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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 22 October 2011
I received my cover yesterday. It came packaged in a brown recycled envelope (a nice gesture) but i couldnt help wondering what the cover would be like! The case however, feels luxurious. The cover is supple, and feels nice to hold. The inside cover is a soft suedette material and also feels soft and good quality. The cover fits the new kindle perfectly. The handle at the back is a great finishing touch! When i fold back the cover to read the kindle, my finger fit snuggly into it.

I really cant fault this cover at all, its quality, luxurious and compliemnts the kindle perfectly :-)
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on 20 February 2012
The colour is shocking pink and pretty bright. I was looking for a red cover but couldn't find one for a normal kindle - the only ones available were for the keyboard version. The case is sturdy enough to be held like a normal book though you can fold the cover back and use the hand hold bit to hold it - but I don't use that as I prefer to feel like I am holding a book. It has travelled well in my handbag and had protected the kindle when the kids get their grubby mitts on it and end up dropping the poor thing. All in I am rather chuffed with my purchase and can recommend it.
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on 11 December 2013
This is well designed with very secure holding straps for the Kindle and a strap for holding the book form cover closed. It was bought as a present and the recipient likes it. The item is a little bit heavy for my taste but does offer good protection. There is a small pocket inside the front wherein one could place small flat items.
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on 10 March 2012
There appears to be a major King's Clothes situation occurring with this cover. For £30, which is an absolutely ridiculous price, you should get much more for your money. The cover is good and if you like the idea of buying a product that is £20 overpriced, then buy away. Personally I feel a bit ripped off.
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on 19 January 2012
Quality product, perfect case for the Kindle. Great fit, nice feel in hands whilst holding. So impressed got my mum to buy one for her Kindle.
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on 15 October 2011
[I should point out that this review is for the 'Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle Cover, Black' as Amazon keep moving the review round between colours/types for some reason]

Having received the new Kindle prior to the official launch date I have been awaiting the release of this cover with much anticipation as whilst the Kindle is solidly built it still feels like it needs something to help protect it from the rigours of daily usage, particularly once confined to the uncharted depths of my wife's handbag as by all accounts some items have entered there to be never seen again...

What is immediately apparent on first sight with this cover is that it really is good quality; the leather is supple (and a somewhat more aesthetically pleasing matt finish than some of the the photos might otherwise suggest), the stitching is neat and the soft microsuede interior complements the look of the Kindle perfectly in both style and colour. The four corner straps holding the Kindle in place are unobtrusive yet secure - there's no way the device will fall out once in place. There's also no chance of the straps getting in the way of the page turn buttons, unlike perhaps some of the other cover styles that use more of a full border securing method with cutouts for the buttons. It doesn't add much bulk to the sleek new Kindle either, giving a total thickness of around 20mm.

There is a large strap on the left hand side which, once the cover is fully opened, serves well to secure the cover to your hand meaning you don't really have to grip the device at all. The strap is elasticated enough to accommodate even fairly large hands I would've thought. The left hand side also has a cutout for storage, however I cannot imagine what useful purpose it really serves as you could only really put in flat items (paper, receipts, etc) otherwise you'd be asking for trouble once the cover is closed. For me it's a redundant feature but perhaps others might find a use for it.

In use the cover makes the Kindle far easier to hold in my opinion, and gives you a bit more to grip as I know that some feel that the new, smaller, Kindle is not as easy to hold as the older models. It also seems to make page turning easier, perhaps as a result of having your hand slightly further away from the Kindle and thus allowing more movement in the fingers.

The cover can also be used to hold the Kindle upright, e.g. for hands-free reading although it might need some careful manipulation of the positioning on smooth surfaces as, at least until the leather softens up, the cover has a natural tendency to return to its natural flat shape given half a chance. When closed there is another elasticated strap that serves to keep the cover firmly against the Kindle (it can also be used to keep the cover open). There is a Marware logo debossed on bottom-right (or top-left depending on how you'll be using it!) of the front cover but it is subtle enough to not detract from the overall look.

The style of this cover means that the sides are open to the elements, however I would not expect this to cause any real issues with normal day-to-day use. The cover does however extend far enough (5mm or so) beyond the extremities of the Kindle such that it does provide protection from knocks/drops on the side.

If I had to give one negative it'd be the price. At 30% of the cost of the Kindle itself it's quite steep, however as said it really is good quality and it's backed by a lifetime warranty so it ought to be the last cover you ever need buy. All said and done though it's a worthwhile purchase and I would highly recommend it. The only problem now... it's so nice it could with it's own protective cover! ;-)
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on 24 October 2011
I bought this case together with my first ever Kindle (the £89) model, and I must say the quality of this case makes the price worthwhile. I was a little unsure about spending so much on a case, but when I received it it oozzed quality. The stitchings, the actual materials everything ebout it is good quality..

The kindle fits in it perfectly with the 4 little holders which keep the kindle secure, and the strap keeps the cover closed when the kindle is not in use...

I would recommend this cover to everyone buying the new model (2011) kindle, you won't be disappointed.
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on 14 November 2011
The cover is well made and feels good. The Kindle is held in place firmly and the buttons are still easy to reach and use. The hand strap is a little tight and I find it awkward at the moment but I think it will loosen and become more comfortable with age. Having said all that I still quite like to remove the device from the cover when I'm reading because it's so light and comfortable to use so I might end up ditching this cover and buying a sleeve type one instead!
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on 9 November 2011
This is an excellent padded cover for the Kindle. It makes it easy to hold and read and need not be taken off for re-charging. I think it is a "must have" for the Kindle.
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on 3 November 2011
For me, purchasing this case was a necessity to ensure that my Kindle was less likely to be damaged.

The cover itself, is a very neat, strong, well made, leather cover with strong elasticated straps - one at each corner to hold the Kindle securely in place, plus an extra strap that goes round the outside of the case and acts to close the case tightly. I cannot find any negative points about the structure or its use whatsoever.

The only down point for me was that it had to be purchased separately from the Kindle, which, in turn, upped the final cost of the Kindle by quite a few pounds.
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