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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Size: King - Dual|Change
Price:£79.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 December 2012
Here are some answers to questions that you may have about this product:

Is it easy to fit and assemble ? Couldn't be easier. It's elasticated so goes on just like a fitted sheet. No annoying straps. 2 connectors simply plug in at either sides of the blanket.

Is it for a double bed ? Yes. It's like having 2 single electric blankets joined together, each having their own controls. Which basically means if you are a solo sleeper you have a choice of just heating up one side of the bed and sleeping on that side or as I do, heating up both sides anyway as it's cheap to use and you then have the whole bed heated up to spread out as you wish. If you are a couple it means you can use it as you wish for your side of the bed without affecting your partner.

Can you feel the wires and connection points ? Well, if you put your hand on the blanket you can feel the wires but not majorly so (this is probably the same for most electric blankets) and to be honest, I personally cannot feel them on my body and I am not aware of them when laying down. As I said, it's only if I consciously feel the blanket with the palm of my hand that I can make them out. As for the connectors, you can feel them but they sit either side of the blanket so for a solo person it's not a problem. For a couple sharing a double bed I guess it depends on how close to the edge you sleep and whether they would bother you or not. For some guidance, they are located either side of the blanket about 2 inches in from the edge of the mattress, about chest level.

Controls ? Has 2 individual controls which are simple to use. As in the description has 6 heat levels and 2 timer settings. I don't have any use for the lower settings but I don't run the blanket all night. I use the top level (6) as a quick warm up and if I want it on after the 1 hour I will use level 5. The lower levels are a very low heat so may not be used by many people. The timer is for 1 hour or 9 hours which basically equates to either having the blanket on to warm the bed up and for first use before you go to sleep or having it running all night. I personally would not want it running all night as the bed is warm enough by then. You can use the control when you are in the bed so can change it as you wish, ie: adjust heat levels or even turn it off as you are about to drop off. The memory setting is a good feature because if you want the same thing each night as I do (1 hour warm up on level 6) it will automatically remember this when you turn it on.

Does the rapid heat up work ? Absolutely. One of the best things about the product. Turn on 10 mins before you get in and the bed is toasty warm for you - lovely !

Length of the leads ? The leads which run from the connection points to the plug sockets are 2 metres long. Bear in mind if you are using both sides of the blanket you will have 2 leads coming from both sides of the bed which will both have to be plugged in. The leads should not be a problem, an extension lead placed under the bed should sort out any issues, you could even run both leads into one extension lead which can then go into one power point.

Cost to run ? It states that it costs 1p to run all night. I'm not sure about that, it's a big claim. What I will say is this: I use my blanket on full power for 1 hour. I have done a check on my electricity usage and it is minimal. So the running costs really shouldn't be a concern.

Memory Foam Mattress ? There is an issue as to whether or not you can use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress. Some say yes, some say no. Some say check with your mattress manufacturer. For me, I did some research and I went with the Which Report which stated that it is okay as long as you don't run it all night. But don't take my word on this, use your own judgement and do your own research. One thing I did do which might help is this: On top of my mattress I have a standard fitted sheet. On top of this I have a mattress protector which is elasticated and fits over the mattress just like a fitted sheet. The electric blanket then goes over the mattress protector. I've even put another fitted sheet over the electric blanket. It sounds like a lot to do but it really is simple and works without any problems, and it gives peace of mind that you have a protector in between the mattress and the electric blanket. Just make sure that your mattress protector is not to thick and is elasticated around the sides. The one I got from Amazon was perfect for this and was under a tenner (see my reviews).

