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on 29 January 2017
Blown away with the performance of these for the price. I have quite a few in and on ear headphones by various brands such as Sony, AKG and some Grado and have paid ten times what these cost for some but I have to say they really are great for the money. I have looked at them in the past but not really knowing the brand decided to go with others but after owning a pair for a couple of weeks now I honestly think that in my opinion unless you are prepared to pay well over £100 I think you should definitely consider these. They sound nice and natural and can also produce a decent bass if it's supposed to be there, I prefer a natural sound and don't like certain brands that push out bloated bass. These can handle the bass on many of the tracks I have pushed them on very well. I mostly listen to FLAC audio files and they are great for this price and I've struggled to hear any difference between these and some £150 on ear headphones while listening to 16bit FLAC audio. My only gripe is I would have preferred a 90° plug on them but that's about it. There are many great sounding headphones out there and a lot comes down to personal taste but in my opinion for the money you can't go wrong with these gems.
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on 26 October 2017
I've had 3 pairs of these and there seem to be continued improvements to the design. The first version had a really clunky headphone jack with a plastic casing and a switch to flick between android and iphone. The second pair of these (i bought a second pair to carry in my work bag) had a nice small jack and the switch had been moved to the cable. The third pair (left the second pair on an aeroplane ;'( ) has done away with the switch entirely and automagically detects whether it is plugged into my iphone or android. I also recall volume not working on android on the first couple of pairs, this may be an android update (phone itself has not changed) but whatever has happened the volume control now works on android.

The sound and build quality has been consistently good, my first pair even survived a session in the washing machine and came out working fine. I highly recommend these earphones.
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on 27 August 2017
I have had a set of Sennheiser CX 300 for many years and very pleased with them until one channel died unexpectedly. Walking to work with them i was aware of wind noise from the cable so i decided to try something else.

These look the part, i went for blue ones. They appear well made. Perhaps i should have spent more and got e50 but the colour is more limited.

Sound wise, they are very clean and ive reused the cx300 buds which fit and are comfortable.

However, i am still aware of a rubbing noise from the wire up to the in ear speakers where it rubs against the side of my face which is a nuisance. However there is no wind noise when i walk.

Also, i dont think they are quite as good at cancelling external noises as the cx 300's. I hope they last but i suspect i will go back to the cx next time or get something else when these die.

Hopefully they will last but not sure i would get another set when they eventually die.
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on 16 February 2018
Sound quality is good, as is the noise isolation offered by these - regularly commute on the tube and a large improvement over other in ear headphones.

That said, the main reason for purchasing this model was the microphone and the in line controls. Whilst they worked OK at first (though the spacing between the buttons is not ideal, the three are all on the same physical piece so it can be tricky to press the right button) the microphone and controls stopped a month after I began using them. First indication was reports of poor sound quality though the microphone, subsequently no sound and finally complete failure of the in line controls.

Pretty disappointing to be honest, especially given it is 5 days outside the returns window.
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on 5 January 2018
These were a Christmas Present (not a surprise) having had Sound Magic headphones before the sound quality does not disappoint they really are as good as everyone says. These are more robust than the earlier sound magic headphones which were more plastic and delicate. The problem I had with the previous pair was the cable and connections to the headphones. Sound Magic seem to have give this a lot of thought so these have a braided cable and a much better type of connection to the actual headphones themselves.

Whether you love Rock, Pop or even classical music or spoken word you won't go far wrong with these headphones. You will struggle to find better value and you can buy through Amazon so can be sure you are buying genuine Sound Magic products.
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on 14 January 2017
Brought these a few years back on the strength of What Hifi's review on them.

I was not disappointed at all. I would rate these very highly as the sound is brilliant in my opinion. I wasn’t expecting that much from these because of the £30ish price point. My reference at the time was from a set of Sennheiser CX300II’s (about the same price point) and these outperformed them by a country mile.

