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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2013
Go to special features then move your right directional onto the cross.It will fill up with blood press enter to reveal:
1.Sergio Martino on Mountain Of The Cannibal God
2.Luigi Sacchetti on Contamination and Censorship
3.Alternative Frezza Intro
4.Silvia Collatina
5.Lady Oscar trailer.
Hope this helps
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on 19 September 2009
House by the Cemetery arrives in the UK uncut, its about time! The film concerns a house that a young couple and their kid move into not knowing what danger they are in, someone is killing people and no-one in the house is safe, the sinister Dr Freudstein is supposedly behind it all but as the husband looks deeper into the mystery things take an unusual twist, if you're a Fulci fan this disc is a must have, if you don't like Italian horror or dubbed movies give it a miss. The film has a great transfer and some interesting special features making it a good version to get. All in all a great modern gothic horror with some decent gore, its a great addition to the cult horror fans collection, if you liked this you should look into some of Fulci's similar films such as The Beyond [DVD] [1981] [US Import] or City of the Living Dead [DVD] [1980] or Zombie 2 [DVD] [1979] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC] which are all brilliant in my opinion.

Fulci Lives!
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on 18 March 2015
A family move from New York to a small Boston town. There they rent an old, large house unknown to them it was once owned by a crazed man- Dr Freudstein, soon all sorts of horrors start happening to the family and people at the house.

Outstanding Lucio Fulci horror which contains a lot of his best work. Almost certainly his most terrifying film, there is a very creepy atmosphere maintained throughout, tension & suspense are (especially in the lead up to the finale) remarkably high for a Fulci film and the jumps scenes are actually scary. The violence is strong - throats being ripped out, throat slashings and severed limbs & many others, but although gory it never detracts from the film if anything it adds to the tension and the make-up & gore effects are also great. A strong exploitation Italian cast- Paolo Malco, Dagmar Lassander, Ania Pieroni & (British) lead Catriona McColl all are very good, however Giovanni Frezza who plays young Bob is excellent and steels every scene he's in. If there are any minuses some may find the conclusion is a little incoherent (a fault with many Fulci films), however I didn't find it a negative at all indeed it added to the films feeling of the dead never die.

The film crosses several horror genre's, from haunted house, monster, splatter, possession and something I felt was strongest a kind of stalk 'n slash/slasher film. One of if not the best film on the video nasties list & also one of Fulc's greatest films, a wonderful terrifying film.
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on 2 September 2000
Frightening,bizzare,gory and trippy horror film.The films plot is a mixture of many famous horror films,including the shining,frankenstien,dont look now and the amytiville horror.However this film is somehow more than the sum of its parts and is genuinly nightmarish and frightening. On seeing this film as a kid who had seen a lot of horror films,this was the one that made the most impression on me and my friends,and was talked about in school for years afterwards,(even my father was impressed by it!) I wont give away too much plot but the film is based around a scary house on the edge of a cemetery,the family that moves there ,a ghoulish monster and a terrible secret. Strange close up camera shots (in typical fulci style)permeate the movie,and terrible dubbing,but great creepy music,and very gruesome scenes.Not for the faint hearted! I highly recommend this film.
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on 30 March 2006
If you are a Fulci fan, you will probably want to add this to your collection as "House by the Cemetery" comes from Fulcis generally recognised "golden age" of movie making. The plot tells of Norman and Lucy Boyle, a young couple who move to a remote mansion with their young son Bob for a summer of rest and relaxation, only to find that the place is haunted by an evil presence living hidden in the cellar. After several near misses and lots of spooky bad omens, the family discover the identity of the sinister occupant and end up fighting for their lives to escape his twisted plans.
The film tries to weave a web of unease and mystery around the secret in the cellar, and for a while it really works. The camera work and the general look of the locations is pretty good, with a sense of brooding gothic mystery hanging over the poor family. The house itself looks particularly impressive in most of the external shots. However the story rapidly unravels as the film proceeds to throw countless red herrings into the mix and then either completely abandons them (people claiming to have seen Norman at the house in the past, the things that Bob's mysterious playmate Mae tells him about the house's former occupants), or blatantly contradicts itself (most notably the Boyles babysitter, Ann, who's behaviour suddenly swings from one style to the total oppostive with no explanation). But if you can put the irregularities of the script to one side, you should enjoy the ride on a purely shallow level. Lots of scenes are drenched in great atmosphere, such as those involving the enigmatic Mae, and especially the last portion of the film when we get to see exactly what has been going on in the depths of the cellar.
The acting's pretty good, and even though poor Bob has been given a thoroughly unconvincing vocal dub, the scenes with him in peril are among the best that Fulci has ever filmed. I would point out his "axe through the door" scene as one capable of producing a real jolt from any first time viewers. It's also one of the only Fulci films with an enigmatic ending that actually works - I love the other-worldly closing scene and find it very fitting. Plus, it's extremely gory, especially the death of one character who is slowly and repeatedly stabbed with a poker, with blood shown jetting out of every close-up wound. Another character has her throat repeatedly slashed with a large knife until her head appears about to drop off.
So worth adding to any horror collection, as long as you don't mind a plot with quite this many loose ends. However, to the shame of the UK, the British censors are still too squeamish to release the film totally uncut, so I wouldn't recommend this Vipco version, even though it is pretty cheap, because all the gory excesses of the murders have been trimmed. Fulci's trademarks are his gore set-pieces, always presented with lots of suitable build up to, so tampering with them as has been done here dilutes the film's power considerably. You get what you pay for, which is why the Vipco version is forever languishing in the bargain bins. So leave it where it is...The Anchor Bay Region 1 import is the one to go for.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 October 2013
The House by the Cemetery is directed by famed splatter meister Lucio Fulci, and it pretty much reverts to Lucio's type. Which of course is often enough for fan's of Fulci's work. Plot is irrelevant, but basically a family moves into a creepy house in New England and discover a flesh eating ghoul is in residence down in the basement. The ghoul needs to continue its bizarre medical habits to remain, well, a ghoul! Cue screams, serious bloody gore, bad dubbing and incoherent narrative.

