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on 31 August 2014
We bought this for my Father in laws birthday present, we were after an all in one printer with slide and negative scanner that had separate colour ink cartridges and allowed printing from his iPad. This was the only device we found which ticked all the boxes, and we found it faster than the separate devices it was replacing and very pleased with the quality. The whole device feels very high quality and the interface on it is very nice as well.
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on 22 October 2012
I bought this printer to replace my ageing Epson all in one. I was impressed at how easy the wireless access was to set up. I simply pressed one button on the printer and one button on my wireless router and that was it! I found the rest of the setup easy too - including the firmware update (the CD-ROM setup leads you to it). As others have said, I can't believe other reviewers have marked it down because of this: a) this is standard procedure now for all high-end kit if you want to take advantage of the latest developments and features (I have just updated the firmware on my Smart TV and my son's Nintendo 3DS for example - normal) and b) I simply used the cable that used to physically connect the old printer, as also suggested.

Print quality seems excellent so far and photos (primary reason for buying) are coming out great. For 200 quid I have no negative points at all for this printer - even the build quality seems fine to me compared to my old one. One thing to note though for placement is that it does have a fairly large footprint as you need access to trays at the front and the back, needs to go on a desk or a deep shelf.

Ink is, of course, pricey, but I am planning to go down the self-refillable route myself this time - plenty of forum info out there telling you how to do this - wish me luck!
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on 20 March 2012
Besides making good quality & fast prints,It is very handy for copying my old 35mm films & at its highest settings gives very good quality images.I would rather have had a printed instruction manual than have to open the downloaded text off the CD enclosed with the printer.
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on 25 August 2012
Upgraded to Pixma from my Lexmark 9000 series which I'd had for a fair few years. The Lexmark was a decent printer, but tended to streak and the wireless functionality basically packed up last year. Could never get the wireless driver to install properly. This is my first Canon, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Other reviewers have highlighted the cost-per-print issues... and to be fair it probably is more expensive than many others. But you do get what you pay for. The wireless set-up was easy and not I've networked it to my netbook too. I particularly like the disc print and negatives scan functions. The print-to-disc feature is really good and gives excellent results.
The two paper trays can be a bit of a pain when you've got to tell it where to deliver paper from and the time it takes to reset for different jobs is also a bit longer than I'd like... but all-in-all it's a good uprade for me.
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on 20 July 2012
The Canon MG8250 is a great printer. The photo quality is brilliant. The reason I did not give it 5 stars was because it is very slow to print the first page. All manner of whirring, clanking and grinding go on for about a minute before it finally spits out the page. I have found that switching the printer on about 1 to 2 minutes before needing to print anything, results in the first page coming out almost immediately. Very good printer in terms of quality of print. Works perfectly with AirPrint. Scan quality with photos, negatives, transparencies and plain documents is very good.
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on 22 April 2012
Pros: Unlike its predecessor, no more eMailing files for printing or plugging/unplugging USB cable - accessible via WiFi to all our domestic devices: Macs, Windows laptop, iPad and iPhone (latter after downloading firmware update). And handy when guests come to stay: just give them the network password.
Easy and painless (from my Mac) to set up over WiFi - and to use.
Looks good (matt finish less vulnerable to scratches). Discrete.
Quieter than my 'old' (!) MP170 and the print quality better than ever (though hard to tell, frankly).
Can scan old slides and 35 mm negs and print on CD/DVDs using accessories supplied (untested as yet, though - waiting for that 'rainy day').
Individual ink cartridges - no waste: replace only empties, not whole CMY cartridge as with older models.
Front-loading paper tray + rear sheet feeder. Duplex (2-sided) printing.

Cons: Canon software still unintegrated with host: doesn't look - or "think" - like rest of Mac OS (or Windows), and seems uneccessarily more cumbersome than previously.
Inks are shockingly expensive - as usual (and individual colours can cost as much as old combo cartridges).
Doesn't make Espresso or Pizza (just vivid images of same)!

