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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2011
Bought this to test out 3D Passive LG TV.Kids and me all put on 3D cinema glasses (7 came with tv) and sat back to watch. The movie was sharp and clear with depth once 3D TV settings were adjusted. The film was fun to watch and was abouth Turtles and their life adventures. The film was put together well and is a joy to watch with a feel good factor. I found the quality of 3d varied between different 3D players. The best quality was the PS3 then sony's own 3d players then LG's player I didn't try the samsung or panasonic 3d blu ray players. The kids have watched this film many times and about 3 times the screen play comes out at you as if out of the screen, but mostly its about depth..I guess a very large screen would be ideal but my ideal size to room ratio is 42".
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2011
Ok everyone who has a 3D tv and 3D bluray needs to get this. This is the best 3D movie ever. If you love 3D that literally comes off the screen from the very start, you will love and have to have this in your collection. I saw this in the cinema after being blown away by the trailer. This to me is the only 3D bluray that can test the range of your new 3D bluray player. The whole movie is in proper stand out 3D, this is the 3D i love. Without being too gimmicky(and what's wrong with that?) the 3D draws you into this marine world of Sammy's and the dangers of the deep. Ben Strassen used to direct the big screen IMAX movies in 3D. He has always been a pioneer of 3D long before James Cameron revealed his own in-depth 3D with Avatar. My fave movie that Strassen did was Encounters in the third Dimension which featured the beautiful Elvira. It was a short movie. Then he broke into feature length 3D movies with Fly me to the moon which was brilliant in 3D, now he has another great 3D movie under his directors belt. A turtle tale is a story that both kids and adults will love. The story follows a young turtle called Sammy from his birth when he breaks out of his egg (this scene is perfect for kids, they will reach out and want to help the little Sammy during this scene, even i did) to his adult life and finally to his older life. All the time, you have water almost coming over the screen, it actually looked like it would flood the floor outside the TV. Sharks swim right at you, Piranhas come out at you, in a way that would put Piranha 3D to shame. Snakes slither out of the screen and even the turtles swam at you and away from you. This movie is an absolute 3D treat and so un to watch. But this movie also carries a message and it is an ecological one. One that does need to be taken notice of. When a film makes you ashamed of being a human, you know that it has done something right. This has been dubbed so many times for americans, french (where it originates from) and this british version. This contains some great british actors starting with the great John Hurt as Sammy when he's older. Giving the wisdom of an older turtle and telling the story as the adventure unfolds, Strassen has the younger Sammy voiced by Dominic Cooper (from the devil's double and Mamma Mia) while the love interest is played exceptionally by the lovely Gemma Alterton (Prince of Persia, Clash of the titans (2009) and St trinians. Along the way they meet some strange yet unforgettable characters,one of which had me in stitches. You will know who she is when you see her (small spoiler! she fights a shark that attacks her). This is a film for all ages and it is not too sickly for adults either. I throughly enjoyed watching this and it is easily my fave 3D film I have on 3D bluray.
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on 12 March 2015
this is the best 3d movie I have seen..for pop outs and great visuals Really outstanding on my 55 inch 3d tv. after buying 20 bluray 3d films I can honestly say Buy it .. its a great family film as well as well for adults for showing off their new 3d and having turtles floating in front of your eyes in your living room . I don't understand how it is not at the top of the list for best 3d visuals of in your face magic . beats the rest except avatar?
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on 31 December 2012
Bought this film to test out a new 3D set up.Dont want to chant on about the film as there's plenty of other reviews.The story line is basic and crystal clear 3D.One thing i would like to clarify is that we didn't have to use the enclosed cardboard green/red glasses as the passive glasses for our Panasonic TV worked perfectly
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on 11 May 2013
I don't have a 3d telly or player but this passive 3d film is beautiful. other 3d films can be unwatchable but the colourshere are nice and bright (not the usual blue and red hue). My 5 year old daughter stands up and tries to 'catch' the jellyfish and other sea creatures. Superb storyline, both adults and children will love it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 February 2015
This for me is the best 3D film I have seen, when the turtle's are swimming they are popping out of your TV left right and centre.

This film puts most other 3D films to shame, just like Disney 3D they are embarrassing compared to this. This is a great film for the kids, well and big kids like me.
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on 13 November 2011
I bought this DVD for my grandsons and am very happy with my purchase. It is a great, child friendly tale with some good lessons to learn about friendship, caring for each other and being brave. The 3D effect is brilliant, the characters come right out of the TV! The only downside is the length of time it takes to get to the start of the main film, but that is just a niggle.
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on 13 July 2012
The best 3D I've seen, colors are beautiful, story fab. For the very young and old. Not to be missed.
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on 20 December 2014
Bought for the kids, such a brilliant film which opens up the ocean for the kids, showing different types of mammals. There's to many children films out there about lions and tigers and its actually nice to have a change of scenery. Comes with the 3D copy of the movie also on the same disc ( something all films should start to do )
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The film starts with an elderley Sammy giving us a bit of a narrative. I thought this did go on a little big long to be honest, even I started to wonder when the action was going to get going but thankfully it did. It cuts straight to Sammy and the other baby turtles hatching, a very sweet scene and it begins from there. Again, it slows down for a bit once until Sammy gets out to sea but when the adventure really gets going, it doesn't slow down the pace too much. The entire film follows Sammy, so luckily he is a very likeable lead character, and Dominic Cooper does the voiceover perfectly. He's easy to listen to and encapsulates the enthusiasm and wonder of a young turtle seeing amazing things for the first time. I do have to complain slightly at Gemma Arteton's voice-acting, it was brash, harsh and didn't at all suit the film, she sounded totally out of place. It was a shame as I cringed every time I heard her. However, Rovert Sheehan as Sammy's friend Ray was hilarious and added a good bit of humour to the proceedings.

I didn't realise this until I googled it, but the film is actually a Belgian made one, and has been dubbed by the British cast for screening and DVD release in the UK. The film does have a strong moral message throughout, and one that even the littlest viewers won't be able to miss, for its bashed home quite a lot. It does show humans as being the evil ones, the ones polluting the world and causing harm to the various sea animals, but I suppose it is true - scenes of things like the oil dumping were quite eye-opening and sometimes we can be a bit unaware of things going on unless they are under our noses. There was a small portion of the film that involved a family of humans, but they were awful and I didn't really get the point of their inclusion, they didn't add much to the story and again, it did slow it down for this part.

The animation in this film I cannot fault. I can imagine in 3D this would be an amazing watch because the sweeping underwater landscapes are stunning, and I feel like you really could be looking at real sea locations because it looks so beautiful. Care has been taken over the smallest of plants, all the animals look fantastic and are animated to perfection. There was one scene with an octopus and Ray and Sammy being swung around that actually made me feel quite ill as the animation spun around with them and was quite sick inducing, but other than this, it is faultless and a joy to watch. Sammy in particular is so cute, you can't help but like him!

Overall, this is a wonderful film for young children that they will love, and has an important message within to tell them as well. Yes, for adults it may feel a little preachy at times, but I think the story is lovely and has a very good heart to it. I was worried near the beginning that it didn't seem to get anywhere but its great to see the turtle's grow up, watch how things change around them and see things full circle by the end. The voice cast aren't anything special, Arterton in particular was pretty awful but you don't want to see this film for the script - it's the stunning visuals which make it worth a watch. The sweet love story throughout too just adds a little something extra to it, and makes for a delightful watch. Definitely recommended.
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