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on 13 October 2016
I had a cheaper model of these and when my mate bought a pair of these I loved them so I ordered a pair. When these arrived they sounded awful, I can not put in to words how bad they were and it was just me who thought so my wife and daughter tried them and thought the same. My cheap set which came with my mp3 player sounded better their was no bass they sounded tinny and there was no detail what's so ever. How can these sound so bad when my mate has the same model and his sound brilliant, could they be faulty or fakes I don't know but I sent these rubbish back. I have had several pairs of Phillips headphones before and they have been great.
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on 12 December 2012
These look good and sound good as well. Come with bud heads in 3 sizes so thats a plus. Sound is really good for this price, I am totally satisfied with the sound listening to rock, pop and metal as well sometimes.
Great for the price.
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on 4 February 2013
First of all I want to say that I usually write product reviews at least a week after having used the product I'm reviewing. However, in this particular case I have only used the product in question for less than a day. Initially, I was quite pleased with the packaging (nothing too special there), the headphones and particularly the earbuds. As usual, the Amazon Super Saver shipping was very fast and took only 7 days (including a weekend) to deliver to Sweden. I'm overall very pleased with the purchase.

Packaging [5/5]
The packaging was quite good, nothing too special though. The product came in a standard plastic/carton package that neatly displayed the headphones, the cord and the earbuds. The print on the package was well done and included sufficient information about the product. The package itself was made out of adequately thick plastic and carton that indeed protected the content more than enough, and of course it was shipped in a standard amazon carton package as well. 5/5 stars.

Headphones [4/5]
The headphones themselves are very stylish and look more expensive than they actually are. They have a very nice color to them that blends well with the slightly red tones of the earbuds. Besides being good looking they more importantly function well. The sound quality definitely outweighs the price of these and many other earphones, they do indeed have a deep and rich bass. However, what reduces the earphones to only getting four stars is the very thin cable/wire(!). The cable feels quite fragile and it seems to me that it might break at the joints if not handled and stored with care. Therefore I recommend buying some kind of case for storing the earphones in, just to be on the safe side. 4/5 stars.

Earbuds [5/5 stars]
The earbuds are amazing. Besides having an attractive and slightly transparent red tone to them they feel amazing and they are very sturdy. The earbuds come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. There is most definitely something special about these earbuds and I like them a lot! I can only hope not to lose them, because it would not be fun looking for identical ones because I would probably not sattle with any other earbuds haha. 5/5 stars.

Finally. I have noticed that the pricing of in-ear headphones is NOT a determinant of sound quality. I have actually found cheaper earphones to have AT LEAST as good sound quality as the more expensive alternatives. I bought these earphones to replace a pair of JVC HAFX1X that I lost. In my opinion, the JVC's had slightly better sound quality (and better bass) and they were far more robust with a thick and durable cable/wire that could handle abuse. However, these are not as clumsy and they are far better looking with near as good sound quality. I mainly bought these to try something new instead of buying identical JVC's as before. To clarify, I must say that I am indeed very pleased with the purchase and these earphones give you a lot of bang for the buck! Recommended product!
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on 21 February 2013
I was recommended these as best sounding out of a whole heap of earphones (many costing a lot more). They certainly do sound great and have a nice bass response and all round sound. I listen to everything from chunky bassy genres like hard-house, dub and reggae, to stuff where the mids and treble counts like jazz, prog rock, metal etc, and these really handle everything well. They get heavy usage from a number of daily podcasts i listen to also. The fit is very comfortable too, with the soft silicone buds in three sizes.

As i use my mp3 player daily for long periods both stationary and on the move i really have to place ear-phones in the category of 'consumables' because they have a tendency to wear out, fail or break through misadventure. I'm not sure that i should be onto my fourth set of these in less than a year though(!!!)

The first pair began to cut out in one ear before that side failed altogether. I liked the sound quality enough to buy these again and thought that perhaps they had gotten exposed to moisture while out walking in bad weather.

On another pair the cable got snapped whilst attempting to untangle after a heavy night at the pub. It is to the detriment of these earphones that the cable is so thin. A definite negative. Even so i had to put this down to misadventure as it was clearly my own fault.

