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Binary Domain (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£5.25+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 1 October 2017
Great game - very satisfying smashing robots with different guns and the bosses are very well done. Good customization options but not too complicated. Plays a bit like gears of war. The only shortfalls are some really cheesy lines and sometimes your teammates run into your line of fire and complain about you shooting them! But it's pretty easy to keep there trust up even if you shoot them on purpose. Despite these it's an exhilarating game with some great action sequences that give you more control than just quick time events.
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on 17 May 2017
Terrible game
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on 16 July 2017
Underrated gem, needs a sequel.
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on 20 April 2014
the game seems a bit old, and the voice commands where s*** ! told them to hold, and the loyalty shit was stupid, because the voice command did not understand english.
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on 5 August 2012
Binary domain is a third person shooter set in the far future.

You play as "Dan", a member of rust crew who has been sent out to destroy the "hollow children" (robots who appear human) and stop them infiltrating human society!

Everyone of rust crew is a cliche, u have the bravado of the americans, the posh speaking of the british and the over the top accents of the french! The game trys to make u care about the characters but seeing as their all one dimensional you don't.

In terms of gameplay, binary domain is not a bad game and could have been so much more. Dan sticks to cover wen u want him to, the gunplay is top notch and the variety in enemies keep the game fresh! Some boss battles are fun but there are one or two that take an age to beat and if you die you are returned to the start of the fight. Also this is all the game is, fight after fight after fight, there is no breaks and soon it does become tedious, this along with badly written in game dialogue make some playthroughs frustrating.

Dan can upgrade himself and his teammates, he can also upgrade his assault rifle but no other guns. Dan can only carry one other gun has his assualt rifle and pistol can not be droped.

Binary domain can be a fun game but play it in long bursts and it can become extremly frustrating! The characters are badly written, in game dialogue is cheesy, the enviroments are samey (grey corridor, grey corridor) and some boss battle are to drawn out! Also the ending of the game is needlessy dragged out! It is a bargain at this price and can be enjoyed if taken none seriously
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on 27 November 2012
I saw the sale on this game and so decided to purchase it, not expecting much but knowing that I enjoy the occasional third person shooter.
I must say though I got much more than I anticipated. Decent story, likable and very real characters, and addictive gameplay.

The voice recognition thing that you use to either give orders or say things like "I love you" doesn't add much, I ended up turning it off halfway through the first level.

Overall though, a very pleasant surprise from SEGA, right after another game I enjoyed by them called VANQUISHED. Sega sure does like their futuristic robot shooting games.
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on 5 March 2012
The single player. After a poor start the game picked up to be really enjoyable - in fact I found it hard to put down. The graphics are largely goodish, once you get into Chapter 2, but they are hit and miss at times. Initially, in the first chapter, there is a lot of stop/start just learning the controls in a super drab grey factory with samey enemy in narrowish corridors. The first chapter is just a prologue, which goes on for around 45 mins, and is totally unremarkable. You need to give the game 45 minutes to get going.

The second chapter really opens up into the outside world (first level of the demo is part of the second chapter) and there are areas which are narrowish corridors and there other more open areas where you can mix it up a bit with your approach. There are one or two boss fights (re: like the demo) which are good and there is one super-huge boss which takes some killing - a bit shoot the glowy bits but I enjoyed it. There was one section in the second chapter where you have to defend a teammate that was 'doing something' (no spoilers:-)) and unknown to me a crawler had dragged himself to my team mate to stop from his task - meaning my AI team mate had to back track and do it all over again. No restart the level - more restart the task in game. Nicely done.

The robot enemies are varied. Snipers, shielded bots, big hard red bots that take more punishment and bigger mini-gun type bots. There are a lot of different bots. The enemy AI is really pretty good. They flank in the more open areas, rush you lol and crawl behind objects to take down friendly AI as well as yourself. One crawler snook up on me grabbed hold of my leg lol and set off a grenade. There are also drop ships and smaller hoverbots that drop off bi-ped bots into the battle. As well as spotter bots.

