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on 12 February 2016
I bought this to replace a plantronics headset which mysteriously stopped working one morning. I wanted it for use with my old Mac Pro - Skype calls and other random audio recording tasks.

No problems with build quality, although the plastic is unlovely and the cushioning is not exactly luxurious (if you were wearing it all day I'd be tempted to splash out on a more comfortable model). But it feels quite robust.

Plugging it in made it appear instantly as an audio device for playback and recording so everything looked good.

However, the problems began when I tested the voice recording -- there was a loud high-pitched whine clearly audible at all times. (Analysis with Audacity showed this was at 4kHz). I tried plugging it into the rear USB ports, the front USB ports and even the (wired) keyboard USB port, but the whine was there all the time.

I was on the point of sending the heeadset back as defective (and complaining bitterly to Sennheiser's tech support) when some googling suggested the 4kHz whine might be caused by the Mac's power supply. Fortunately my Apple monitor that has some USB ports on it, and draws power from a separate power supply. So I plugged into this -- and the whine instantly vanished. The recorded audio is now perfectly clear.

Now, I don't know if the Mac Pro power supply is especially noisy, but it didn't affect the old plantronics headset, so I can only conclude the shielding on this Sennheiser is not up to snuff. A bit disappointing for a brand with a reputation for quality. I obviously can't say if all PC 8 models will suffer from the same flaw, but the unit I received certainly did.

Moral of the story? You might need an external powered USB hub to get the best out of this unit.
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on 5 March 2015
Features are generally good, with a swiveling microphone, though this is not otherwise adjustable, in-line mute and volume control, ~2m cable and adjustable head loop. (the part arching over the top of the user's head)

The quality of the microphone is excellent, with terrific clarity, although it lacks significant noise cancellation. I have two of these, one for myself and my another for my wife; each microphone clearly picks up the other person's voice from about 2m away. If ambient noise is significant, these microphones can be "too good" at picking up sound, but otherwise the best microphones I've used.

The quality of the speakers is sub-par. Alternative headsets which I have purchased for less money had significantly more vibrant, richer and sharper sound. By comparison, I found these to have a somewhat flat, fuzzy sound quality. This is not to say the sound is terrible however, after a few hours use, it's easy to forget the difference and for telephony, which is their intended purpose, this is perfectly fine, but for enjoying audio, be it music, movies or gaming, better can be had for the price and I was surprised by this in a Sennheiser product.

The comfort of the headset will obviously vary depending on your preferences and head size (no judgement, but you are who you are), but it's fair to say that they are very light-weight, to the extent that picking them up by one headphone will not cause the headset to flex significantly under the weight. This makes them comfortable if you prefer an open feel to a cosseted one, and because of the relatively light tension, there shouldn't be any "squeezing" or "pinching" of the head, unless you are a large person or have sensitive ears. The rubberized foam coating of the ear pads is dense enough to resist wear and is very secure. Overall I would say, in my personal opinion, that this foam feels like an inexpensive solution, though Sennheiser has made the best of it and it does not come across as low quality. Perhaps something slightly better could be expected for the money, but doing something better would also likely mean doing it less well. It's up to the user to decide if that is a worthwhile trade-off.

Quality of construction is very good. Plastics used in the main construction are hard without being brittle, but thin enough not to bind the user's head like a vise. The rotating mount for the microphone is secure and operates smoothly. Rubberized foam used for the ear pads is reassuringly dense, nothing like the free headphones given out on airlines and the wires are coated in a firm rubber/plastic material which, although fairly thin, is somewhat hard to the touch, suggesting durability. The in-line mute and volume control module is made from the same solid plastic as the headset and the controls have smooth operation with positive "clicks" when locking into place.

The Bottom Line: Good quality overall; excellent microphone, though sensitive to ambient noise, solid construction, good features, good comfort / ergonomics, but lackluster sound prevent a 5 star at the price. (£30 GBP for me)

Alternatives: gaudy as it may be, the Fatality headset has done nothing but impress me and at a £20 price point, I can forgive the slightly bass-heavy audio balance, average quality microphone and mediocre cabling. I used mine happily for about 5 years until a beloved family member tripped over the cable and ripped it out of the headset, but I've had headsets at 4 times the price suffer the same fate, so I doubt that particular a design issue.
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on 31 December 2017
I use these at work for Skype for business, VOIP softphone and occasionally listening to music on spotify.
Both the audio and mic quality are very good.
It might not look it but it also has very robust build quality,I have dropped the headset multiple times and had the cable snag on something and rip the headset of my head quite a few times. Despite all the abuse it continues to work without any issues and I've used it for over a year now.
I've bought one headset to keep at the office and one to carry in my work bag when I'm on call.

