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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£6.57+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 6 May 2017
Great game - arrived in great condition, loads of fun to play. Would also recommend the other Metro game. Thanks!
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on 21 July 2013
I really enjoyed the first game so I had high expectations and it didn't disappoint, it was a really good game. I love post apocalyptic games and this has it's own edge to it. You do need to play the first game to have a true understanding to what is going on with the politics and the monsters you are fighting but if you take your time and listen to the gossip of the ai's and the storyline its self you will be able to pick up the most of what happened in the first game.

Anyway, the graphics are great and the game play is solid (just make sure you have enough filters when you go outside, Or it can get a bit annoying).

I would recommend playing metro 2033 first if you haven't already as it is a great game and it would give you a great understanding of what is going on.

I hope this review was helpful enough. :)
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on 22 August 2016
Hmmmm. But dark and dinged but worth a crack or two.
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on 1 March 2017
Arrived promptly, love it, many thanks
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on 28 December 2016
Fab game!
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on 19 June 2013
I usually dont buy single player games at launch due to them not holding their value, however this was an exception. The story is dark, deep and full of twists. My first play-through I completed in under 12 hours. However it has multiple play-throughs due to the "karma" system that runs behind the scenes. Saving D6 or destroying it is your choice! take your time to listen to the conversations of the NPC's and take in the scenery, its beautifully in a weird dark way :)
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on 13 September 2015
What is it with the Xbox 360 generation and above why are most of these console games so dam tedious.In the days of the original xbox and even before that with the likes of the N64 you had great games but now all you get is half arsed efforts from lazy developers who's only goal is superior graphics and online multi-player,they just don't care about anything else these days.Regarding this game the outdoor vistas look great and the guns are okay as well but this is riddled with tedious trial and error game-play designed to frustrate you rather than make you want to play the game.Instead you just want to turn it off in frustration.This game had such potential the makers of it started well but couldn't be bothered to finish the job.It does look good although character faces and voices leave a lot to be desired and it's very shallow and linear as well.What a wasted opportunity I only paid £7.00 for it but after only a few days play it's going to the charity shop now I am done with it!
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on 26 May 2013
So perhaps you missed Metro 2033? Maybe you played it and delved into the ruins of post apocalyptic Moscow and the deep, dark and infested tunnels of the metro system beneath the surface? I suppose it doesn't really matter because even though Last Light continues on from the first game you can instantly dive into this offering and enjoy a very unique experience.

In not so many words you are Artyom: a survivor and now a ranger. You live beneath the radiated surface of Russia, inhabiting the metro tunnels with your comrades and fellow survivors. The tunnels offer safety and refuge from the blighted surface above but the deep, eerily silent underground is home to it's own monsters....and quite a few Germans too.

The story sees our hero tasked with locating a Dark One. For those not familiar with Metro or it's lore; the Dark Ones used to inhabit Russia until Artyom launched a few warheads at their nest at the end of the last game. Basically these creatures are tall, long of limb and very alien looking. When news reaches Artyom that one of the Dark Ones survived he sets out to find it...and eliminate it, despite his own conflicting emotions and guilt of pretty much wiping them out. So the journey begins.

Graphically the game is wonderful and the lighting effects really make for some atmospheric exploration. Skulking through the pitch black with your flashlight and a petrol lighter really change the dynamics of your location. The tunnels take on a new menace and the shadows and reflections are really effective. Although you'll visit the wind-swept, rain drenched and highly radiated surface the most satisfying jaunt of the game is navigating the metro system. You'll come across Nazi's (bad guys), mutants that are afraid of the light and some very ghostly apparitions. I cannot really call Last Light survival horror but it certainly plays on your emotions and nerves. You have to understand that Artyoms' world is very realized and drawn out. From conversations between NPC's to the hidden notes and story-related items you find: you become immersed in the adventure and it is a terribly grim world where the true monsters are not always the arachnid horrors that lurk in the dark.

