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on 6 February 2012
I bought this printer for my Mother who is computer phobic but does have an iPad2 for photographs and email. I set this printer up at the weekend and it linked into her wi-fi network like a dream - by far the easiest printer that I have ever had to set up. Printing from her iPad is also very easy. You just press the action button (button with an arrow) and the print option appears. The HP printer was enabled without us having to do anything further. I left my mother happily printing photographs of her grandchildren. [As an aside, I previously bought a Brother printer that claimed to work with iPads but would only do so via a special app. This extra step baffled my Mother and, in addition, the Brother could not print emails.]

The print quality was fine. The noise level was accpetable. The speed of response was OK as well. I should have preferred a better build quality but printers are so cheap that the trend seems to be to expect only a short shelf life.

We also had a play with the copy function and this worked very easily and the instructions were clear and simple. I did not try the scan function as it is unlikely that my Mother would ever use this.

This is a great printer for home use.
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on 18 December 2011
Had this printer about a month now and its brilliant. No issues with the set up and I'm a PC dinosaur! Easily set it up and linked it to mine & my wife's Laptops. Scanning and copying are a breeze also. It's fast and the quality of prints are very good. I have tested the quality of photo's and am very pleased with it. I print off a lot of documents for work and the Ink levels have hardly moved yet. There's also a few extra's. You can link to the internet direct from the printer to select templates.

I would recommend this printer to anyone wanting a home-office device with easy peasy set up. Great value - great service.
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on 30 October 2011
Great printer, I really like the ability to print from a phone massive upgrade over my old HP printer. Very easy to install, up and running within 20 minutes of opening the package, i'm using usb for the main pc and everything else wireless.

The picture quality is fantasic, and I really like the apps that you can directly print from the menu.

100% recommend
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on 6 December 2011
Its a printer - it prints well, in fact it prints excellently.
I only use HP papers and ink and am completely satisfied as regards printing abilities.
Network communication can be a bit of a pain - the printer seems to decide by itself wither it is connected or not. I gave up and use a non-supplied USB lead.
Also the absolutely worst thing about this unit is a little piece of the included software called 'network Communicator'. It's a pain in the proverbial a***. It continually accesses yout computer showing the spinning circle where your mouse pointer is. At first I thought I had been virused but after scanning the net I find that this is a very common and annoying problem.
I would have given this product 5 stars but until HP sorts out it's network/communicator problem its only 3 stars from me.
P.S. If anyone can tell me how to disable the 'Network Communicator' I'd be most grateful.
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on 16 May 2012
Having read the various reviews on amazon and elsewhere, I ordered the HP 6510e a couple of days ago, and it was delivered this morning (6 days earlier than the 'estimated delivery date'). I expected a few problems with the installation - there almost always are - BUT to my delight I had zero problems.

After unpacking the device, loading paper and installing the four provided ink cartridges, I powered up. It took a minute or so for it to set itself up, and then took me through a set-up wizard (on the printer's screen) to find and configure the wireless connection. Within about 10 minutes it was all set to go.

I printed a random page from my iPad, in Safari. It immediately found the e-printer and correctly printed the page. So far, so good.

Then on my MacBook air I went to System Preferences/Print & Scan, and added a printer. It immediately found the HP 6510 and asked whether to install from the apple software, which I did. It took a couple of minutes to install the drivers, and voilà, all set. I didn't use the installation CD.

Within a total of less than 30 minutes I had printed a test email from the macbook, scanned a couple of images over the network (no need for a usb cable), set up an eprintcenter account (and therefore an email address for the printer), and installed the printer on my wife's iMac.

The scan quality isn't great, but at 200 dpi just fine for scanning old photos. I printed one photo to photo-paper (a small pack is supplied with the printer) and quality was perfectly acceptable.

All in all, a seamless installation and a great little printer. Definitely recommended as a mid-level solution for e-printing, scanning and photo printing for domestic use.
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on 10 January 2012
Simple. Hassle free.

In the box you get: the printer, a set up CD and set up cartridges. You have to run set-up for printer and install the software on desktop before you can start using the wireless functionality. Setting up take about 15 odd minutes depending how you do it. I was printer and desktop at the same time. The interface is simple which is easy to use, using the touch screen. Once the set up is done everything is a doddle. Printers uses the 364 cartirdges which are around £30.

