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on 27 October 2011
First of all, think about Jesus. Everyone in the world has heard of Jesus. We all know that Jesus was born on Christmas. We know that Jesus died on the Cross and was resurrected three days later. We know that God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). And so on. How do we know all of that? Because of the Bible. If the Bible did not exist, no one would have ever heard of Jesus. Without the Bible there would be no Christianity.
It really is quite amazing when you think about it. We take Jesus, the Ten Commandments, heaven and hell completely for granted. Nearly every person in America has heard of them, and few would question their existence. The place where these core concepts originate is the Bible. Without the Bible, these concepts would not exist. The Bible has a gigantic impact on the lives of people around the world. The only reason it has this impact is because Christians believe that God is the author.
Do you believe that an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, prayer-answering God wrote these passages in the Bible?
This question is incredibly important because of this fact:
There is no reason for you to believe that you have a soul, or that you will have eternal life after death, or that there is a heaven and hell, or that God answers prayers, or that God wrote the Ten Commandments, or that Jesus is resurrected, and so on, unless you believe that God wrote the Bible.
If you insist that God wrote the Bible so that you can believe in the Ten Commandments or eternal life, shouldn't you also be a proponent of slavery and a misogynist? It is the same book in both cases.
The point is simple. Can you imagine God sitting on his magnificent throne in heaven saying this?

"As the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe, I shall write a book for my creation, and I shall call it The Bible. Let's see, what shall I put in it??? Well, I want to be SURE to write about my absolute endorsement of slavery in both the Old and the New Testaments -- slavery is very important to me and I want people buying and selling slaves for thousands of years. And I want to be CERTAIN that the book shows how much I hate women in both the Old and the New Testaments. And I can NOT forget the parts about animal and human sacrifice, because sacrifices are an essential element of every proper religion. I want people slaughtering animals, splattering their blood and then burning the carcasses on a stone altar because the aroma is pleasing to me. And I want to make human sacrifice the centerpiece of my worship. And I CERTAINLY need to include the juicy parts about child massacre in both the Old and the New Testaments. Baby killing is something that I will emphasize throughout this book because it is very important to me."
Do you believe this? Of course not. Yet, clearly, if God does exist and God wrote the Bible, this is in fact what God said to himself. You have seen with your own eyes the numerous passages in the Bible where God displays these tendencies. Confirm them yourself by looking them up in God's word.
Conclusion:Think about what you are reading,don't be delusional!!!!
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on 22 August 2012
This book is an absolute disgrace. It takes huge liberties with facts and often blatantly contradicts itself. The chunk about the creation at the start is laughable and the so called "ten commandments" section, which was meant to be a highlight, really, are those the most important 10 things in the universe? I think not, a couple of them are useful for society, but in reality they are a poor attempt at a moral framework.

The second half, all about this jewish political character, Jesus... Well, which version of events are we meant to believe, the four of them don't even match up. It's all so implausible and stupid.

Save your time and effort and buy something useful that might either illuminate you or at least be a bit of a better page turner than this bronze age pulp.
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on 10 January 2012
Most of the comments from previous reviews are relevant but, if you're used to the `traditional' NIV as used in churches in Britain, be prepared for some surprises with this Kindle version.

This translation is a later version, which seems to have been paraphrased to some extent. For example, Mark 1:17 in the `traditional' translation says, "Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men." The `new' translation says, "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people."

In a group session, which included a biblical Greek expert, we discovered that the `people' option was the more correct but `make' was more correct than `send'. `Make' denotes an element of training while `send' simply means to dispatch, trained or not.
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on 19 August 2012
What a load of rubbish. All fiction and nobody has any proof that any of it happened, in fact theres more proof against it than for it. All religion has ever done is cause arguments and trouble. On what causes war religion easily beats political and economic reasons. The Crusades, Lebanese Civil War and it started World War 2 (Hitler's hatred of the Jews hence his invasion of Poland).

At times it makes NO sense what so ever! For example. Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel. Now these two sons were the only people around at that point a long with their parents, according to the bible. So Cain the murders Abel. He tricked God into believing that he did no such thing (Which proves that if God is real then he isnt as omniscient as hes made out to be). Cain then became a wanderer and left, only to later settle down with his 'sister'. Now this makes no sense. For starts, where did she come from? Adam and Eve only had two children and one of them is dead! If true then this is also incest, meaning that any child they bare will be deformed. So either A and E secretly had a child unbeknown to their own sons and the 'omnipotent' God (hes real clever he is) or at an early age Cain had sex with his own mother!!! Which is wrong on so many levels its untrue.

And that is just one tale! I could be here for weeks if i had to point out whats wrong in every single one. Hypocritical and more far-fetched than a Harry Potter book. In fact your best off reading Harry Potter instead as its more realistic.
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on 18 January 2018
Already very familiar with the content ;-) this review relates to the KINDLE version. Works well on the Paperwhite. A good index at the front takes the reader directly to Chapter 1 of each book. The start of each book has the following:

[Info] - Background on the book, writer, chronology, etc
[Finder] - back to main index

[1] [2] [3]........ etc - go directly to v1 of the selected chapter

[book Title] - go to Ch1 v1 of the current book.... pretty useless really as that is where you are initially, but it is here as part of a chapter header!
[arrow right] - Go to start of next chapter
[Finder] - see above

At the end of each chapter is:
[book Title] - go to Ch1 v1 of the current book
[Arrow Left] - go to start of the chapter
[arrow right] - Go to start of next chapter
[Finder] - see above.

Using the Kindle initially takes a bit of time, but experienced users will have the right habits! I love the fact that I can change the size of the text, but not that I have to go to the beginning or end of a chapter to navigate..... often when studying the bible we select single verses from here or there, so would like the navigation to be always available.