The mids were rich, with good high notes and a decent base. Sounds were in abundance with excellent clarity.

Even compared to a much dearer set of Bose IE2’s I had, these definitely held its own against them. Honestly.

I was so impressed I brought another pair. I now have a set of red/back and another black/golds.

They come with a zip closure carry case, clip for the wire and alternative size ear plugs for you to change if needed.

Build quality wise, the wire is generally tangle free and the plugs are well made. I did manage to bend the jack on the gold pair I have but it still works perfectly.

I would honestly recommend that you try these. They are to be the best value earphones I have ever owned.
review imagereview image
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on 5 October 2017
Really wanted to like these but the first set failed (sound quality) after 3 months, then the 2nd set failed (clothes clip became so loose that they fall off constantly) after 3 months. Amazon was unable to replace it so I got a refund. Plus the skip track feature never ever worked on either set. I thought by buying a premium set I would get better quality. Only positive is that SoundMagics own support was always very fast and helpful.
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on 17 February 2018
I bought these to replace a pair of Bose in ear headphones.
The Bose cost £120 if I remember and I have been very happy with them, they still work but the silicone wire has started to split and crack all over- still, not bad for 6 odd years of use.
I like quality over cheapness & having heard some pretty poor cheap earphones I was doubtful but the Stuff and T3 reviews together with Amazon reviews made me take a chance. They come with a semi hard case with a choice of different tips, a PC split adapter and a 'phone adapter ' that I really don't understand- it's basically a socket with a plug straight on it
Anyway, comparing to my Bose I am impressed. My go to tracks for speaker/ headphone testing (as recommended in an audio shop) are Don't Stop - Michael Jackson, Higher Ground- red hot chilli peppers, Thunderstruck-AC/DC and I pick a random electronica track
The Soundmagic are everything the Bose are but I would say with a little more brightness to the higher sounds. Bass is strong but not too much, I would say that the quality I hear is probably helped by the tight fit into my ears. I wore them for a couple of hours comfortably when I know I would be pushing the Bose back in repeatedly
What I would say is that the fatter wires on the Bose gave more of a quality feel and the more PVC feel of the SM wire means you can 'feel' it rubbing on your clothes a bit through the headphones as you listen. Having said that the silicone wire of Bose failed so maybe this is more tough. The remote is a bit fiddly though and on the left ear.
For a third of the price of some brands I can't see how you could be disappointed, there really is very little wrong with them acoustically. If I was being fussy maybe knock a star off for the slightly cheaper feel compared to my Bose but at this price I think the performance overcomes any slight criticism. I will just have to see how they last
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on 2 May 2018
Being honest, I am somewhat underwhelmed by the earphones. I think that this is possibly a case of having unrealistic expectations based on the WhatHiFi awards they have garnered over the years.

The sound quality is good (although there's a lot of cable noise which means that it's worth attaching the supplied alligator clip) without being great. The cable is very long and easily tangled (probably more so than the cable on a pair of stock iPhone earbuds) and the headphone jacks are very bulky (especially if using the iPhone converter). Call quality is very good and the remote control works well once you figure out exactly whereabouts on the soft-touch controller you need to press for reliable operation. Appearance is a little bit tacky in the rose-gold version, but not exceptionally so.

They are supplied with a decent selection of accessories - computer headphone and microphone splitter, iPhone converter, carry case and a bunch of different ear 'plugs' of varying shapes and sizes - it's worth experimenting to get the one that best first your ear.

Overall - perfectly fine, but I can't give a ringing endorsement. If I was buying again, I think I'd choose something else.
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on 12 December 2017
The earphones are superb in quality but it seems unfortunately that there is a persisting issue with the microphone - it doesn't work despite trying it out on multiple iOS and Android devices. Also, it's annoying that I've only noticed this after the return window as I haven't been able to try out the earphones till recently. I have therefore effectively paid an additional £10 for a non-functioning microphone. Would definitely be 5/5 if microphone worked.
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