Apart from printing it can also scan wirelessly. Once you set up an email address you can either scan a picture or a document and then send it to either your desktop or the registered email address. You can also download the ePrint app from Android or iOS and print using your mobile devices which include your iPhone/iPad etc. I use a Samsung Galaxy SII.

The printer comes with the ability to use different apps, you need to go ePrintCentre to register and then use the apps.

For first impressions HP have done a great job. Well done HP.


Unable to download Apps. Contacted HP, promised to get back to me but haven't bothered to do so.
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on 14 November 2011
Bought this from another outlet a week ago its a great printer no need for any computers to set up as such, all i did was put the disk in my four computers even one mac computer, I phoned up HP and they told me how to down load the mac lion new os 10.7 new softwear update. IT works just fine so now i can printer from all my computers, and send the printer my OWN email address to print, it also prints great from my iphone and my ipad2, great printer and yes it is compatible with lion os for mac the new version.
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on 16 February 2012
This printer cennected wirelessly to my computer without difficulty, but I had real problems getting it to scan to computer. The problem was on my computer (not the printer/scanner)because a service file in Windows called WIA was turned off. This file had dependant files called RPC and Shell hardware detection which were turned off, so the WIA file could not work. Here is the fix which I worked out with help from the internet:
Click the Start button. In the Search panel type in: services
Click on the services (cogwheel icon) which is present at the top of the program list.
Scroll down to Windows Image Acquisation (WIA).
Double click on it and click the Dependencies tab:
Make sure that all the services Windows Image Acquisition depends on, are running (Find each dependant service in the services list,double click each dependent service and start if needed)
Switch to "Recovery" tab, in the WIA service and change all 3 drop-down boxes to "Restart The Service".
Make sure the 2 Reset boxes underneath say "1" in them.
Click Ok. Turn off the printer. Turn off the computer. Restart the printer. Restart the computer. Scanning should now work!

This looks scarey but it worked for me! Sadly there is no real technical support available by phone or email on the HP website.
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on 16 June 2012
I really don't know what HP have done but they have created a great UI for the printer made it incredibly versatile and then tied it into a system which means at the moment I am using probably a set of 4 cartridges every month! So love the printer but if it continues at this rate i'm going to have to get rid of it - very costly printer to run, may have to return to Canon.
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on 26 January 2012
I searched high and low for a printer that would produce Passport photos, without having to resize in photo editing. Having read scores of reviews on various printers, I was still no wiser. I thought that this printer probably would, but could find no information about it. I used to have an older HP printer that had a built-in template for passport photos, so I hoped that they still did.

To try to find out more, I went to my local Comet shop. I asked the sales assistant, she did not know, so she asked her boss. He also did not know. I have to say, she was very tenacious. She went through various web sites, that I did not know of. In the end she contacted HP technical support. Their operative did not know, but put her through to one of their senior tech people. He confirmed that this model could produce Passport pictures in various sizes. depending on which country you require them for. As Comet had been so helpful, I thought the least I could do was to purchase it from them. At the time it was £79.99 which was as cheap as anywhere I had seen it.

I should say, that it was not obvious how to print passport pictures, so I entered that question in to the on screen help and it came up with the answer. In a nut shell, the easiest way is to take the picture with the camera side ways on to the subject. Make sure you are happy with the result. Remove the SD card and insert it in the printers card slot. Use the printer control panel. Select create. Scroll right until you find the Passport screen. Select the size 35mm W x 45mm H for UK Passports. Then follow the prompts. It works a treat.

I have reproduced this information with a view to helping anyone who is looking to solve the same problem I had.

The other functions of the printer are also impressive. You can set up an email address for your individual printer. You can also download an APP for your smartphone. This enables you to send photos or documents straight to you printer. All you have to do is to make sure the paper tray and the photo paper tray (Yes. It has seperate trays for each) are loaded.

The starter ink cartridges supplied, also seem to last well. You cant loose.

I noticed one review had problems with the curser wheel spinning for no reason, I have not experienced that problem. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I don't know if that makes a difference.
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