Maybe everyone is different.... I read a LOT of books and I find that I continue reading a paper-book as I'm turning the page.... this is not possible with a Kindle, it means there is a brief pause if reading out loud to others..... public readings would be better from a real book or a scrolling page rather than a turning page

The note-taking and emailing notes is an excellent facility. So is the word searching.

Regular bible users know that often we find a verse through its familiarity of location rather than reference ("it was somewhere around.... here"), this is not possible with a Kindle. Of course it IS possible to mark favourite verses... I'm not sure how useful this is as I've not used it seriously. HOWEVER, a long upsweep of the page puts the whole bible into Browse view which means you can use the slider to scroll through the bible proportionately... once I found that I was very impressed!

I'd love the "Reading Guides" to be better... there are 3, One for the OT, One for Jesus and one for St Paul, each is 2-weeks of readings. I'd hoped there may be a "Bible-In-a-Year" built in

Overall.... I love it. Horses for Courses, in the right context and in familiar hands it is amazing, but maybe, for a new Christian less so... get to learn your way round the paper version first!

Overall, great value for money and a fabulous way to travel light
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on 4 February 2016
I wish I'd bought this version years ago! As a churchgoer and member of 2 house / study groups, I use it in different settings and circumstances all the time now. The layout is clear, and the"Finder" makes it easy to navigate. A valuable asset, in my opinion.
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on 15 February 2012
In 2011 the publishers of the NIV published a revised version of this popular bible translation. This kindle version is the new 2011 version of the NIV, not the traditional 1984 one. I understand that the old 1984 version (along with the TNIV) will now be going out of print and will not be available in any format once existing stocks all been sold. The translators notes [...] explain what has been changed and why. So far I have found that the changes make this revised translation clearer to understand. It is NOT a case of political correctness gone mad!

I read all the reviews before I purchased this kindle edition, as I was concerned that it would be difficult to quickly change from one reference to another during a church service or bible-study. Not having seen the kindle version, I found all the references to 'finder' in the reviews confusing.

In short, this version is very simple to use and it is very easy to move around the bible. With a few days practice it is possible to move to a new reference as quickly as one would in a printed bible.

Touching L or R the 5-way controller on the kindle moves back or forward by one book. Holding the L or R the 5-way controller on the kindle moves rapidly through the bible books in seconds. Between each chapter there is a 'finder', which allows you to use up or down buttons on the 5-way controller to highlight any book of the bible, selecting with a double click once the required book is highlighted. The same process is used again to select the chapter within the book. Once at the chapter you want, you just turn the pages as you would in a printed bible to get to the required verse. Simple and fast.

The NIV bible footnotes are all there and easy to access using the 5-way controller.

As a kindle it is much smaller and lighter to carry than a printed bible, and the text can be enlarged as normal to whatever size you need to read clearly.
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on 22 September 2012
About 2 1/2 years ago I was doing a book signing at one of our local Christian book stores. When the signing was over I decided to just look around the store before leaving. I ended up finding a book I couldn't leave without.

My Dad was always a religous person at heart and before he passed he became even more so. He told me once that he had read the Bible 3 times and that he found and learned something new with each read. I had never read the Bible from beginning to end so I decided that if Dad could do it 3 times I could do it at least once and I did.

I made God and myself a promise that I would read a chapter each night no matter what. In the 2 1/2 years it took me to keep this promise I missed 1 night and to this day I can't remember why. I took my Bible with me no matter where I went. When I went to Utah to promote my book my Bible went with me. When I went to Florida for the release of one of my books, my Bible went too. No matter what time I came in at night I made sure I read my chapter before going to bed. I completed my promise on September 19, 2012 and feel very proud of myself. This is an accomplishment that not everyone can claim and I'm glad to be able to include myself in that group.

I grew up going to church and believing but most of my knowledge came from Bible stories that were told and movies that were made about these stories. Through my reading I've learned there is so much more. And that added knowledge has made me want to search deeper. I'm now reading a book titled The Life of Jesus which with it's history of Jeresuleum as well as Christ is becoming a very enjoyable book that is answering my desire to search deeper.

My challange to you is this. Pick up your Bible and start on page 1. Make a promise to read a chapter a night and in 2 1/2 years, write your own review for the Greatest Book Every Written - the Bible.
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on 15 September 2011
Was horrified at first when I pressed MENU then GO TO and there was no TABLE OF CONTENTS then, deep joy, I found the 'FINDER'. It really is very easy. Whatever verse or passage you are reading, the 'FINDER' link is always on the page, so when the preacher's firing references at you really quickly, you can keep up. I'm really pleased with this version, it was well worth the wait. I think with most kindle books you can download a sample for free and try out the navigation. Thank you NIV ebook publishers, Job Well Done :)
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on 28 September 2017
NIV a clear modern English translation, faithful to original Hebrew (most Old Testament or OT) and Greek (New Testament, or NT).
The Bible is divided into 66 portions of books, some if which are very short.

Old Testament: Pre Jesus, from Creation to about 400yrs before Jesus. Mainly centred to Israel and their relationship with God.
New Testament: Jesus's life, establishment of early church, with a number of letters to early churches, ending in Revelation, a book looking to the end times.

Good starting point: One 4 accounts of Jesus life, ie one of 1st four books in NT.
Genesis, in OT, describing creation, and early beginnings of Israeli nation. Go on to Exodus, Leviticus is hard and can be skipped over, along with chuncks of Numbers. Read the beginning and end of Deuteronomy, history resumes in Joshua.

Kindle version has excellent navigation from Contents page, and within book. Very well thought out, and easy to use.
Thoroughly recommend.
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