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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2016
The E10s are a great pair of earphones - they sound fairly balanced for the price, have a nice little bit of sparkle and bring a smile to your face.

I'm writing this review having just added my third pair to my basket. This is good and bad. The first set didn't last long - I think they got sat on and broke - or something that you can't really blame them for. The second set Amazon tells me I purchased on '21 Feb 2014'. For a £30 anything, two years of life is good enough for me. Recently, one of ears just stopped working - not sure why, there are no obvious cable breaks or anything like that. I considered getting a different pair, but what's the point when these are still lauded as some of the best value headphones.

They can very occasionally sound a bit muddy (the mid-bass is slightly too high in comparison to the highs). of worth noting this bothers me, but my parents love high-bass and have told me they'd rather a set of beats...

The cable noise is irritating. It really is, if I'm moving around or just getting into a quiet passage in a track, the cable noise is loud, and sounds like an improperly balance record player, overwhelming much of the musical subtlety. Again, the solution for this is to stay still, but I wouldn't suggest them for running.

The straight plug is a mixed blessing, I much prefer them to 90 degree L plugs, but they take up a lot of space and you feel like the end of the cable is left a bit exposed with them.. a 45 degree plug (like on the E50s) would be better.

Finally, the cable. It's ugly, *but* it is great. I normally roll them around my hand and stick them back in their little carry case to transport them, unless they are in my pocket. I must have ravelled them and unravelled them 200 times, but they still lasted 2 years.

They're ugly little things, but they work damn well. I'm going to go ahead and checkout now, because I'm missing my music.
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on 16 November 2011
Nice set of cans. I once spent £90 on a pair of Shures only to find that they didn't sound anywhere near as great as expected so I'm no longer prepared to spend silly money on something that for hygiene reasons you can't really try before you buy. I've been through a few of the usual budget options: Sennheiser CX300 (pretty good), Klipsch X1 (not bad) and Skullcandy Titans (not great) and these SoundMagics beat them all hands down. They have a lovely, warm, powerful sound. Volume is good, bass is deep and rich but doesn't overpower the mids and treble, sonic detail is impressive across every genre of music I've thrown at them so far (everything from pre-war blues to filthy dubstep). I've only had them a few days so it's a bit early to comment on build quality but they seem nice and sturdy; the earpieces, jack attachment and the collar where the wires split are all metal and seem robust. Mine came with 7 different options of ear buds (rather than the usual 3 that most manufacturers seem to supply) which is great as finding the correct fit makes a big difference to the sound of in-ear 'phones. Tempted to buy a 2nd pair for spare.
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on 30 July 2015
I discovered the E10 when reading a review for Shure headphones. The reviewer compared them favourably given they were significantly cheaper. He was right to and I've been impressed with both the sound quality, which is superb and the look of them. They also feel well made - the earphone body is made from aluminium and seems very solid.
The sound quality is the best I've heard at this price. Plenty of bass and lots of detail. The cabling appears to be strong a well made. The earphones seem like they will last for a good few years yet. The E10 fit well in my ear and isolate the sound well making them great for commuting - I tried all the tips and ended up going back to the medium size.
Overall this is a quality set of earphones that I can highly recommend.
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on 29 July 2015
I've owned my E10 for the last 3 years and have been very impressed with the sound and build quality. I'm an ex-Sennheiser CX300-II owner, but moved over to the E10 after reading a What Hi-Fi review.

Sound is smooth and well balanced. You get plenty of bass weight, but without the boom at the bottom end that many entry level earphones exhibit. You're not going to get the kind of detail you can expect from a multi-driver earphone, but for a dynamic driver these earphones dig out plenty of detail.

The earphones are comfortable and easily fit in the bowl of the ear. Standard tips supplied are OK, but I'd recommend trying others. Getting a good fit with the right eartips is essential. Try Comply or custom sleeves if you find bass response is lacking. I upgraded to Snugs custom sleeves, which is a really nice upgrade.

The earphone and cabling is very well made. The cable is a twisted cable that rejects microphone noise fairly well and is very strong. All components are made of metal and last well. You really can't fault the E10 for the money.
review image review image
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on 6 June 2013
So I bought these a few weeks ago and have been using them a lot. In a word they are awesome.

The good points?

1. Rich, deep, bass. Sounds great with rock and metal. You hear people talk about buying great new earphones and all their favourite tracks sound different. The E10s will do that if you are coming from a budget pair - I heard greater depth, new words and minor variations in bass sounds I hadn't picked up on using budget (£40) Sennheiser's . Prior to that I had a pair of high range Skull Candy's I got in a 70% off sale. Those earphones were 5 times the price and sure, they sounded better than the E10s, but only just.

2. Robustness. These seem like heavy-duty earphones with a virtually indestructible cable and robust ear-pieces. After my Skull Candy's went gaga in one ear I ripped the cable from the connector all too easily. The E10s haven't tried my patience, yet, but they would definitely put up a better fight.

3. Practicality. For me the biggest point. I have had many earphones and all of them tended to slip just a little when moving around. The design of these buds means that most of the weight is resting on the ear and not on the cable, thus they tend to stay in place better. There is a also a simple little clip on the cable you can attach to clothing and a thing that adjusts the length of the cable between the ear piece and where the cable forks. All helps prevent shocks that may pull the earphone out of position.

