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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2011
I was totally suprised and delighted by this blu ray after years of having a terribly bad copy of the film.

The colours are now pristine, the detail clear, and the general look of the film perfect.

One Giallo movie that I could never watch because of the condition of the film is now pristine. Better than the blu ray edition of Suspiria and similar to the revelation of the blu ray edition of Bird with the Crystal Plumage, this is well worth a look at.

Well done Arrow Films and I can't wait for The Beyond Blu ray, another film dogged by years of poor dvd releases.

Oh and by the way ignore those stupid comments about wrong colour coding of the film on blu ray, those people just have'nt got good blu ray players or good vision.
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on 24 December 2010
Don't believe some of the nonsense being talked about this release here (and no, I don't work for Arrow).

This is a top notch release and the film has never looked better. Great presentation, great extras and a nice overall package. Let's hope it leads to more Bava being released in the UK.
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on 18 December 2010
A bay development, an inheritance and several bloody killings all seem connected, but who is the killer/killers and who will survive.

A very stylish, well made and chilling film, definitely one of the best to make the video nasties list . Directed by the Italian master of horror Mario Bava this is certainly in my opinion his best film of the 70's. An incredibly well written film with many twists and turns, the films starts off with a murder then murderer becomes a victim the film continues in said vein with no idea who'll become a victim or killer which is one of the real strong points of the film. The only real issue I had with it was however interesting and surprising the story it can and does become a little confusing at times although the final 10 mins does make the events much clearer. The film also boasts a fantastic finale with Bava giving a wink to the audience that this shouldn't be taken all that seriously, all in all a very highly influential, entertaining film that all horror fans should own a copy of.
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on 14 October 2010
A wealthy woman is murdered by her husband but before he can leave the scene of the crime he to is murdered. So the remaining people left to gain from the dead womans will all start been killed off one by one.

This is proberly Mario Bava's most famous film and it isn't without its exciting moments but they are few and far between. I found myself alittle bored at times and I was also confused to as there seemed to be alot going on and people been killed for no reason, so I did lose track of things from time to time but by the end I had figured it all out.

Theres no lead actor or actress which made the film more exciting in the sense that any of the people could be the murderer. The directing by Bava is good and the majority of the death scenes are very gory and alot more impressive than that of Friday the 13th and Halloween. The main problem I had with the film was the ridiculous ending.

Overall this is a decent film and a must see for fans of slasher movies.
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on 29 December 2010
This is a comment on the blu-ray disc and NOT the DVD...It is great to finally get the Italian print of this classic, but I have to knock a star off for the terrible English dubbing! All these years with terrible translations and bad actors dubbing the lines. This appears to have been the original English release from way back when. Why wasn't the Italian print in HD instead of this horrible American cut? And is this THE true Italian print Tim Lucas (a brilliant commentator on Bava) mentions in his commentary on English dubbed version? There still are sound effects included on Italian print that Lucas says that was placed in English dubbed track and it seems to be the EXACT same version as the English version even though Lucas says it was filmed simultaneously with each other...therefore there should be two different versions out there. I am confused about this issue. I am not looking for two different movies, but different angles at least.
The film does look good in HD finally, but still prefer this Italian version instead.
By the way, this seems to be the same commentary as on the Anchor Bay release of this classic. Instead of listening to English soundtrack flip over to listen to Lucas' great commentary.
There are great special features also.
This blu-ray disc is one disc and it is stated as being regions A, B, C and Pal for standard stuff (although the standard stuff and Italian print played fine on my region A NTSC player and NTSC TV).
This is probably the best we are gonna get of this classic, so we just have to make due.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 March 2012
Lots of reviewers have gone into the ins and outs of which DVD/Blu-ray version is best; that's fine if you know that you want to buy it, but for those who don't, here's something about the movie itself.

Yes, I watched it on the Horror Channel and am seeing for the first time (I'm mid 40's) a number of horrors of this vintage on this channel. It is not my usual fare, so I'm not expert. The version was dark and well saturated. It was dubbed, too. Normally I never watch my World Cinema dubbed but this is 70's horror and like badly dubbed porno of a certain age, a degree of naffness adds to the overall charm. And you don't want your screen littered up with tiny writing when you want to see all the gory details, do you?

No, there's not much plot - that also would get in the way, too much to think about. Something about the Bay in question being turned into a holiday resort and the consequent nasty removal of those persons inheriting that land. What you DO get are some very inventive murders - 13 of them, apparently, naked bathing beauties and some pretty scenery. Much better than today's total, full-on barrage of splatter. It looks quite European.

What is great about this director is the very fast moving camera - it zooms in and out very fast at times for maximum shock effect, which may only appear for a few seconds. Unfortunately the dark screen hid quite a lot of detail, there were fight scenes where you could only make out wrestling bodies and nothing else. The final scene will have you in amused disbelief.

I enjoyed it, at least and seems to be a bit of cult classic, so is recommended.
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on 28 January 2015
One of the greatest horror films of all time in my opinion.Also worth checking out is another Mario Bava classic'Kill Baby,Kill'.
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on 28 September 2014
one of the best bava-movies. strange, excellent scenes and famous actors. a must for all bava-fans !
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on 7 February 2016
Awful. Not a fan of this suspense-free snore fest. Others may enjoy it, but not me.
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on 14 February 2011
BAY OF BLOOD has, over the years, been very unfairly treated. Despite the odd release on video, it remained largely ignored except for die hard fans of very early giallo films. Thanks the Arrow, we now get a fantastic release which (despite the age of the film) looks and sounds very good. As usual with the Arrow releases, we get superb packaging with alternate artwork, a mini film poster and colour information booklet. An absolute bargain for what you get, and a worthy addition to any good film collection!
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