Highly recommended.
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on 21 January 2018
These are awful for the following reasons:

1) 1 wire from the USD port splits into 2 wires part way up, which go to each seperate ear piece. I find it lazy enginerring not to simply keep it as 1 wire which then uses the plastic headset to pass power/signal to the other earpierce. As a result the 2 wires are constantly getting in the way which is annoying if you put on/off the headphones quite a bit
2) The microphone piece is house in an absolutely fixed rigid position far too close to the mouth
3) The microphone has one position only and will be on the left side always, you cannot flip it back the other way if you prefer it on the right

I like this brand based on another product I really hate these headphones and cannot wait to change them.
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on 11 February 2018
Love these headphones. Use them mainly for business and personal Skype calls and for business webinars. The sound is ultra-clear and people on the other end can hear me very clearly. I like that I can push the microphone out of the way when not using it (or having a cup of coffee) and I like the easy mute switch. No issues with these at all and would recommend for either business or personal use.
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on 11 January 2018
Amazing clear quality voice for the price but, the earphones are uncomfortable although they sound great in comparison.

I'm sure with some modifications, this could be an amazing headset. However, as it stands, this headset is best suited to those (like myself) who have spur of the minute conference calls as it's plug and play.

I would say if you're a regular Skype user, this is perfect for you.
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on 30 June 2017
I was getting sore ears with my old Sennheisers and had been meaning to get over-ears for a while, the last straw was when my desktop microphone broke and I decided to get a fairly cheap pair of Sennheisers with a microphone attachment.

The sound quality is more than acceptable, obviously not as good as a pair of full ear earphones but absolutely perfect for gaming and work (I work remotely and am required to speak in conferences semi-frequently).

All in all they're better than I expected, the mic doesn't get in the way, in fact you don't even notice and the sound is perfect for things that don't require a heavy bass part. Highly recommended!
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on 17 October 2017
I've had this product for 3.5 years. It works great, sound and microphone quality are excellent. But, they are very uncomfortable to wear for longer than 30 minutes, I don't watch films with these as they press on the cartilage and become sore. The foam has degraded and leaves small black foam pieces all over my face and ears now, so I'm not looking for new foam pieces, but I will probably just buy a new pair that are more comfortable.
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on 24 June 2014
I have other Sennheiser kit and it's fine, and that partly informed my decision to go for these, but this headset is poorly designed. This is just my experience - others seem to be happy - but four things annoy me...
1. The microphone boom only swings through 180 degrees in the vertical, so it always has to be on your left. You can't rotate it to the "back" so you can wear it with the boom on the other side. Not necessarily an issue for some/most people, but not well thought out and inconvenient for some. Also, the boom ONLY moves in the vertical, so you are limited in microphone placement, thus affecting sound quality. My landline headset's boom moves through almost 360 degrees, it moves a little horizontally (so you can place it nearer or further away from your mouth... good for sound quality and drinking!), and you can even push and pull the microphone in and out a little, so you can get the right balance between volume and clarity. Not so with these.
2. The ear pads/cushions fit into a groove that runs across the cutout where the cables are attached, so don't be surprised if the ear pads fall out. Mine have.
3. The mute and volume buttons are low on the main cable (60cm below the speakers) so can be a pain to locate quickly... controls on the main headset would have been more ergonomic.
4. The cables run off both the left and right hand side (and then join at about 30cm) rather than being integrated in the headset, so you only have a single cable from one side. Not major but it adds to the tangle.

Speaker quality is OK, but limited movement of the boom may affect microphone sound quality. All in all, disappointed.
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on 24 April 2017
- Lightweight (being comfortable is debatable)
- Good sound and mic quality. Very clear on Skype
- Sound and mic adjustment on lead

- Wire curls / tangles (THE REASON FOR THE 2 STARS DROP) : Yes I know - I will expect curls / tangles with a wired headset. However, the headset wire material quality should better to stop the wire from going out of shape. It is very irritating with the two twisted wires under the chin and the neck region. I have to fiddle around with the headset to make it less annoying so this is time consuming. Sennheiser should look into their product design and quality for their next headset for telephony.
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