Worth waiting,if you can, for the right price to come along from Amazon or among its other hosted sellers. At a whisker over £250, sold by Amazon EU SarL itself, I paid considerably less than than the price often advertised.
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on 6 January 2013
I received this printer just yesterday, and had unpacked and set it up (for Wifi connection) within an hour. The set-up instructions (on CD as part of the whole set-up and driver/software install) are very detailed, and it is almost impossible to make an error. (If you do, the instructions take you back to try again!). I bought this MG8250 as a replacement for my Canon Pixma 6220D, an excellent photo printer, but which was finally failing.
The print quality is, in my opinion, unsurpassed, for 10x15cm, 13x18cm, and A4, and for both colour and monochrome. The scanner is excellent for both documents and photos, and two-sided printing is definitely useful. The 'bonus' of a slide scanner is wonderful, and I am in the process of converting all my 30-40 year-old colour slides. Also, using Canon's 'Easy Photo Print' FREE Android app, I can now print direct from my HTC mobile phone.
The touch controls are very intuitive, and each one only lights up when the option is available, pretty much fool-proof. The paper trays are easy to use, with plain paper in the front and photo paper in the top-back. Changing inks is easy, though the inks are rather expensive for 9ml tanks. Savings are available with multi-pack inks, but you buy the grey separately because it is only used in a very few models.
I am very happy with my choice of Canon MG8250, and would recommend it to anyone who wants high quality photo prints with all the copy, scan and Wifi functionality.
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on 1 January 2012
I do not often write reviews but I am sick of people writing reviews based on their incompetences rather than shortcomings in the product. How can you base your decision on whether to buy a product because somebody else cannot be bothered to set it up properly or do some research! We all have different levels of experience and knowledge but if you want to buy and use properly any decent piece of technology equipment, you have to be prepared to learn about it. I am just a normal home user with average knowledge using Apple equipment. This printer is amazing! It is bigger than I expected but neat and very versatile. Yes it does have AirPrint but you have to download an update from the Canon website. Very easy to do,
When you register your product, click through to the product page and you will find the firmware update. Don't worry about which version you currently have, it will tell you if your product is up to date or not when you connect it. Just connect it to your computer with a USB printer cable. They don't supply one but you will have one connected to your old printer!
Please don't let the thought of connecting your printer to the computer by cable for five minutes put you off buying this printer. It works beautifully. Practically every product you buy these days needs a software or firmware update after you have bought them because of the time they spend in a box. If you have never done an update you are probably perfectly happy running an older version, if you want up to the minute features like AirPrint, then you may have to do an update. Yes there are other printers out there with AirPrint already set up but do compare the technical details rather than just go for the easy option. The scanner quality on this printer is much better than any other "AirPrint ready" printer I could find as is the print quality. Depends what you want. If you are looking at a printer in this price bracket you are probably looking for more than a basic AirPrint printer. if you do not intend to use AirPrint anyway then you will not need the update in any case!
The print quality is amazing the scan output is excellent and you have a 35mm negative scanner built in. Yes the inks are expensive but you get what you pay for. Ink consumption depends on what you are printing! If you print full colour best quality for everything your costs will be higher. Be prepared to learn to adjust the settings depending on what you are printing and consumption is no worse than any other high end printer.
Canon do provide software you may not need, but a lot of it is very useful again depends on your needs. If you don't need it, just delete it, I would rather have the choice rather than no software. There is a manual on the disc provided which you can download. Very comprehensive and useful.
There are full set up instructions provided, you do not need the manual until after the set up procedure so don't worry about it being on disk. Just allow yourself some quiet time, follow the step by step sheet and you will love this printer. The quality you can achieve is far greater than many similar products out there.
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on 10 December 2012
Arrived very fast, well packaged. Was a bit worried about the installation after reading some of the reviews, but I had no problems what so ever.

It found my wireless connection and easily connected to my iPad and laptop. Did not take very long at all to set up and was simple to do.

The paper tray is a little flimsy, but this is the same for most printers.

Print quality for photos is excellent, and it is very quiet. Recommend to all.
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on 1 September 2012
Easy setup for mac os mountain lion 1 hour +, good and quick printing ,worth the wait to come down in price.replaces pixma ip4500 lasted over 5 years
many happy hours of use to come.
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