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on 28 January 2018
The bad news is of course there are more edits and changes to this version. For those of us who saw these in their original form, it's a real disappointment that there's no way to enjoy the original Oscar-winning editing, sound and visual effects.The 1990s CGI that was added to the original trilogy has also transferred very badly to high definition. The main thing that lets these down are the continued addition of out of place CGI in A New Hope, with more sequences added to the Blu Ray, building on the changes made in 1997 and 2004. Although I wouldn't review this based on the older changes (they are what they are), it's a shame this edition needs to have more fiddling, while not fixing some of the more aged additions from previous "upgrades". There are a lot of very tasteful clean-up jobs on many scenes that you won't even notice, but A New Hope suffers a little for its glaring mix of 1970s, 1990s, 2000s, and now 2010s visual effects. Thankfully, the changes in the other five films aren't likely to rankle any more than the DVD versions did, and Empire Strikes Back in particular feels like a tasteful, enhanced restoration/director's cut.

But beyond that, if you haven't seen the films in high definition before, it's an absolute joy. Overall, the remastering has been done very well. Some people have criticised the colour correction used, but the picture looked great upscaled to 4k on my TV and it's a vast improvement of the somewhat aged feel to the older DVD transfers.

Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith look particularly fantastic. They were shot in digital HD and the transfer to Blu Ray really shows off the visual quality of those films. Whatever you can say about them, they always looked pretty good, although the Phantom Menace has aged a little more than the other two prequels.

The bonuses, while I haven't watched them all, seem a good mix of decent documentaries and archive material. It's a well curated collection.

If you have a decent sized HD TV, I'd definitely recommend these over the DVDs. The effects and sound really impress. I'd rather they have spent more time cleaning up the 1997/2004 additions that trying to change more of the original effects, but if you consider those additions a detriment, the main damage was done long before the blu ray changes. Overall it's a good set to have and if you're new to Star Wars, perhaps coming to these trilogies fresh from the new films, you're unlikely to notice the changes and will have a lot of fun with these.
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on 17 January 2017
The Six films all together.

Love that it is on Bluray now.

I have loved Star Wars since I was little and have forgotten how many times I have bought it now but getting the Bluray version was certainly worth it.

When Star Wars started we all thought it was the story of Luke Skywalker. Now we know it is the story of Anakin Skywalker.

Episode One The Phantom Menace, sees Anakin as a child and how he escaped his existence on Tatooine. It shows the beginnings of Obi Wan and you get to see his master in this episode too.

Episode 2 Attack of the Clones sees an older Anakin and his master Obi Wan come back to Coruscant and get assigned to protect the Senator of Naboo. In this story Anakin gets closer to his destiny.

Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith sees Anakin become Darth Vadar. Becomes the beginning of the end.

Episode 4 - Star Wars A New Hope, Episode 5 - Empire Strikes Back and Episode 6 Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars trilogy gave us Luke Skywalker, Leia and Han Solo, Chewie, R2 and C3PO. It was filmed before the first 3 and are icons in the film world.

Luke dreams of being somewhere else, doing something else. His wishes come true when he gets mixed up in the Rebels. They fight the Empire for freedom. Luke discovers who he should be thanks to Obi Wan. He also finds out about Darth Vadar and deals with it the best he can. The story continues in The Force Awakens which is not part of this pack but worth the look.

Bonus 2 Discs - Interviews, deleted scenes, 360 turnarounds, video commentaries, Overviews, Concept Art, for Coruscant, Naboo, Tatooine and Geonosis, Utapau, Mustafar and Kashyyyk and Order 66.

Bonus disc 3 contains the Making of Star Wars, Empire's SPFX, Classic Creatures from Jedi. Anatomy of a Dewback, Star Warriors, Star Wars Tech, A conversation with the Masters. Star Wars Spoofs.

Star Wars is such a big part of the world but if you don't know it is a Science Fiction set of movies that chart the life of Anakin Skywalker.

I lived with it most of my life so I suppose I am bias, but it is one of the best Science Fiction series of films I have ever seen.

The effects were ahead of their time. Still standing up to this day. The story and the characters draw you in. The machines and the robots are incredible. The creatures are fantastic. Young or old, Star Wars is something the whole family can enjoy. I love this set and will treasure it.

The video and sound are amazing especially on the older films. The extras are incredible and is a must for any Sci Fi Fan.
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on 8 February 2016
No comment on the movie content, I'm not a film critic and everybody in the world has an opinion on Star Wars! ;-)

I bought an Epson EH-TW6600 projector last month and it really highlights the difference in image quality between DVDs and Blu-Ray. I had Episodes 1-6 on DVD box sets but decided to splash out on the Blu-Ray version because the DVD format looked annoyingly ropey (I don't considee myself an AV connoisseur or perfectionist either). I'm glad I did and if you view on large format then so will you be :-)

There is plenty of bonus material to amuse, inform and delight fans but bear in mind that some of these documentaries were filmed around the time the original trilogy were released, i.e. late 1970s and early 1980s in U.S. television format which is lower lines than European. The combined effect is a very disappointing viewing experience that is only slightly offset by the charm and enthusiasm of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher and the wonder of the newness of the global phenomenon. One of these documentaries is presented by Carrie Fisher who would be maybe 20 at the time who managed to smoulder and look wholesome at the same time.

