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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2011
I bought this based on the previous review. Am I disappointed? Yep I thought it was a poor imitation of Laura Leigh's Breeds and JR Ward's Black Dagger stories.
The heroine was extremely irritable, there wasn't a great plot and I struggled to finish it. Should I read the other two?

Not a great read (for me). Maybe tick a lot of boxes for other readers and maybe, just maybe the other books might catch fire?

The story goes like this:

Ellie is undercover in a lab using animal DNA to test on humans (sound familiar)?. The subject is known only as 416 gets under her skin and she start to care for him. Ellie ultimately saves him from an horrible assault but also betrays him due to her actions (or so 416 thinks). 416 doesn't know that Ellie has "betrayed" him to save him but 416 only wants one thing - revenge.

They meet again and this is where it lacks depth for me. Plenty of sex (expected)this happens quickly but I didn't think it was hot.
Sorry folks a lot of you might disagree with my opinion but it is only my opinion and you might enjoy Laura Dohner's books.
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on 10 May 2012
I enjoyed this story, the first I've read by Laurann Dohner. It's strengths are the premise that a private drug company as part of its research and development are splicing DNA from other animals into human embryos to improve humans characteristics with regards to strength and speedier healing to name just two aspects. These are a New Species, human hybrids with traits of the animals they've been amalgamated with and kept in sterile laboratory cells for testing and development purposes, ill treated through life and into adulthood. A horrifying scenario for these beings to endure and one that it's to be hoped isn't emulated in real life as it's a very plausible hypothesis Laurann uses for her plot line. She introduces characters that most readers will empathize with, both human and New Species as they are termed; plus antagonists that are easy to dislike for their characteristics of all that is bad in humans in real terms of hatred, deceit, spite and destruction. There is a romance between main characters Ellie, human and Fury, New Specie Order. It explores the possibilities and difficulties of inter specie relationships well. Will it be HEA or an impossibility? Read and find out. Parallel to the developing relationship of Fury and Ellie, Laurann also explores creditably the response of both open minded and pro New Species, as well as narrow minded, bigoted, anti New Species, humans. The likely events that may transpire if this were reality. The cynic in me and with scientific advances in DNA, cloning and ability to incorporate certain DNA from other species into human embryos already a reality...this story could be happening in this world today. Hopefully not like this.
Negatives, there are times when occurrences take place, as in an open press conference outside the compound where I felt the lack of security fore thought, as to what I could see transpiring and did was lacking in forethought, a contrivance of the storyline to match events rather than would have probably happened in reality. In fact the human security service is woefully lacking in sense and forethought and it annoyed me. Apart from that an occasional typo but not enough to distract too much from the story. The erotic scenes are deliciously titillating and sexy. BDSM elements of Dominance of Fury and NS is in the character of the being rather than D/s as I don't see Ellie as a submissive in the BDSM sense. A little bondage and initial dubious consent scene is included, but becomes consensual. Even with negatives mentioned the positives far out weigh them and it's a good long read for those who like a longer novel to get your teeth into...scuse the pun! I give it 4 stars and I want to read the rest of the series now.
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on 5 July 2014
I got recommended this book from a lot of people who said its very similar to J.R. Ward. It really is not and to be honest I find it odd to compare the two.

I found Ellie the main heroin boring and conflicted in so many ways, she made me uncomfortable. Or rather her relationship with Fury made uncomfortable, at the start I really couldn't work out thier attraction for each other. it was basically primal or casual. I was also slightly uncomfortable with the sex, it almost seemed like fury was forcing himself onto her and into sex.

it to me just felt so uncomfortable I couldn't read far beyond their first sex scene. I wanted to give this a chance since so many people love it but honestly I could never recommend this.
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on 11 January 2012
i like to buy books bassed on subject, and i dont usually read the ratings as we all like differant things. This story lacked depth, continuaty, and suspence. the main protagonist were carboard cut-outs who were crigingly Predictable. the nicest thing i can say is that I thought it was a poor imitation of Laura Leigh's Breeds books.
Overall, a pretty disappointing read :-(
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on 18 December 2013
another one off my wish list, and so glad I did!!

