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The Woman [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 May 2016
The story follows the Cleek family, who on the surface seem happy but there is no doubt a deep dysfunction running there. The head of the household, Chris, is mysogynistic, a trait he seems to have unfortunately passed on to teenage son Brian. Wife Bell is very much pinned down and subservient, but has a sort of fragility to her that suggests she could explode at any moment. Throw into the mix a teenage daughter, Peggy, who is sullen and withdrawn due to (as we discover later on) her pregnancy. How the youngest daughter, Darlin' gets by remain something of a mystery – she's barely seen in the family scenario. This is very much a home where the men are men, and rule the roost.

But far worse is to come, as a further combustible element is about to be throw into the mix. When out hunting. Chris stumbles upon 'The Woman', the wild cannibal that we met in the loose prequel, Offspring. Instead of killing her, Chris tranquilises her and drags her back to their barn, ties her up and thereafter sets upon a quest to domesticate the neo-animal he has discovered. Belle accepts this meekly and unhappily, Peggy is fascinated in her own way (there are hints throughout at her attraction to women, particularly her teacher) and Brian is also very drawn to his new female in his life. The Woman is furious at being captured, attacking Chris when he tries to wash her before he douses her in boiling water and then cleans her with a power hose.
Of course, significantly worse is yet to come, as Chris proceeds to rape The Woman – which she accepts without fighting back – while Brian watches on through a crack in the wall. It's not long until Brian makes his own assault on her, but he is caught by Peggy, who is incandescent with rage. Chris's response is remarkably blasé, and almost the perfect epitome of the movie's message – 'Boys will be boys' – and it's from here that things start to go very much south.
I don't want to give away too much of the movie's ending, suffice to say that it is both shocking and explosive – a finale that left me absolutely breathless. It's a movie experience that will stay with you in a different but every bit as effective way as Offspring, which was brutal from start to finish. The Woman is cringing and uncomfortable from the outset, and one of those movies that you simply know cannot end well, a promise that it amply delivers on. The acting is effective in each case – Pollyanna McIntosh's reprisal of her role as The Woman is again brilliantly wild and animalistic, dad Chris is depicted wonderfully as cheery on the surface but with a vast, dark undercurrent beneath and Angela Bettis – for me a very underrated actress – is ideal as the timid, uneasy Belle.
But there's also a serious message here about gender relations, which is delivered in a phenomenally powerful way here. The insertion of The Woman into this hugely patriarchal family – an unfettered, wild and powerful spirit – breaks the unhealthy status quo that has developed and the simmering resentments and furies well and truly boil to the surface. Even the grimmest guess of how this one ends might not live up to the reality...
Blistering, brilliant and brutal, The Woman is everything that horror could – and for me should be – it has a powerful message, strong performances, unsettling and uneasy scenes throughout. This is a movie that is a challenging watch, but a hugely rewarding one – well among my favourite horror films, and every bit as a good the second time around. This one can only get full marks from me.
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on 27 November 2014
Must admit when first reading the write-up, the film 'NELL' ( Jodie Foster ) came to mind, a similar objective undertaken by a local guy, lawyer, 'Chris Cleek' (Sean Bridgers)
He becomes totally obsessed with his project, his efforts to tame the woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) who he'd taken from the only environment she'd ever known.
However this is a far darker story as the task to tame this creature becomes too much, causing all sorts of problems within the home.....not to mention the twist to the tale at the end of the film.
worth a watch.....
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on 5 October 2017
Far better than it's prequel- offspring, which was somewhat cartoonish. This is very brutal.... and I don't refer to the feral cannibalistic scenes. The horror comes from elsewhere. Hard to watch but we'll acted nonetheless. Enjoyable? Not sure that the word. There again, it's horror, so what did I expect?
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on 28 August 2012
I watched this lastnight before going to bed and ended up awake all night trying not to think about what I had seen. This film is fantastic I loved the entire thing. You find out about the fathers motives quite early while he is out hunting, looking at this woman washing herself in the river through his riffle lense. you really get the idea of what a scum bag this guy is and not one to be worried about her welfare.

He knocks her out and brings her back to the house and ties her up in very uncomfrotable restraints. I loved their first introduction, it is prob my fav part of the entire movie and lets you know what he truely brought home with him.

Pollyanna McIntosh is amazing and play's the woman extremely well all the way through the movie. She never takes her eyes of the people around her. The rest of the cast are fantastic too, making it easy for the viewer to feel certain ways, which adds to the movie.

