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on 26 August 2012
My Intel stock cooler was doing a terrible job so I wanted to get a new cooler to cool down my CPU as it was getting really hot whilst gaming, close to 90c.

I didn't want to go through the trouble of taking my motherboard out just to fit in a fan. I wanted something that would just clip in and do the job since I'm going to be running at stock speeds with turbo enabled, so I don't really need any serious cooling. That's one of the reasons why I bought it.

When it arrived I was surprised, the build quality is actually really good.
Which I was not expecting.

So I went ahead and opened it up, I removed the pre-applied thermal paste (As a good thermal paste definitely makes a difference) and applied MX-4 to the CPU.

Make sure you turn the pins in the opposite direction of the arrows beforehand or else they won't click in. (As it also says in the manual).

I simply placed it on-top of the CPU, fit it in place and just pushed the pins in. (Remember to ALWAYS make sure you feel a click or you hear one, or else it could mean you haven't fit it properly and then you'll be wondering why you're getting such high temps.)

Installation was super easy.

The problem I encountered was that my temps were a little high, around 45c. But after some research, I found out that the thermal paste needs some time to "cure", like set into place. After a couple days the temps dropped from 45c to 40c and then now they're around 33-38c degrees idle. The manufacturer who makes MX-4 (The thermal paste I used) Say that it can take from 100-200 hours for the thermal paste to cure. So don't start taking your computer apart straight away if you're not getting the best temps. (It also depends on what kind of thermal paste you're using, as MX-4 is quite a thick paste, whilst others may not need a lot of time to cure). Just be sure to use a good quality thermal paste if you want the best temps.

So yeah, I would definitely recommend this cooler, as long as you're not going to be doing any overclocking.

Whilst gaming, the temps stay pretty cool around 60-68c.

Here's a quick comparison between the Akasa and Intel stock cooler.

Stock Idle: 48c-55c
Akasa Idle: 33c-39c

Stock gaming (Battlefield 3): 80-87c
Akasa gaming (Battlefield 3): 60-68c

So yeah, the Akasa is doing a pretty good job.

The fan is fairly quiet, but when you're using more CPU, it gets louder (Which is pretty obvious, as it needs to spin faster to keep the temps down.) but it's fine, it's not too loud where it gets annoying.

Hope this helps someone.
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on 4 June 2014
Replaced the stock cooler on an i5 Haswell. My computer runs 24/7 and the stock fan (around 6 months old) developed a very slight hum. Cleaning the dust from the fan & heat sink didn't help any so this was ordered as a cheap replacement for a non-overclocked work / games computer.

While significantly bigger than the stock fan, the overall footprint is similar and caused no problems with fit or ram clearance. Load temperatures decreased by around 8c and noise is minimal under load and whisper quiet at idle (assuming you set your bios defaults to quiet of course).

Perfect for the price!
review image review image review image
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on 11 March 2017
I needed a temporary cooler since I bought an OEM Intel i7 6700K (Socket 1151).

As a temporary CPU cooler for a monster of a processor, this is alright for stock clock speed if you want to get your system running.


Idle temps: 45c
Gaming load temps: 65-75c
Stress test load temps: 85c

The above results were conducted in a room at 23c

Please bear in mind the CPU I'm using does run quite hot and I'm confident the cooler is perfect alright for ordinary users and all Intel CPUs that don't get as hot as the 6700k/7700k.


Some people complain about noise - however being a gamer, the CPU cooler at max RPM isn't really that loud compared to my case fans - bear in mind, my case has acoustic insulation which reduces noise.

Fitting & build quality:

It's simple enough to fit since it uses the push/click clips - it's a little tricky to align the feet of the clips to the motherboard but I'd recommend you take care when doing so when fitting any heatsink really. It's built well - can't really expect any less since it's built by Akasa!

Personal Changes:

I removed the thermal compound & used Arctic MX-4 which reduced CPU temps by 5c.