Okay. here is the negative. The controller stops working after a few years use, depending on how much you have used the blanket. Or at least you think it's the controller - the fault is actually coming from the blanket connector. When the controller fails to work (when you turn it on the setting keeps going back to zero) the logical thing that you do is test to see if the fault is with the controller or the blanket. So you try the controller from the other side (the one that is still working) and discover that it works, so naturally you assume that the fault is with the controller. What you don't realise is that if you continued using the good controller in the same connector then this too would stop working. So basically what is happening is that the controller is developing a fault, but the fault is being caused by the blanket connector (usually the left side). So if you assume that it is just the connector at fault you may do as I did and buy a new controller (£30). Unfortunately this will also pack up after a few months because the blanket connector will cause it to fail. So unless you change the blanket itself you will continue to plug in new controllers which will all fail. This is why if you report a faulty controller to Dreamland they do not simply ask you to send them the faulty controller which is what you would expect, they instruct you to send them everything, blanket and all, because they know that it is the blanket this is probably at fault and not the controller. The problem here is that sending the whole caboodle to them is expensive, and Dreamland tell you that you have to pay these costs - even if your blanket is still under guarantee (3 years).

Overall Conclusion. A great blanket whilst it works but limited life and poor Customer Service from Dreamland let it down. Two years use of a great blanket may be a worthwhile purchase for you. You then (currently) have the option of either keeping the thing going with additional outlay when it does pack up, or just to throw it away and buy a new blanket.
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on 25 November 2011
No more complicated tapes to struggle with, the Dreamland Intelliheat Fleecy Heated Double Mattress Protector is so easy to fit. It heats up the bed in 5 minutes and the extra timed heat before sleep is such a blessing. I burnt out my last blanket because I left it on and fell asleep. No danger of doing that with this! It hasn't been cold enough to try the nine hour setting yet, but the one hour setting has come in handy in the middle of the night when sleep is a long way away! I am delighted with it!
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on 23 October 2012
UPDATED Review Below, dropped stars due to poor reliability

--- Original Review -------
I spent a long time researching different electric blankets. We've been using an old double size one on our new european king size bed (160cm x 200cm) and it was fine but there were a lot of cold sections. I was looking for a blanket that would fit an IKEA king size and couldn't find one so I bought this one anyway as the product video shows that the skirt is quite stretchy so I thought it would be probably work. It does!

So benefits -
1) This electric blanket fits IKEA 160cm bed. Obviously there's a little edge on the bed which isn't covered but its very small and causes us no discomfort
2) Is really, really cosy and warm and fluffy. So much softer and more comfy than the old non-fluffy one. Also, it doesn't have wrinkles or ridges
3) It heats up HOT, FAST. After 5 mins it's warm and definitely taken the chill off. After 10 mins it's toasty. This is great if you've a) forgotten to put it on or b) going out and coming back late. The old one used to be plugged into a timer socket but this method was not foolproof and took 2 hours to get really hot.

1) It smells like a rubber dingy. This to faded after a few weeks. It's not a classy smell for a classy, pricey product.
2) The product descriptions says "choose between 1 and 9 hours" I interpreted this as being able to choose anywhere between 1 and 9 hours. In fact it should say "choose either 1 hour OR 9 hours". A bit misleading? Not a deal-breaker but I am chilly in the evening and hot in the morning so I thought I would be able to set it for 3 hours and I can't.
3) Little, little things I agree with some of the previous reviews - the lights are bright but I just place the controller face down. The top section 40cm doesn't heat, but I can shuffle down the bed a bit and the foot section is really nice and toasty.

Really, I hope this review will help someone who has the IKEA / European king size (160cm) as I spent such a long time looking and this product is perfect.

Unfortunately the blanket has some reliability problems so I dropped a star. Dreamland have replaced broken controllers and blanket, but its a real shame to have the hassle.