Visually, as you would expect from Fulci and cinematographer Sergio Salvati, it has inspired moments, the whole irreverence of it draped in Grand Guignol textures. The ghouls lair is a place of nightmares, while the appearance of a scary bat and doll further add to the weirdness. Yet it undoubtedly is a hack job by Fulci, where he clutches from some famous American horror movies and just inserts a bloody killing at regular intervals. The whole film serves only to shed some blood for the gore hounds delight, regardless of if it actually matters to what was left on the writing table.

Its reputation, certainly in Britain in the 1980s when it was ridiculously banned during the even more ridiculous Video Nasty craze, is that of a blood thirsty cult movie unfairly held from interested eyes. The banner proudly proclaiming that the work of an Italian horror visionary was being stymied, that's unfair for anyone looking at it now because it's more funny than scary. Had I saw it as a early teenager back then? I'm sure I would have felt disturbed to my guts, though I do believe that even then I could spot a messy hack job when I saw one! This has some skills, but it's not great and really only for Fulci and pulp splatter completists only. 5/10
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on 26 August 2010
This is one of those films where, given a choice, everybody makes the wrong decision and you find yourself asking why they're doing what they're doing or your shouting at them not to do what they're bound to do.
For example, the babysitter's decapitated head rolls down the cellar steps, you or I would probably lock the door and call the police but instead, the main character takes her kid down with a toy torch even though it's as black as the ace of spades at the foot of the stairs.
Even though there are moments of unintentional comedy, the bat scene is worth looking out for, this is a good, creepy film and better than the likes of 'The Exorcist' which has aged like an old turnip. The only down side is the young lads voice has been dubbed by what sounds like a middle aged woman and that might work for the likes of Bart Simpson but it doesn't work on a horror film.
An enjoyable tale whose moral is that, if there's ann oddball in your cellar, kill him and kill him again, just to make sure.
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on 25 October 2016
Firstly I'm not going to write much about the film as I'm assuming the majority looking at this film will already know about it, but what I'm reviewing is the dvd by Vipco.
It's absolutely terrible, awful restoration, picture and sound quality, the fact it cuts part of the picture out of screen is ridiculous. I only bought the Vipco version because it was very cheap so it's my own fault really but I wasn't aware of how bad Vipco release these classics. In future I'll stick to Arrow for releases , so please dont make the same mistake I did and buy any VIPCO dvds.
What I will say about the film is its probably the weakest part of Fulci's Gates of Hell trilogy, with an incredibly annoying kid but it's still a good film. I'll give the film 3 stars.
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on 23 April 2015
Another insane b-movie from Lucio Fulci. If you are a fan of the genre, and can forgive the obvious short-comings of this film and take it for what it is, you are in for a fun ride. Like in all of Fulci's best films, there are surreal and cinematic moments in amongst the gore and badly dubbed dialogue that will stay with you and prove that Fulci could be much more than a hack.
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on 6 December 2016
I really love a lot these old 80s Italian horror flicks, this is no exception. The first time I seen this many years ago I saw the heavily cut version and at the time I didn't really think it was all that, but after watching the Blue Underground version my opinion changed somewhat.

Now I cant get enough of this film, with music which is very eerie and creepy, the gore scenes are really well done on here, and its really quite atmospheric too.

The only bad think id say about this movie is Bob is annoying, the dubbing isn't great, the acting is so-so, I have seen a lot worse but it is what it is.

If you like cheesy and quite gory/violent horror films then you will like this, other films to check out include: The Beyond, City of The Living Dead. Zombi 2, 3, 4 are really good films id also recommend as well.
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