The robots though are superb and very varied and how you kill them is so satisfying - you can dismember them, decapitate them, watch them crawl along the floor (and sometimes they will sneak up on you when they crawl), attack each other headless, and even have glowing red eyes sometimes and swarm you like zombies :-). And the boss battles are varied and often, and some of the boses are HUGE which makes the game feel Japanese in flavour. Of course the game is a linear cover shooter mostly but there are many on-rails sections and times when you have to man turrets or use exo-skeleton bots.

Saying all this the game on normal difficulty has been super easy. So for all the good enemy AI I had no real trouble with the game. It helps that you can revive yourself I suppose - avoids death and no return to checkpoints.

Weapons wise there is a good variety (usual stuff you'd get in any game) but all weapons can be levelled up for extra fire power, accuracy, distance, ammo capcacity etc by spending in game credits (at shops) that you earn through killing enemy. There are also skills to level up using nanotech that increase health, defence etc. In other words some light RPG elements.

The voice commands work well most of the time but sometimes they have been frustrating - in that it wouldn't recognise my commands. Sometimes I was even shouting lol. You can use the controller instead to dish out team commands however. In the end I disabled the voice commands and used the controller instead.

There are A LOT of cut-scenes. Some quite long - 10 mins or more. However they are good and tell the story really well and set the scene nicely. However, the cut-scenes make for a stop-start affair which can spoil the flow. Some of the cut-scenes have some brutal mutilation of "hollow children" AKA humanoid bots which the story centers around.

There are also areas in the game where you just basically walk around talking (well, listening) to the local population before you start the next all out action section of the game.


In summary Binary Domain is a cracking game and just got better and better until the very end. What can I say, loads and loads of boss battles that aren't too frustrating, great cut-scenes that tell the story well, some not too bad characters, lots of different bot types, solid shooting mechanics, has that 'Japanese' feel, some decent on-rails sections, twists in the story that you probably wont anticipate and what can I say [SLIGHT SPOILER] ZOMBIES!![END SLIGHT SPOILER].

The only complaints I have about this game are that it was slightly too easy on normal difficulty and the first act was a little drab and uninspiring. It really is a gem of a game and as a third person shooter there aren't many better. Multiplayer wise don't bother.

Got to say this game is not that far behind in enjoyment factor compared to some of the big hitters of 2011, especially comparing it to some of the linear shooters.

I'm giving this game a review score of 5/5 for the sheer enjoyment factor but the game is not without some minor flaws but which game hasn't got flaws.
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on 6 November 2012
Binary Domain is one of those unfortunate games that has simply slipped through the cracks. This is a huge shame because it is a brilliant game. The damage models on the robots as bullets shred through them never stops being satisfying. Huge behemoth robots litter the campaign and is taking them down is over the top and hugely rewarding.

The one downside is the team mechanic, where gaining each members loyalty seems strangely bolted on and discordant with the rest of the game. I played without voice recognition, so it may be a better using this rather than pressing LB every time a team member fancies a chat you can't ignore. The story is surprisingly good for a shooter, and the graphics are very good.

At his reduced price, it is certainly worth a buy. The main game is satisfyingly long, and will provide you with hours of scrap head mashing fun! If this was co op, this game would be infinitely better. However, with it's criminally poor sales, I doubt a sequel will surface, which is a real shame. Next time, market your games SEGA!
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on 29 March 2015
Not Gears of war please sega.

Well here we are without another Sonic game let me say it looks and plays like GOW with robots.

So it's time to dish out the pain for the game

1. the camera spins so fast you might get a big headache, unlike GOW it spins slow

2. come on GOW style game but you can control your friend in any way which is a good thing

3. bored killing robots? I am certainly am because you got to shoot the heads off a one simple shot to the legs won't do I am afraid it still comes after ya

so in conclusion I find these games to be GOW setup and hell I played GOW games for too long that I prefer GOW ftw,

end of review.....
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on 31 July 2012
In a world obsessed with stuff like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3, this game comes as a breath of fresh air. A solid, extremely nice looking shooter that swaps all the pretentious shark-jumping plots for a straight-up blaster that doesn't compromise on quality.

Voice control is a bit iffy (but thankfully you can get through the entire game without really needing it). It just plays so satisfyingly, mashing robots to a fizzing pulp never felt so good. Ludicrous value for the price, get in on a game that is destined to be sadly overlooked this generation and spread the word. Binary Domain really is worth your time.
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