If it breaks here's the service centre details -
tel: 01606 837 222
The Service Centre, Unit 7, Holly House Estate, Cranage, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9LT, Tel No 01606 837751
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on 4 February 2012
Blanket arrived promptly and well packaged. When my old duel control electric blanket gave up on one side I was quite upset as I'd always liked it. However, since receiving this one, I'm almost glad it did as this is amazing. No more waiting up for the old one to warm up sufficiently after coming home late. Just switch it, No. 6 and by the time you've taken your make-up off and had a quick shower, it's lovely and warm. I don't have any heating upstairs so my bedroom is particularly cold as you can imagine, so it does take a little longer than 5 mins to be hot enough for me, but after 10 mins, I jump in, and just turn it down to No.1 and it goes off by itself in an hour. I'm sure if you have central heating in your room, 5 mins would suffice. Yes the wires don't go that close to the edges like others have said but then none of them do. Brilliant not having to tie down with tapes. I have a fairly thick mattress and the fitted sheet style is deep enough. My only criticism is that I feel it is a bit pricey, but still £10 cheaper than most places.
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on 9 January 2012
I really loved the fact that this is so easy to fit. A major selling point in my opinion. Just like a fitted bottom sheet only it heats the whole bed. None of those stupid tapes that have to be fitted under and across the underneath of the mattress.
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on 2 January 2016
After reading all the comments and product information I purchased The Dreamland Intelliheat Heated Fleecy Double Dual Mattress Protector on 9 Oct 2012 .
The general product features covered in the online information I leave for you to read. I expected them anyway in an electric blanket of this quality.
This review will deal with the actual and subjective.

Notable Good Points
- Easy to fit and assemble.
- Heats the bed quickly within 5 minutes.
- Has an adjustable timer up to 9 hours. i.e. either 1 hour or 9 hours. Nothing in between,
- Individual controls for each side of the bed.
- Comfortable to lie on.
- 3 year guarantee

All other features covered by the online literature, like the heated foot area, were unnoticeable. This is neither a good or bad thing unless you specifically wanted these features to be prominent.

Dreamland have been selling this blanket for over a year now. Prior to this, product design and testing will have sorted out any nasty gremlines in the woodpile: or would it?

Notable Bad Points
- The controllers are electro mechanical with a hint of modern microchip electronics. The implementation of this mixture was put together by a cowboy. A cowboy is a technical implementer who has only the thought of making it work in mind. Use of the product was not considered. An example. Activating superheat requires turning the clunky rotary switch to position 6 thus passing through 1 to 5. When the blanket is hot enough the dial must go back through 5 to 1 for you to set your overnight temperature. Apart from this being tedious there is unnecessary wear on the unit itself. A simple option would have been to put superheat before position 1.
- The controllers LED lights are overbright. No dimmer? Many other options come to mind but a cowboy only wants it to work. I thought this kind of mentality had died out but here we have a classic example. Operation of the control is not covered in sufficient detail to warn in advance of the cowboy./

- The temperature controller to blanket connections make a noticeable lump on the bed about 15cm / 6ins in on each side of the bed at shoulder height when laying down. The lumps were there whether or not the controllers were plugged in. Strangely this feature does not appear in the product blurb.
Placing these connections in a less prominent position, e.g. the head end of the bead either in the centre together or as far apart as possible, would have been easier. However, back to reality. It was a niggle.

- 4 months in and heating on one side became intermittent. You know how it is when you think perhaps you set the control wrong or there was a loose connection somewhere. You fiddle until you realise your brand new elecric blanket from Dreamland has gone wrong.
After a further 1 month the controller on the intermittent side died and no longer illuminated. I swapped over controllers. The dead one stayed dead. The other lit up beautifully but the blanket on that side stubbornly remained intermittent and deteriorated finally giving up the ghost after a total of 5 months. That left me with one good side working.
Reluctantly I continued using the working side: which also stopped working after 10 months.

Coincidences have no part in todays consumer electrical trade. Dreamland have a quality control problem that needs addressing. Construction of an electric anything is a defined process. If the product contains sub standard parts then expect sub standard performance.

- 3 Year guarantee does not include postage. You must send back the complete blanket with controllers even if its clear only a control unit is faulty. Thats £15. There is a helpful Service Centre with unhelpful rules. Reading other reviews showed the replacement mattress protector would be equally faulty. At £15 every 6 months you're buying a new mattress protector every 2 years.

- At 10 months the blanket was looking decidedly tired and thin so that the wires were noticeable.
This is unacceptable

Dreamland have a good product when working. It does have major reliability issues too. Buyers typically have less information about the goods or service they are purchasing whilst the seller has it all. The quality of this situation is known as 'information asymmetry'. Defects in the goods may be hidden from the buyer,and only known to the seller. Dreamland is aware of these defects. Until Dreamland either provide another electric blanket before the faulty one is reurned as well as free postage they are a waste of time. I won't buy anything from them until then and probably not then. I like reliability.
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on 2 April 2012
I thought this was excellent until it failed.

