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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 18 March 2012
I grew up in south of Spain and this kind of street football introduced me to football in general, this game brings back so many memories. There was no full size pitches about or any grass for that matter so we had to make do with basketball courts and car parks, we'd play 5 a side, 3 a side with rush goalie and it's great that I can experience the same thing here in the UK with FIFA Street.

The game plays very fluidly with the emphasis of skill and pulling off tricks rather than passing and working the ball, however you can play that way if you like just don't expect to beat the harder difficulty challenges, you do have to learn and understand the various moves and techniques.

The game uses the same engine as FIFA 12 so therefore the game looks beautiful and contains the majority of full licenced teams and kits with the addition of street gear. I'm glad EA ditched the cartoony style of Street 3, even though the gameplay is rather unrealistic/arcadey having the true `look' of street football adds a lot to the overall game.

The controls are simple enough to learn, it's very pick up and play, I would recommend playing with a few friends because the gameplay imo becomes something else entirely, dare I say it becomes much more tactical and more nail biting than the FIFA proper.

The meat of the game requires you to create your own football team, design your kit and crest then play dress up with the hundreds of different clothing combinations and colours. You can build your team out of created players or players you find throughout the world tour mode, you can also download friend's players and you're Pro from FIFA 12. Once the team is assembled you take it on the world tour competing in events like 5 a side, or Last Man standing (a fantastic mode where you lose a player each time you score). There are lots of game modes and variations to keep you busy.

I do have to say I havnt had this much fun with a football game ever before! The other night I played 4 a side with each player fully controlled by my friends and my gf in my bedroom and it was a blast, it was just like playing the real thing and as its only small teams it works much better than the online 11 a side on FIFA 12 were all the players just run about and hog the ball. No, this version is all about marking your man, making runs, pulling tricks and scoring great goals, its lightning fast and a total blast to play.

There are a few hiccups, the defending is quite poor as the advantage is clearly in the attackers favour, there are some moments were players just bang into each other and as the pitches are small it can feel a bit congested at times, also the AI is not the best, lots of own goals due to poor goal keeping and defending.

Some people have also said it shouldn't be a full price game due to its limited playability, I disagree, its aimed at the people who want a more personal and fun experience with a football game, it's at its best with friends and at its worst when your alone fighting against the poor AI and overly aggressive COM opponents but there is no doubt in my mind this game has it where it counts and I think the UK's football culture will divert a lot of players away from it, but please take my word, give it try, play the demo, learn it and you'll love it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 May 2012
Platform: PlayStation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having played versions of the FIFA games which aim to be a real simulation of professional football, it's immediately obvious how different this is and it's not really aiming to be anything like those.

This is all about fun and control - you seem to have a lot more control of the ball and as many people have said, the play is weighted in favour of attacking football, tricks and flicks , where you have to go past your opponent. So defending for a nil-nil is just waste of time and some tournaments give you extra points for things like "nutmegs". The idea is to get past your opponent through skill and trickery.

There are lots of ways to play and endlessly varying types of "court" - anything but a proper pitch! Footsol and Five-a-Sides are the main order of the day and this allows you to see what's going on - when it's 2 against 2, you can really hone the ways to beat another player.

The main way to progress is through the "World Tour" - where you can create and save a player to act as your captain, who then picks up the talent on the way. Everything is customisable and apart from the look of your player, you can even design your team's badge and kit. I liked the way you can pick tournaments from all over the world and even start playing tournaments in your home town - I played a team from Brighton in my local park.

You can of course choose all the well-known teams in the Premiership with big name stars, as well as international teams. I managed to pit Messi against himself when matching up Barcelona against Argentina.

Like most PS3 games, you have the facility to link up online and play games with others and share your stats. The whole package has a lot to explore and it is a good way to experience the fun side of football. What often annoys me about other football games is that you get lost amongst the 22 players and this avoids that problem and you are much more involved all the time. Defending is not that well covered - but at least you don't lose players to red cards and yellow cards, which is another thing that can spoil simulation games.