Ellie works for a drug company and is shocked at what she sees. She is particularly drawn to Fury (although early in the book, he is just a number) Fury brings out something in her, that she istn quite sure about, and she cant do anything about it. Fury is an experiment. He, along with all the others in the labs, has had their human DNA spliced with some animal DNA in an effort to breed super soldiers, and to develop new, highly illegal, drugs. Ellie spies, gets information out, and the New Species Order are freed, but not before Ellie betrays Fury, and he vows to get revenge.

I'm not saying any more along the plot line, except to say, its really good! Ellora's Cave published books tend to be rather wude, as a rule. This book, however, has sex, yes, super HOT sex, BUT BUT BUT not as much as other books by this publisher, and it did the book, or the tale no harm to be so.

I loved the way the New Species characters learn about life in the real world, the scene with the vacuum cleaner made me chuckle. Lots of wit in this book, and lots of heartache too. Some disturbing scenes involving attempted rape for both male and female characters, although not described in great detail, you know its there and almost happened. The way the human population, or rather the Anti NSO, deals with different beings, is accurate and telling of the world we live in.

The book is written from both Ellie and Fury's point of view, and Fury's rage is there, in great detail, and suffering, all the way through. But the way he overcomes that, and how Ellie deals with his drugging by a nutty nurse was super well written, and made me cry for him, and her, but mostly for Fury.

there are more books in this series, and THEY have been already added to my list :-)
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on 30 June 2013
Before i go any further i will quickly say if your a Laura Leigh fan then you may not like the new species series. Now i loved this book and it got me hooked into the series that i've read most of them so far . Good plot and well written characters with some steamy scenes too. This book set's it up for the rest of the series ahead so i do recommend reading them in order. An easy read without too much going on at once. Well worth buying x
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 22 October 2014
I'd never heard of this series until I read a review of 'Smiley' and it sounded fantastic, I'm still not sure exactly how this whole series has eluded me until now but I checked out 'Smiley' and discovered that it was book 13 in the New Species series and it was recommended that the series be read in order, 12 books, that's a lot of catching up. I decided to read 'Fury' and then make my decision about the rest of them.
Since I'm so late getting to this series there's already loads of reviews saying things way better than I could I'll keep it brief, I loved the idea of this series and yes it helps that the men are all so hot. I really liked the start of the book, then I wasn't sure for a while but once Fury and Ellie finally got together there was no looking back for me, I read romance because that's what I like and I loved the relationship between these two, Fury is so protective and he's had nothing, literally nothing and then Ellie comes along and she's everything to him but can a relationship between a human and a new species actually work?
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on 19 September 2014
I really really enjoy this series. New Species are a fantastic combination of animal and human DNA that really appeals to the imagination.
This is the first book in the series and are best enjoyed in order to see a timeline develop as they are relocated to their own country within a country. I came to this series quite late and have now purchased every title and cannot wait for the next in the series to be published.
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on 13 November 2013
This is the first book I have read with this kind of story line, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! The story kept me engaged all the way through the book!!!
I must warn all why consider this book that it is Italy unsustainable! I only got three hours sleep so I could keep reading this enticing book!
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on 21 September 2013
I like this series...
Ellie goes in undercover to Mercantile Industries to uncover the atrocities of humans who have been spliced with animal DNA, for example in Fury's case canine, the subjects literally being treated like animals in a testing laboratory.
Even in her precarious position she has always been attracted to Fury admiring his quiet defiance from afar and to save his life and hers Ellie has no choice but to abandon him to punishments of her making. Fury feels well fury where Ellie is concerned and vows the next time he sees her he will kill her.
If you like Lora Leighs Breed series then you will like this, but no way is it a carbon copy of Leighs work, it is told in a completely different way. If you like your PNR, erotic, passionate, funny, at times edge of seat with an amorous male lead and a practical strong willed female go for it.
Ali Ahns brings all the characters to life, how she did all those different male voices I don't know, but I was able to tell the difference between all the characters.
I couldn't help but revisit Fury's story this time by audio and pleased I did, a guilty pleasure that didn't disappoint, glad I indulged.
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