This movie is disturbing and quite gory. I would have to warn any viewer who is sqreamish or sensitive to watching sexual or physical violence. Its not over the top but it will upset you. If you think you can handle it give it a go...its a great movie.
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VINE VOICEon 21 September 2012
Excellent film with lots of moral questions.
The film involves a nasty piece of work who goes out one day on a shoot and instead of bagging some deer bags a woman savage,
The film then shows us how the family react to having this female savage in the basement and asks us who are the real savages the humans who have her tied up or the one tied up.
There are some real disturbing scenes that make this film not so much as a horror film but a disturbing film that is so amazing and challenging to watch and the more and more you watch the more you question the film and the amazing actors and actresses from the young 3 year old to the horrid teenage boy and his sympathetic sister who shows the only adult compassion throughout to the abused wife and finally the psychotic creepy lead of the father.

Just incredible.
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on 6 January 2018
Predictable boring daft film with zero characters zero story and plain stupid .
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on 8 November 2011
Pollyanna McIntosh achieves something that doesn't happen all too often nowadays in this excellent and truly original horror flick. 'The Woman' doesn't speak, but boy does she scare! The performance from McIntosh is sublime and genuinely chilling.

Huge compliments must also go to Lucky McKee for creating this visual feast and for his brilliant creation of the main male character, played by Sean Bridgers. Few 'modern' characters have such complexity and the way the audience is made to feel 'not quite sure' about him from the very start works perfectly.

'The Woman' is a film of two halves. In Part One it looks and feels like a standard horror film, which on occasions you think will decend into a farce. In Part Two it explodes into brutal life in no uncertain terms. As the plot unravels, the tension, gore and fear of Bridgers' character goes through the roof. At the same time, 'The Woman' herself begins to take on subtle 'civilised' qualities. Who is the monster after all?

Other reviews go into more detail, so I'll just say that 'The Woman' is compulsive viewing and an original 'must see' horror film. Beyond that there are some interesting questions posed to the audience and an ending that you just don't see coming.

Better than your average horror flick; 'The Woman' is a tension-filled treat that I'd recommend to anyone. Brutal in parts, down right odd in others it will keep you guessing to the very end.
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on 6 August 2013
The film opens with Pollyanna McIntosh as a feral woman. She has an injury to her side and hunts and kills a wolf. Her legs look pretty darn good for a person who has lived outdoors their entire life, not one scrape,scar, or even hair on the legs...and her armpits are shaved!

Sean Bridgers plays Chris Cleek, an unlikeable man of wealth. He has a mousey wife (Angela Bettis), a teen daughter, a son who has trouble with his free throws and a young daughter who likes to kiss boys to the horror of her mother. Sean Bridgers orders his family around who pretty much obey him, like zombies, without question.

He captures the wild woman, and rather than turn her over to the authorities, he chains her up in their basement/shed. He is very open about it and shows her to his family who are completely dumbfounded. Chris Cleek rules the roost and doesn't like to be questioned. He reminds me of a creepy Will Ferrell. Their task is to civilize the woman, a woman who wants no master.

The two older children Peg and Brian are portrayed as abnormally reclusive self imposed social outcasts, signs of an abnormal home life. We know this is true because of the lame indie music soundtrack that plays when they are on screen by themselves. Having a scantily clad female chained up around a teen boy brings about some natural curiosity tendencies.

The wife and older daughter feel like a prisoner, like the feral woman who symbolizes their imprisonment. Sean Bridges symbolizes the "system" which imprisons women. There are scenes showing violence to women that were hard to watch, even though we don't see the actual strikes, we see the arm movement and hear the blows.
The movie starts semi-normal, goes to odd, then downright weird as Sean Bridges fights to be the master of his world filled with rebellious women. Sean's son sides with him to give us the full symbolism of the battle of the sexes with men being aggressive controlling rapists and women the victim.

Many of the actors in this film are new to the industry. In spite of that, they did a solid job.

F-bomb, Full frontal nudity (Pollyanna McIntosh), rape, torture, blood, gore. While I give this movie 4 stars, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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on 5 June 2013
Ive seen worse ive also seen better, not a must see....would sooner of washed the car...having said that its not bad.
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on 5 September 2011
It's fair to say that The Woman is one of the most original horror films to have been released in years. This was my personal favourite amongst all the films that were showcased at this year's Film4-sponsored FrightFest and I can't recommend it enough, this is primarily down to Pollyanna McIntosh's standout performance in the title role. Although it is true to say that the film explores dark subject matter, it does so in an admirable and entertaining way. There are plenty of genuine shocks and psychological twists along the way, with a chilling ending that is sure to haunt every viewer and make The Woman an unforgettable horror film.
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