The aim is no doubt to distil all the best elements from football and make these fit into a game that combines team play, but puts you more in the middle of everything. It does get hard to pull off the tricks and beat teams as you go on - but without this challenge it would probably be too easy and lose interest that way. You do build up skills and can acquire better players, so with careful management you can progress.

All in all a good addition to the FIFA range and well worth trying.
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Platform: PlayStation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Yes, FIFA Street 3 came out on PS3 years ago. It was.... okay, average, meh. So the first good decision EA made was to drop the 4 from this one. This is no mere update, this is a reboot that has taken the Street name out of the lower divisions, thrown a load of money at it and done a Man City. This is the new king. Forget about the days of typical EA.

FIFA Street is what video game football should always be about: an accessible and endlessly entertaining back and forth goalfest with fluid controls. Simulations have their place but Street cannot be beaten with a group of mates. I can't remember the last time the hours flew by so quickly while playing a sports title. It's even fun to play alone. The career mode is engaging and the AI on harder levels isn't as dirty as in the main FIFA titles. It's not completely frustration-free, but you'll always be able to make another chance while being given a stern challenge on the highest difficulty. You can change the difficulty upon entering a new event in the career mode, which can be handy because some styles are less forgiving than others...

As a package Street is close to perfect. Various modes like Last Man Standing, Panna, Freestyle and Futsal lend impressive variety to the action; the environments, from the streets to arenas, all offer unique atmospheres and experiences. What I like most of all is how it actually captures the feel of when I was in a 5-a-side team back in school. The moves are a level above what I was capable of in the school gym, though. When it comes to those moves, Street is basically a game adaptation of a Nike advert with an array of tricks to learn and humiliate the opponent with. All of these tricks are fair. They're ways to skillfully beat the man in front of you. You won't find any of the overpowered special moves that can wreck other arcade football titles such as the Mario Strikers series.

Defending, as has often been the case for EA recently, is the only weak spot. Sliding tackles are out and you're left with jockeying and trying to pinch the ball. The more aggressive form of attacking feels conspicuous by its absence, but if it had been left in, I suspect many games would end up being abandoned due to no players left on the pitch. I don't know if that's necessarily a problem, though. Last Man Standing works on that principle where a player is removed from a side every time it scores a goal - and it's an absolute hoot!

If you buy one football game this year, it should be this. And if you're American, this is the soccer game to convince you that it's the sport of kings.
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on 23 April 2012
Hi everybody

Here is my review for this new FIFA Street.

Good points : FLuid, lots of different play modes. Create your own team. Unlock items to get styly team and players :)

Bad points : Online games with annoying players... Making pause to force you quit the game. Early quit to avoid lost of the game (have to play 3 times a final to win the cup !). Many play bugs during a match. A dumb goalkeeper AI !!
Some online players odn't play the Street spirit but more like FIFA 12... Just pass and shoot, no style, no FUN...

To conclude : Good game, but some bug have to be fixed fast !
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on 30 April 2012
this like the fifa streets of old with added pizazz!!!!!! a great game for you to play alone but, is always better with mates. So much to do and unlock great visuals and the colours and sounds feel authentic to the country your in. The game is not too hard just right fluid controls lots of tricks and levelling up good all round game.Friday night fifa sessions,welcome back!!!
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on 24 March 2013
To be honest, at first glance this looks just like any other boring attempt to resemble street football in game form. It appears very scruffy at menu glance but when you delve into the depths of the game it is flawless.
Hit The Streets;
This is a perfect mode for people just looking to play a basic game of street football this is for you. You have a choice of 5 a side [Favourite], Futsal [closest thing to actual football], Panna [Point based game mode] and Last Man Standing [A variation when you score and lose a player etc.] These are all very fun.

World Tour;
Exceptional, you create a team and build it up, picking up various players from teams you have beaten along the way. It has four stages - Regional, National, European and World to keep you going. All raise the bar and contain more and more fun. Along the way you also unlock stadiums and various other things to use in world tour, but the stadiums can be used in Hit the Streets. I will say though that you have to stick to it in order to obtain the full pleasures from this game.