You can carry three weapons, knives, grenades and you have some special kit too. There are no perks, no leveling up and nothing to distract you from the fact that ammunition is currency in the metro world. Despite only having a moderate gun selection each weapon can be modified, adding that custom-twang that we gamers so love nowadays. Grab an AK; stick a night-vision sight on it, a silencer and all of a sudden you are a predator. Light plays two roles in this game.
Facing off against Human foes means destroying light sources, sneaking in for stealth kills and basically taking out a lot of bad guys with the grace of a fully trained killer. Of course you can simply run around blowing people away with a shotgun and causing as much havoc as you see fit: but really that isn't what Last Light is about.
In other areas of the game you'll be relying on the light to keep you safe. Some of the monsters you face will back off if you cast your flashlight in their direction. Given that your batteries need to be recharged and generators need to be switched on to light areas up - you'll find the tension racks up to high levels as you fumble around in the dark listening intently for the sound of multi-legged horrors with sharp fangs.

Even though Metro is something of a linear game there are still side areas waiting to be explored. It's during these moments outside of following your goals that Artyom comes across another kind of terror.
I need to just clarify that this game does not use jumpy bits to scare you. Oh no. The developers have gone beyond that and added "don't blink or you'll miss it" moments.
For example you are scavenging for ammo and weapons. Quite common considering the higher difficulty settings severely reduce supplies and every bullet counts. Remember that.
So you are wandering through some burnt out buildings and ruined offices when suddenly you catch a flicker of movement just at the edge of your vision. You look but there is nothing there. But take a step back, look again and you'll see a shadowy outline of a person. Yes a ghostly shadow is standing right infront of you and to be honest if you add a combination of excellent game sound and effects, deserted locations filled with the dead and a flashlight for company these encounters will make your spine tingle. Very effective.

The more you accustom yourself to Last Light the more these encounters and their meaning become background scenery. Bad things have happened and perhaps the ghosts of the past still feel the need to haunt the ruined Earth that they once loved? Either way you'll accept the world and how things are.

There are so many great things about Last Light that will grab the attention of the mature audience. This is not COD and it certainly is not a typical run and gun experience. It's a very touching tale that will sit with you long after the end credits have rolled.

It's such a step up from the last game and hard to fault. Currently the game is £29.99 and worth every penny. If you want something more than a typical FPS affair then this game is a must play. It deserves to sit alongside the likes of Bioshock for the simple fact that it's world and politics are fully realized and believable. I hope I never live to see a nuclear war......
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on 26 June 2015
Having played Metro 2033 on the PC and recently purchasing an Xbox 360 I decided to give this game a go. It arrived quickly and as always with Amazon, well packaged.
As a first person shoot-'em-up it's one of the best I've played in terms of actual game play. Switching between weapons is quick and smooth and camera movements flow nicely. The story is engaging and I love that no matter how much you mod a gun there are still some monsters you'll have to slug away at and actually play tactfully against rather than just run in all guns blazing and hope to survive through sheer brutality.
This game is very atmospheric with little to no music, just the echoes of water dripping in tunnels, the whisper of wind through dry grass and the crunch of snow used cleverly to set the mood in places. The use of light and dark is great too, with shifting shadows that make for a worrying trip if your torch runs out of power.
The jump scares are well timed too. Far too often I'll play a game knowing exactly when the game is going to throw something out of a shadow in an attempt to scare me but not this time. The atmosphere is very well crafted.
However, I do take issue with a few things. Mainly, the cinematic element of the game. It feels at times as though the developers wanted to create a film and not a game. While this makes for some interesting narrative (based on the books no doubt) and some very visually pleasing scenes it can get irritating when you just want to move forward in the story.
Secondly, each area is very limited with a set destination and a few triggers on the way. There's little chance for exploration which would have been nice in such an unusual game with some really very nice artwork going on in the environments.
The loading screens between areas and chapters are another issue. They're boring despite the narratives which often cant be skipped,
Lastly, my copy has a very annoying habit of freezing every now and then. It doesn't happen often enough to warrant sending it back but no one enjoys having a game freeze up completely during a tough fight, especially when you cant save between check points (which is in itself, feels outdated)!
Overall I did enjoy this game. Its very different in both its story and its play but it is not without it's issues.
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on 16 October 2013
Thought the game was great, well written and immersive.

The story is a little short compared to it's predecessor but far more playable, with a twisting plot
and the opportunities to change your destiny through your actions
sometimes so thin that it can be hard to see what's right is great! This adds to the Agency of/ connection with,
the character you play, as he (or you) has their flaws which manifest into unique scenarios depending what course you take.
The atmospherics of the game are it's party piece, making the game a stand-out addition to the gaming world.

Well worth the time to play and Udaèi!
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