The next pair lasted 3-4 months and were used heavily. At first i thought it was my cheapo Kubik Evo player that was coming to the end of it's life, because the volume seemed to be getting louder and louder on lower and lower volume settings. SO, i ordered myself a new mp3 player and just to have a pair of earphones spare, i ordered me a new set of the philips SHE8000's. (This was a couple of days ago)

It's a good job that i did order new phones as it turns out that it was the earbuds that were reaching the end of their life. Again i put this down to moisture as i had been walking in (LIGHT i might add) rain in the days previously.

I think that as good as these sound, i really cannot justify another purchase of this model, so i will be looking for budget-mid range phones that have a sturdier cable and can handle changes in weather conditions. It is a shame as these really do sound great - Philips just need to lighten up on the planned obsolescence and make these a little sturdier.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 December 2012
I bought these headphones elsewhere and they lost half a star because the first set broke within an hour. But the replacement ones have been through the wars and still going strong.

They are comfortable; they come with 3 sizes of earbuds that suit most people; so even if your ears are different sizes to each other you should be ok here.

They are portable; ok so they're earphones but that's *not* what I mean here: They come with a neat little "slider" on the wire that holds both the wires for the earpieces; when you slide this to the top it brings the earpieces together; the slider has a "clasp" for a wire; this is where you then place the wire right next to the headphone connector. This stops them getting tangled! I've not had a serious tangle since owning this pair.

They sound great; simply put, after owning about 8 different earphone and in-earphones over some years; these, to me, represent the ultimate in value for money for a pair of earphones that can truly deliver some serious bass; and I mean serious bass.

They look stylish. They have a bump on one of the earpieces to show you which is left and right if you are blind / cannot see the hard to see L / R in the dark; they seem to be well thought out. Long enough cable for most applications; easily long enough to reach pockets /across desk.

Bought a second pair as Christmas present from Amazon for someone as I think they are great.

Not quite 5 star but 4 star would be understating their value.
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on 20 March 2013
A great set of headphones, at a really good price.
However, I am not on my third set.

They have lasted about 3 months -each pair- before the right headphone shuts down. It can be reconnected by 'jiggling' the wire. but then after about 3days of this. it completely stops working.
So, I now have 2 sets of these with only the left working.. :/

However, it is such a good product!
And, worth the price.
There are better then any of my SkullCandy and/or Beats.
Just depends on what you use them for, I guess.
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on 17 October 2013
For the same price you better buy the SHE6000.

The sounds on this SHE8000 are not very good.

Curiously some months ago my girlfriend had one of these (the black one) and I found the sound good. I myself had the SHE9000 (a kind of more expensive version) and loved it until the day they were broken.
But after recently I've used the SHE6000 and due to bad usage I've broken it also I've bought this SHE8000 whit and or my taste changed or the SHE8000 white is different from the black one!
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on 27 June 2014
I don't usually spend time writing reviews on amazon but thought I would for these. Got these nearly a year ago, where every other pair of ear phones I have owned have broke after 3 months or so these are still going strong. Sound quality is very good, large amount of bass, the highs can also be heard very clearly. Haven't had the problem with the wire that other people seem to have had, easy to untangle if it does get wound up. Really cannot recommend highly enough!
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on 31 October 2011
Very aesthetically pleasing earphones. Lightweight and very comfortable. However, when plugged into my ipod classic they just don't have the bass presence that I expected. I tend to like warm sounding earphones (plenty of bass and not much treble). These earphones deliver incredibly crisp treble (too much for my taste)and not enough bass. I have reverted back to my standard ipod earbuds even though I hoped the Philips SHE8000s would be an upgrade from these.
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on 9 January 2014
I already own a pair that i have owned for a few years now and thought i would get these again as a back up pair. The sound quality is amazing and the build quality is excellent. The pair i currently have have not had any issues whatsoever.

If people are worried about headphones sometimes losing sound in one headphone or the wire being too flimsy, then this is the product for you. It simply does not happen with this product.

Top Product!
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