spent most of her time trying to keep on the right side of him or face the consequences.

One night she meets Gabe, an undercover cop and finds herself attracted to him in a way that she has never experienced before. Very quickly her life begins to change as she begins to experience the normality that a loving relationship can bring. However, before she can commit to spending her life with Gabe she knows that she must find a way of breaking her ties with Spence as he will never willingly let her go.

As you would expect, things very quickly begin to go wrong and Jessie finds herself in a very dangerous situation.

Although Jessie is a prostitute, the story does not focus in any depth on her working life; there is very little in the book that would be likely to offend those who might not agree with her occupation.

On the face of it, this would be classed as romantic fiction. However, there is a strong underlying message throughout the book about how many modern day prostitutes are living as slaves, having to do as they are told by their pimps or otherwise face the consequences.

The book is a fairly quick read and it could easily be finished in a day. Having said that, the characters and the storyline will draw you in quickly and keep your interest throughout.

This book was free to download but I would have happily paid the full price for it.
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on 10 September 2011
Romance, crime, action, mystery, thriller, good cops/bad cops - all elements of a good story are present. The story is captivating and thought-provoking. I also appreciate that prostitutes are portraited as normal women who have emotions, thoughts, dreams, hobbies, and humour like everyone else; but who unfortunately ended up in the harsh world of prostitution. The main characters Jessie and Gabe are funny, likeable, intelligent and brave; and you make wish to follow them through the end.

So why didn't I think that this book is fantastic? The writing is poor in several places. The story is slow at the beginning, then moves on very quickly, after it suddenly ends.

By all means, give it a try - especially now it's free - it's still a good weekend read!
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on 14 September 2011
Fantastic story of Jesse who became a prositute because of the difficult circumstances in her young life. Gabe is supposed to arrest Jesse to question her about her pimp Spence but can't find it in his heart to do it. Against all odds the form a strong bond and fall in love but Spencer is possesive and his mistakes may ruin any chance of happiness for Gabe and Jesse if they don't shut down his buisness and find out who he really work for. I really loved this book fall of good/ bad cops, baddies adventure and a love story all in one. I really love the ending and this was fantastic as is free on kindle at the moment.
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on 21 October 2011
I found Throwaway to be disappointing. I was expecting to read a story that took a difficult and gritty subject and turned it into a realistic thriller, with some romance thrown in. What I got was a fluffy 'Pretty Woman-ish' tale of an attractive girl who somehow gets into prostitution and then gets out of it by falling in love with a detective. There is no detail as to how and why she becomes a prostitute, nor do we learn anything solid about how she deals with her work or how it affects her. As a result, I didn't understand her at all.

I am left with the impression that the author was frightened of the subject matter she'd chosen, an impression which was confirmed towards the end of the book when our 'heroine' has cause to swear for the first time - bizarrely, we don't see the swear word on the page; instead we get, " 'Holy....' Jesse used a swear word." If you can't bring yourself to write a swear word, should you really be choosing to write a novel about prostitution and sex-slavery???

There are several annoying formatting errors, worst of which is the existence of double line spacing between each and every paragraph, which means that a simple ten-line conversation can occupy a whole page. Did no-one look at this book before releasing it for public consumption?

There are also numerous grammatical and spelling errors - the continual use of 'that' in place of 'who' is an irritating example that sticks in my mind - and confusing 'passed' and 'past' is just not acceptable.

On the subject of language use, I understand fully that the USA and the UK are two countries separated by a common language, but I would have expected that, with just a little thought (and regardless of quotidian usage in the States), any writer could see that using the phrase, "she/he could care less about..." in the context of having absolutely no interest in something, is complete nonsense - literally. After seeing that written several times, I was fully expecting to come across the term 'would of' somewhere later.

In parts, the book is actually quite well-written and it's obvious that the author is not lacking talent. However, what she does lack in this particular instance is (a) a willingness to properly deal with her chosen subject matter (b) care with regard to use of the English language and (c) the realisation that proof-reading before publication is vital.
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on 7 January 2012
Throwaway.. Hmm where to begin? I've been putting off writing this review because, to be honest I'm not really sure what I thought of this book, and that can never be a good thing...

The first thing that is odd is the main characters profession and setting for the first part of the book. Jessie is a prostitute working for a pimp, however the author approaches this as if her main profession is a supermarket clerk for Tesco's. No mention is made to clients or the seediness or danger of the job early on, Jessie has a very 'I like my job, take it or leave it' attitude which serves to almost glamorize or at least trivialize the problems with working the streets.