That shouldn't have been a problem since I use only one side, but when I switched on the other side, that failed too.

I think it was a lot of money for just one winter.
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on 4 January 2012
Two big drawbacks are that the skirt is not nearly deep enough to tuck under a 10" mattress and therefore the blanket doesn't stay in place.
Also the top 24" doesn't heat (a safety measure to avoid the pillow says the manufacturer).
What I really like the fast heat-up on setting 6 which only takes 5 minutes to get very comfortably warm, and the fact that you can leave it on for 1 hour or 9 hours overnight at any of the lower settings.
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on 20 November 2011
I am very pleased with my Dreamland. It heats very quickly & adjusts the heat by small amounts so you find your comfort level with no hassel.
As I sleep alone I can heat just one side of the bed but roll over if I fancy a cooler area. Its good.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 March 2013
Looking through Amazon, I realised these things were available with dual controls allowing us to both choose our own comfort levels individually. It's fitted, so no strings, lumps and bumps.

The sides could do with being a bit deeper as they struggle to stay on the mattress. The fleecy bit gives a bit more comfort and warmth and makes the heating element less noticeable.

The controls allow either 1 hour or 9 hour duration but nothing in between.

Heat settings from 1 to 6 give plenty of range with 6 showing up with a red light while the rest are orange. I have slept with the 1 setting overnight on a few very cold nights, but usually prefer to only use it for the hour. The wife quite happily sleeps with it on 3 overnight. I have occasionally set it to the 6 whilst getting ready for bed and it really does heat up quickly, only a matter of minutes. I can comfortably switch it off after 10 minutes at the 6 setting, having taken the chill off the bed.

The one major moan I have about the blanket controllers is the blue LED. After the blanket has finished its cycle, it goes to the blue standby. Ok if you use it for the 9 hours but not ok if only used for the 1 hour. The blue LED is so bright it will light up a third of your bedroom. If both go to standby after one hour, two thirds of your bedroom will be lit up! The orange and red LEDs are gentle, but the blue is by far too bright. I was woken on several occasions with the light pollution. The worst time was the night the one on the wife's side started flashing on and off. Quite alarming to be woken up this way. Turned out it was not properly connected at the connection under the fleece. I have ended up cutting out little squares of insulating tape to cover the blue LED on both controllers. This has solved the problem.

The other problem is the bit where the controller connects to the blanket. It is about 18 inches down from the top of the mattress and comes to about 8 inches in from the side of the mattress. Both the wife and I have found it uncomfortable and you have to adjust your sleeping position due to this. It hurts your under forearm or wrist if lying over it. An extra thick fleecy mattress protector over the top of the electric blanket may make it less noticeable.

Update 19th February 2014.

The blanket was first bought and used in October 2012.

The first problem with this blanket was in November last year when my side stopped heating up at all. In December, the wife's side was not heating up as it should and was lukewarm at best. Switching controllers over from one side to the other allowed the wife's side to heat up as before but my side was completely gone. Towards the end of January and the wife's side had started to act erratically. On one occasion it got so hot the wife nearly burnt herself on getting into bed. It has now been removed from the bed.

We have never used the blanket outside the guidelines and rarely on full heat setting for more than around 20 minutes. The blanket has not been used that often overnight at lower settings either.

It was great on the occasions used over the first winter, but I would have expected a better lifespan than just one winter of limited use. Since the guarantee is three years, I will hopefully be able to sort out a replacement.

Update 7th April 2014.

The Dreamland Customer Service was excellent in getting a replacement sorted out. I had to send in the blanket and controllers at my own cost, just under £14. This was not refunded. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer.

Update 6th October 2014.

I was delighted at receiving a complete brand new replacement in early April this year. Unfortunately one side of the blanket has already stopped working. Both controllers are fine on the working side, but just a continuous flashing blue light when either controller connected to the non working side. I was expecting to have to go through the expense of returning again but I was relieved when after a quick phone call they offered to send out a replacement immediately with no mention of returning the defective blanket.
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