4. Power. Unless you change the defaults, Itunes follows EU regulations to prevent possible ear damage. With these earphones, unlike any of my 7-8 previous pairs, it feels like the EU needs to tighten up those regulations. Never thought I would hear myself say that. I've always been a full power kinda guy.

5. Noise-cancelling properties. I wore these cutting the grass and while I could feel the vibrations through the handle of the mower, I couldn't hear the engine at all. I was using maximum volume at the time.

6. Delivery arrived within the specified window, package was in good condition

Possible Drawbacks?

1. Volume. Parts of your tracks will have a minor crackling at max volume, more so when you see how to increase the volume on Itunes beyond the factory settings. @ 95% volume there is no crackling whatsoever. This may be a positive though as 100% volume for long periods might actually kill you.

2. Cable. Cable is excellent but is a fraction on the short side if you are tall.
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on 28 April 2016
Bought these for my daughter after her previous House of marley headphones broke. (Not just one but two of the buggers!)
Close inspection deems the build quality to be excellent, also provided are a selection of bud sizes and a nice travel case.

Tested on:
Samsung S6
HTC M8 (With Poweramp)
Cowon X9
Aune X1

Compared to my £70 Final audio headphones the Soundmagic's more then hold their own, only the bass is slightly weaker, but the Soundmagic's counter this with a very engaging sound signature and a superb rhythm. Both earphones isolate the outside world to a large degree so bear this in mind.
Bass is very good without being overblown and uncontrolled, the end result bordering on warm and punchy as opposed to bright and clinical. These ear phones are experts at making music seem just right, bass, mids and treble are woven together to create a engaging and musical experience.
If you love music then your portable source derserves better then the cheapo headphones it came with! (Yes Apple Im looking at you...)
As with most headphones the better the source, the better the sound, but even on lesser sources such as the HTC M8/S6 the sound is very clear and transparent which for the price is staggering.
If you're after studio quality neutral earphones then these are not for you, if you're after bass deeper then the Mariana trench, look elsewhere. After a fun and engaging musical experience on a budget?
Look no further!!

In short these are my new "out and about" in ear phones, marred only by the fact my seventy quid Final Audio's are stuck in a drawer gathering dust.
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on 18 December 2012
Brought these after searching web for best £30-50 headphones. The sound was good but unfortunately the speaker came away from the housing after just a few months of use. There is only a 2mm-3mm lip holding the tip to the case and its glued, I have organised a refund with Amazon as I feel that it's a problem waiting to happen.
review image
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on 15 July 2016
Bought these October 2014 and still my one of my favorite pair of earphones.
They provide surprisingly loud volume for their size and a great balance of clarity and bass when cranked up to max volume - do note that max volume is really loud and i personally only use it whilst on flights. My preferred volume is 4-6 out of 10, going past that is too loud unless you're in places of high background noise such as planes or underground tube, where the 8-10 volumes come in handy and bearable.
Background noise cancelling is pretty impressive, as especially noticed when using on flights, actually prefer these over larger headphones just for the convenience of carrying earphones vs headphones.
Great design of cabling, very rarely gets tangled when pocketed away and when it does, it's very quick to untangle and use on-the-go.

After 21 months of use, they still look nice & stylish and sound just as great.
The 3.5mm jack has sometimes been accidentally pulled out of my phone and been dragged on the floor/roads whilst earphones still remaining firmly in my ears, so it's a bit scratched up but this has had no affect on its performance in neither sound nor staying plugged into my devices. Very Durable!
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on 25 March 2013
Having used a couple of Sennheisers in the past when I lost a pair I decided to buy the Soundmagic E10s based on the 5 star what hifi review (product of the year in its category). After some breaking in time I found the sound to be very impressive and detailed at this price point and a noticeable improvement on comparatively priced Sennheisers (CX300/400) which I have owned over the years. Soundmagic make a big point about build quality in the marketing and use metal rather than plastic where possible which make them 'seem' (see below!) a lot more durable than most rivals at this price.

However, 6 months in and 1 earphone just stopped working dead. It appeared to be a loose connection as structurally they were fine. Luckily I was within warranty and the marketplace seller I had purchased them from sent me a new pair with no quibbles. 6 months on with my second pair and sure enough one of the earphones has broken - a carbon copy of the same problem.

So in summary they sound great (5 star) but if you can't even get more than 6 months out of a pair then what's the point? I guess that's why they're so cheap - very poor build quality. Looking at the reviews it looks like quite a few people have had similar problems. If I can't get another set through my warranty I definitely won't be buying them again and will avoid the brand in future.
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on 12 May 2016
I came across these headphones, while looking for replacement earphones for my Image S4 in ear's that have sadly bitten the dust - can't believe they have stopped making them, and the new versions are nowhere near as good in terms of sound quality.

The reviews I had previously read on these seemed to indicate these were pretty good and a lot cheaper than the ones I were after so I bit the bullet and get them. I was not disappointed.

The sound quality is the best I have heard from a set of earphones in the sub £40 bracket. The cable for the earphones is also good quality and doesn't seem to break easily (mine have a habit of breaking where the cable enters the earpod. Three sizes of buds are supplied with these in different sizes so you can get the best fit possible. I am yet to try these with some Comply buds, but I can only imagine that these would improve the sound even more. Having gone through a fair few sets of earphones in the past year or two, from Skull Candy, Sennheiser CX300's, and Klipsch, I can say these are superior in terms of sound quality,
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