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on 20 November 2013
This set is a great bargain for a business like mine. Such a cheap price for such a quality item.
And I do not understand other feedbacks left for it.
For all businesses, I strongly recommend; do never miss this bargain if you need a product which is solid, easy to use, reliable, chic and a perfect fit for heavy work load.
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on 9 July 2013
I was pleased with the keyboard + mouse package at such a reasonable cost and free delivery by Amazon. I was looking for a new Curve 2000 keyboard, and was initially put off by negative reviews for the Curve 3000 model before I decided to try it for myself.

I have not had any issues touch typing on this keyboard. No wrist strain as I tend to get on straight non-ergonomic keyboards. The keyboard is shiny gloss black, so as soon as you remove the protective plastic it becomes covered in finger prints etc. Keyboards are highly personally (as is my review), however I am pleased with the cost and product and felt it was worth writing a review.
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on 6 June 2014
I bought this keyboard about 6 months ago, so my review is based on a fair of time on this keyboard.

I will begin with the ergonomics, the slight bendiness of the keyboard is quite nice, it is not as severe as the real ergo keyboards and angled enough that I notice a slight change in the way my hands are positioned in relation to the keyboard ( compared to a standard keyboard ) , so I assume I am using a better typing position.

The keys are fine, they are not as responsive as my laptop keyboard, however I realised this would be so due to the type of keyboard it is. While the keys are somewhat soft ( spongy ), and I did have to slow down a little I now have no problems typing and any typing errors are due to my lazy hands. The keys are not chiclet and not standard keyboard, so the depression per key is probably also somewhere in between, and while I am happy I do not have to hassle with a standard keyboard I miss the speed of my laptops chiclet keys.

Layout is fine, nothing is to close together and everything is nicely defined and easily accessible so no problems there.

Looks, well is quite nice looking actually. It has that glossy piano finish, and the letters/numbers are all still 100% visible after many hours per day for 6 months+.

I do miss being able to raise the keyboard, but thats probably to do with the ergo design so I got over that.
One little thing/hassle I experienced was that sometimes if I pressed the backspace key I would change pages on my screen if my focus was not on a page with editting, this is something I have not experienced on other keyboards. Perhaps it is a feature I should be aware of but I am not, and on occasion I still do it and while it annoys me still I now know whats going on.

Overall its a nice keyboard and for the price and what it is it well worth what I paid.

The mouse is a mouse, 2 buttons, a wheel and its optical. It is not fancy and does the job. I admit I use it as a backup since I have a much nicer mouse and even my other spare is better. Honestly though it is a functional mouse and while it has no special features it does what it is supposed to. I consider the mouse in this case a bit of a value addon, and at the price I paid a nice addon.

So overall nice keyboard, functional mouse ... if you need better you will pay more.
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on 21 January 2014
They keyboard is gently curved with a centre hump but not really to the extent that "ergonomic" designs usually offer.

The principal problem for me is the absence of feet/legs to adjust the height. Also there is no wrist wrest (obvious from the picture but I recklessly assumed there would be an attachable one in the box).

Key feedback is reasonably good - all keyboards take some getting used to, after all.

It's shiny.

The mouse is a little clumpy in my relatively small hand. No separate left and right keys - one piece of flexible plastic does the job and works well. Centre wheel ok.

I would have managed with it without complaint but spilling a glass of red over the keyboard, accidentally, confounded that. I did try to take the Curve keyboard apart to clean but found it impossible to separate the back (yes, I took the screws out) so as the liquid dried the keys got stickier and stickier. This mishap enabled me to justify purchasing the new Microsoft Sculpt which I await eagerly....
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on 3 June 2014
Before buying this, everyone should think 'am i going to use this for business, or gaming?', This keyboard is very good for Business purposes, keeps away the Wrist-ache and is a great general use keyboard, for long periods of time, the curve took a little while to get used to, but now I'm used to it, I'm more productive than i was when using my previous keyboards as i don't have to keep 'rubbing' my wrists, or just take breaks to let my wrists heal up a bit.

Keyboard is great for business, but as a 'light gamer' (5 hrs a week?), if the game you are playing requires multiple keys to be pressed to complete actions such as diagonally walking and crouching in an fps, then you'll have some issues, as the keyboard seems unable to send that many signals concurrently.

If you're getting this for business, i highly recommend it, else get a keyboard that is designed for what you're going to use it for.
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on 10 January 2014
Writing a review on a keyboard and mouse, by necessity, is rather a personal matter. I already have one of these keyboards and find it easy to type with and comfortable to use. My daughter, who has RSI, asked me to buy one for her, as she found mine easy to use. This item was competitively priced and together with the mouse was an extremely good deal. The keyboard and mouse are well made and my old items have been giving sterling service now for a number of years, so I hope the new kit will give similar results. Extremely prompt delivery. Good all around.
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on 10 February 2014
As a blogger, you do a lot of typing. You need a keyboard that is kind to the fingers. So far, this keyboard has made writing easy with out tiring out my fingers. Not sure the hump in the middle acutually helps but I am getting used to it.

Would I buy another? Yeah, I would...
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on 6 July 2014
Easy and comfortable to use, very light and quick. Some people have given it bad reviews, but I cannot understand why. It takes up less space on the desk than the older version which wore out, so altogether I am very pleased.
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on 11 July 2014
Helps with my RSI as all I do is work and play games, if only they introduced one with a tanning lamp and then maybe I could venture outside and not look like a vampire.
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on 23 September 2014
Very good product and fast delivery
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