The rest of the story is a standard romance, with a bit of a heart-warming message and thriller/action thrown in but the book itself darts from theme to theme, seemingly unsure of where to go next. There were some truly moving parts in it, some very fast paced sequences and some bits that were so slow I put the book down several times and had to force myself to pick it back up. The writing style is also very poor in places.

Overall, I got it for free so can't complain too much but I wouldn't recommend it.
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This book suffers from two big faults - firstly, it perpetuates the prostitute with a heart of gold myth (otherwise known as Julia Roberts syndrome) and secondly, it assumes that all a woman needs to throw off her unfortunate background and live a fulfilled life is the love of a good man. If you don't find either of these assumptions offensive you may enjoy this story which is reasonably well written and certainly no worse than any other escapist romantic suspense novel.

I found, however, that I could not make my imagination leap over the hurdles represented by these two issues. Women who work in the sex industry, who have grown up in the care system and who are forced into this way of life and are threatened and controlled by men as Jessie is, usually live desperate, short lives often filled with substance misuse and daily violence. Jessie appears to experience none of this. Drugs are not a daily part of her life, she even has days off and nights out, she has managed to save over £20,000 and the most violence she experiences in the book is a blow across the face (and someone shoots at her, but she manages to escape). She is able to function in society, is popular with other people, easily forms friendships and relationships and appears to have a well developed sense of self esteem, she never uses sex to barter for or replicate affection. The only other sex worker represented in the book is Honey who is working her way through college by earning money working as a prostitute and appears to have a contract to reflect this with her pimp. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that such women do exist, with lives as portrayed here but they are not the norm in the sex industry and they are the only two prostitutes who we meet in this book. Either the author is writing about untypical people for a reason (such as that they may be more sympathetic to the general reader) or they have done no research and actually think that the film "Pretty Woman" is a documentary.

All Jessie needs to escape her life (which doesn't seem to be that bad because after she meets Gabe she doesn't have to have sex with anyone else except him) is the love of a good man. This is not an unusual theme in a romance and normally I accept it as part of the storytelling but combined with the first point it seems to suggest that women don't make anything of their own lives but are dependent on whatever man is controlling them either by threats or love. Jessie does try to make a life for herself but she is only complete when Gabe returns, marries her and forms a family.

I found these problems a real impediment to enjoying this book but I did find it quite readable and reasonably well plotted. I don't think that the author intended the effect this book had but assume that she was trying to write a book about love and redemption. The romance element between Gabe and Jessie was done well and there were some good minor characters including Gabe's father. I also liked the cover.
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on 15 February 2014
Throwaway is a surprising read as I don't suppose its subject is one that I have come across before. Yes a love story but a love story between a prostitute and a cop, a girl hardened by a hard life of care homes and domination by a pimp a most unlikely relationship. Jessie is the matter of fact call girl who meets up with Gabe a cop trying to do the right thing by catching the bad guys. But he takes to Jessie and she in turn has a hard time getting to grips with someone who treats her as a normal person instead of someone who is owned or used by someone.

But Jessie also has a friend in Vance and kind of heavy guy working for Spence the pimp but also looking out for Jessie without the knowledge of his boss. This becomes even more dangerous when Vance finds out she is dating a cop and his boss starts to get messed up in some very heavy criminals, which is way over his bosses head. Some surprising twists on the way and on the whole an enjoyable read even if at heart it is an old fashioned love story, just a different way of telling it.
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on 11 February 2015
It has a good storyline in some ways but Its quite beyond my comprehension how a prostitute with a pimp could conceivably have managed to stash away a seemingly inexhaustible supply of money under her mattress is way beyond me. She also seems to have time off whenever she feels like it and lives in a nice apartment. She takes Yoga lessons every day. Utter rubbish. Not in the real world of sex slavery anyway.
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on 17 September 2011
I stuck with this book until the end but it was pretty bad. The whole storyline was cheesy and unoriginal, the romance between the main characters was completely unrealistic and happened to far too fast. Quite poorly written but an "easy on the brain" kind of read.
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on 11 April 2015
Thought this wasn't for me at first but the story line turned into something worthy of a movie script. It made me more aware of the throwaway kids all over the world and the seedy world they are trapped in. Worth a read.
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