Buy, watch, enjoy folks and may the remastered high resolution force be with you!
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on 1 December 2015
£49.99 for 6 Blu-Ray films + 3 Blu Ray bonus discs is great value, especially when you consider that the going rate for the two bog-standard trilogy DVD sets is £14.99 apiece in a lot of shops. The only downside is that it doesn't include the original theatrical versions of the original three Star Wars films but if - like me - you are perfectly content to watch the remasters without picking apart every edit or 'enhancement' (I'm personally not a fan at all of the revised campfire conclusion in RoTJ though!) then you can't go wrong with this set. Hopefully they will one day release the original versions in some form but until then, they are still as enjoyable as ever in their current spec. The prequel trilogy doesn't scale the same heights but hey, it's more Star Wars!

The shiny outer cover with Vader is also pretty cool!
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on 16 February 2017
This Star Wars Blu-Ray set is pretty much perfect. The films look incredibly crisp and the audio is fantastic. The bonus features are insightful and much of the material presented here was new to me despite owning the films on VHS and DVD in the past.

As for the films themselves, I love the original trilogy, and none of the changes made to the most modern versions of these films can change that. Would I ike to see the original versions available on Blu Ray? You bet I would. However, many of the changes made to the films as a presented on this set are actually improvements on the originals and I am happy with how the films exist at present.

The sequel trilogy is a mixed bag and I find my view on these films changing over time. With the latest viewing I actually found myself enjoying The Phantom Menace a lot more than I remember. Attack Of The Clones fares much worse and, I think, hasn't stood the test of time particularly well. The crisp nature of the Blu Ray format really shows off just how much of this film relies on green screen locations and everything about the film feels unnatural and has an unreal quality to it. As such, my most recent viewing felt like a bit of a slog and I found it difficult to re-connect to any of the characters. The popular wisdom is that Revenge Of The Sith is the best of the bunch and I tend to agree. While the quality of acting and directing is questionable, it has the most coherent plot and it progresses at quite a clip.

The packaging is minimal but this is a welcome change from the previous DVD collection which took up an unnecessarily large amount of space on my storage shelf.

All in all, this is the perfect set for anyone looking to add the first six Star Wars films to their Blu Ray collection.
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on 4 February 2018
I purchased this complete series to play catch up as I have missed out somewhat over the years in my true following of the Star Wars story. Order, delivery and quality was great as expected and I was able to binge watch over the Xmas period. I am now completely up to speed on the whole saga and found the bonus discs very good too. Look forward to completing the story with the latest movie in the cinema.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 February 2016
This is a fantastic collection - I purchased it with my free Amazon vouchers that you get when you have Prime and request "no Rush" delivery.
It has all 6 films, and 6 bonus extras.
The quality is fine - up to 1080p of course, and its easy to watch anywhere :) (please note, edited with correction of resolution thanks Phil)
If you want premium viewing though, always go for bluray. But this is still decent.
Highly recommended,, if you can save up enough vouchers :)
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on 23 January 2015
An excellent set of the complete saga, it really helps to watch each Episode in turn to see how it all fits in. Personally, I remember taking young ladies to some of the earlier films and, maybe, being young, my attention was not totally on the film. Now I'm in my 60's (so must those young women!!!) I really enjoy watching all the Episodes.

I do find that the noise effects can take you by surprised and can make you jump. Beware if you have a wife/partner plus babies young children who might not share your enthusiasm, headphones might be needed!

Cracking Blu-rays and great memories! Where did all those years ago? May The Force Be With You.
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on 7 January 2011
I watched Star Wars as a young kid, my father taking me to the cinema to see them as they came out. We were both lovers of Sci-Fi.

I'll be honest I wasn't a fan of the new lot, I saw the first and hated it, the second was definately better and I never even saw the third.

I was lucky enough to see all three original films in a cinema in a row, some years back and doing that just totally changed my views of Return Of The Jedi and now I just love that film. So watching them in order, without large time gaps does make a difference.

I wanted to see all six, in order to see if I could 'get' Lucas' vision and this set was the obvious choice.

Other reviewers will rate the film and its transfer better than me, but I was impressed by the quality, freshness and brightness of the images, colour reproduction and sharpness all seem fine to me. Obviously the new movies are pretty much near perfect.

The extras, are just amazing and the way some are presented is just outstanding. No effort appears to have been spared, I have spent a bit of time playing with the extras disks and feel I haven't even made a dent in the total amount of content there.

This set is going to keep giving and giving be it the multiple commentaries or the level of extras. Its months if not years of Star Wars excitement.

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on 15 December 2015
The movies are in stunning picture and audio quality. The audio can be even a test material for bluray surround sound BUT my 3 star goes for the bonus features. I was hoping to see all the available documentaries, spoofs, audio commentaries that have been available across all media by far. Unfortunately although I must admit you can see a lot of bonus features previously not available on the DVD boxset however NONE of the DVD bonus materials are here. I mean , seriously? I was hoping to finally get rid of my DVD copies (now that I upgraded the movies to bluray) but after watching all the bonus materials available on this bluray boxset I am sticking to my old DVD copies. I just hope that once the new trilogy will be fully released (by the end of 2019) we will get a real box set with all available bonus material that has ever been released.
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