Packaging - absolutely hate blister packaging as you need to cut the packet to remove the heatsink.
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on 8 March 2016
Bought as a replacement after an all in one water cooler died (leaked white liquid after 5 years akin to battery acid type mess). So i have experienced both types now. While i loved the liquid cooled models they were very messy & time consuming to fit. This had the same clips usually found on the free cooler from the intel processor packs so this fits in within seconds really, 4 clips to push in & twist and as it already comes with thermal paste applied I had no issue just using that. Temps are 40c doing my daily tasks across 4 screens which is pretty decent when running busy all day it is only when using certain programs to render video will it really kick into gear and temps shoot up but is still no louder than the Intel liquid cooler it replaced.and cools in a matter of seconds so any noise is quickly dropped. I must stress that it rarely gets up this high and certainly impressed me compared to what i spent on the water cooling
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on 6 October 2017
I had not realised how ineffectual my old fan had become until it stopped working and how effective a new fan is.
It appears to be effective and competent at doing its job and comes with a smear of conducting paste to ensure a good heat sync connection.
for £11 this was a I felt a really good price and it arrived quickly.
So why four stars rather than five... Well, that would be because of the securing plugs used. where as the old one had actual screws that fixed securely into the retaining plate on the back of the mother board ensuring it was rock solid, This fan uses a plastic clips that are just not as secure. I had to dismantle the motherboard from the chassis and its assorted peripheral graphics, wifi cards etc so I could remove the securing plate from the back.
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on 7 February 2017
It does what it is supposed to. I have this on a i5 cpu and temp is usually below 50. I have now bought two of these, and it can look stylish inside of a case. It breaks up the normal blackness of a case, yes ok to the modders, they want LED lights, so this might not be as good for them, however, to add a bit of colour to a dull unit this can do the job.

I usually buy the intel stock coolers, but this was reasonably the next cheapest option, and I am glad that I have bought them. Only downside is the price for me, maybe worth a tenner at best, but that might be me being cheap.
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on 26 April 2012
The fan is a dream to fit, so compliments there.

The fan runs my i5 processor as if it were stone cold, so more compliments.

However, it is audible but millions of times better than the fan that was on my old AMD. It has a dB level which is just above the fan noise on my PS3 - MK1. It becomes more audible when the CPU is underload and accelerates the fan RPM but again, it is not so much of a worry.

The thing is, I wouldnt know which fan runs the most quieter, except to say this fan, once installed and the MOBO and system parameters are tuned up, it runs fine. I was disappointed when I first switched on and thought "what a racket"! However, as I say, once the whole system is set up and the CPU and MOBO are working in harmony the thermal properties are most regulated and the fan calms down nicely. In fact, I like a little fan noise when working along, as it feels therapeutic in some mad way. However, there is fan noise and FAN NOISE!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN??!! ;o)

One way or the other it is perfectly tolerable and unless someone can point me to a fan that is 100% inaudible and not liquid cooled-based, then I have no problem with this fan and especially at the price. I'm happy enough.

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on 27 March 2015
Bought this when I upgraded my CPU to a third generation i3 (Ivy Bridge). It comes with thermal paste already applied to the base, so there's no real need to buy some of your own.
Fitting was a doddle. just make sure that the pins are turned in the opposite direction of the arrows, and that the pins are pulled up out of the plastic retaining clips before fitting. Then just align the pins with the mounting holes and push down on each pin in turn until you hear a click. (Start at one pin, then go to the opposite pin).
My system is running almost 10 degrees cooler with this cooler than an original Intel fan. And it's just as quiet.
It's well constructed, and feels very sturdy. No complaints at all.
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on 12 May 2013
I bought this cpu cooler after my 4 year old liquid cooler broke and I couldn't be bothered to faff around with another costly water cooler. For a tenner I wasn't expecting too much but I can tell you with complete confidence that at stock speeds and voltages it performs superbly with anything I throw at it. I own a QX6850 at 3 Ghz and it only overheats if I try to overclock it. Other than that it's fine.
I removed the stock pre-applied thermal paste and bought a tube of MX-4 arctic thermal compound for about 3 quid.
Fitting was a doddle with the push in clips although I think the fittings feel a little flimsy but they hold it in place well enough.
For a mere tenner I can't complain though. Crysis is running at max. res. with all the shiny stuff on thanks to my GTX660Ti gfx card.
Some reviews talk about fan noise but when I'm sitting at my P.C. I'm either shooting stuff, watching guitar videos or listening to Black Sabbath albums which drowns out the fan noise so I simply don't notice it.
If you've got a stock Intel cooler and want a bit of extra oomph without the expense then this is about as good as you can get.
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on 7 September 2017
Installed onto a 4th gen i5 CPU on a Gigabyte Z77 board.Uses the standard push down method used on most Intel chipset boards.

Very quiet even under a full load.

Not too large and I can still access all the RAM slots without removing it. Some heatsink/fans are quite large and obscure the RAM slots, meaning you have to remove them if you want to add more RAM.
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