To summarise a great piece of work from Fifa who have finally nailed it.
Well done indeed, A Great Piece of work.
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on 24 November 2015
So much potential in these games, especially with the huge market Fifa has,

While this game is far better than previous incarnations it still somewhat lacks real playability,

In making it more realistic, it kind of lost what it was to play, Too much like playing Fifa Ultimate Team, without the fun!
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on 12 July 2013
If anyone like me played the original FIFA Street, you will have been looking forward to the release of this game, and unfortunately it did not live up-to the legacy of the original Street game.


This game really has stagnated since FIFA STREET II. In the original, difficulty levels could be selected for the technical nature of the tricks (right down to simply pressing triangle for a randomly assigned skill) and this is missing from the new franchise, which means it is an inaccessible game for those whom are not a fan of the rest of the FIFA franchise (skills still are complicated for those whom do not practise for hours on the current generation FIFA games).


Although there is no shortage of modes, this is also over-glorified and not particularly good at matching players to one another based on both skill and connection. Whilst it is satisfying to play other people, the AI does a good job within this game and multiplayer games can often be tedious with your opponent constantly shielding the ball (this happened for 4 minutes in one online Futsal game).

Overall, there isn't anything wrong with this game, and it functions fine and I am sure excels for the people whom did not have the pleasure to play the original FIFA street. The game got somewhat boring very quickly, and has subsequently earned a place on the 'dusty game shelf' and has not been played for over 6 months, with the game seeming to have no point after just 2 weeks of relatively infrequent play.
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on 22 March 2012
Somewhere in the dim and distant past, when I was a kid, football used to be about nothing other than the sheer joy of kicking a ball around and scoring one more goal than your mates. FIFA Street conjures up that whole 'jumpers for goalposts' ethos, and is mostly great fun to play.

This is the first Street game to use the grown up FIFA match engine. It's very slick and feels real, with the exception of the "whoops, I've slipped on a banana skin" player collisions. The controls have been subtly altered to make the tricks more accessible and are easy to pick up, but defending takes a bit of practice. If there is one major criticism of the match engine it is that your AI team mates will sometimes stand motionless, mere inches from the ball, while an opponent nips in and scores unopposed. This is only really a problem on the hard level and can generally be stopped by pressing R1 to make a second player close down.

Hit the Streets is basically one off friendlies with different rules such as timed, first to x goals and futsal, plus panna and freestyle where you earn points for tricks then bank them by scoring, and last man standing where you lose a player every time you score. This is great for a quick shot of single player action or for a Friday night with friends, but it is a shame that you can't create custom tournaments. Online game types are quite limited too - not great if you want to test your skills against the rest of the world.

The World Tour is easily the best game mode. Here you get to create your virtual self, form a team and take them through various events, starting at a regional level and eventually working your way on to the world stage. Along the way you will win trophies, level up your skills and unlock new arenas, street teams, kits and clothing. The different skills give a real sense of personality (I've become quite attached to my virtual team mates) and the variety of match types and tournaments keeps the action fresh.

Overall FIFA Street is a bit like a team managed by Harry Redknapp - lots of thrills, punctuated by moments of staggering ineptitude! Whether the game offers value for money really comes down to whether you can live with the poor defensive AI and the lack of online options, but personally I haven't enjoyed a football game this much in a long time.
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on 20 April 2012
FIFA Street is a fun football game, which is what all games should be.

I have found FIFA 11 and 12 extremely boring and I do not like the last few PES games. I have always liked FIFA Street but I struggled with it. This one I have found easy to use and fun, especially with multi-player.

You have so much more games to play:
- 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 a-side
- Panas (better tricks = more goals)
- Freestyle (first to 2,500 points)

Then you have 5-a-side pitches, 7-a-side pitches, make shift pitches, futsul pitches... Then you can mix them all up and create your own games.

I found that playing multi-player with a mate - both on same team - it extremely fun and a challenge.

The basic tricks are easy to master and anyone can use them and beat players with them.

I recommend this game over all the latest football games on the PS3 (at this moment)
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