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on 30 December 2011
This is a nicely paced point and click adventure game. It isn't a hard game to solve the puzzles and has some humerous touches. It had quite a lot of jokey references to well know films and video games. There are four characters you play as during the course of the game. Most of the time you are playing as just one of the four, but there are times where more than one character is in play and you need to work out which character is able to do what ever is required.

On the down side is that at times, the game can seem to have too much chat.

I have played the whole game and during chapter 4 the game suddenly crashed. The writers of the game have released a patch on their website which you may need to download if this happens whilst you are playing.
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on 7 December 2011
So much to say about this game, but for me the most important is the fact that you will become immersed in it. The characters are alive, the scenery is alive, everything about this game takes you and places you directly in the story.

The attention to detail in this game is phenomenal, as others have said, the voice acting, its the best I have ever heard, and I have played a great deal of point and clicks, as well as games with a much larger development budget.

This game was made to the highest standards I have seen in a long time for this genre. Outstanding
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on 27 November 2011
The Book of Unwritten Tales is a first class point and click adventure with first class graphics and is a joy to play. Just for a change the story line actually made sense unlike may other games I have played. The puzzles are all intriguing but don't need the brain of an Einstein to be solved. Saying that, my old fingers had some difficulty with that annoying Rain Dance! All in all I can honestly say it is the best game I have played in a long tine. Recommeded. Buy it!
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on 29 May 2012
Story: The story was good and all the tasks actually focus on completing the end mission. The arc felt to have a slightly abrupt end from my point of view but perhaps I wasn't ready for it to end! The main characters have very different personalities as well as talents and attributes and balance well as a team when needed.

Appearance: Nothing bad to say here. Plent of gorgeous, detailed backgrounds. Lovely world created.

Gameplay: As somebody who has struggled through the insanity that is Monkey Island I found all these puzzles pretty easy. There are a maximum of four/five areas active at once. When objects are no longer useful they stop being clickable. Every single item in your inventory is useful at some point. The inventory gets cleared out a couple of times in the game so you never carry more than 10 things at once. This all means that even if you can't follow the game's logic (and the puzzles DO make sense, no bizarre hypnotise-the-monkey-til-he's-rigid-oh-yeah-now-you-can-use-him-as-a-wrench leaps) just guessing interactions doesn't take long. I liked that there are puzzles that are solved by mixing play between several characters but found this a bit frustrating as you can't just cut from person to person. Switching involves the old character asking the new one to take over and walking to a corner before the new one becomes active. Just becomes annoying when you need to switch frequently. I also wish characters could run through some of the larger areas but hey. Small gripe. The inventory display is clear and easy to use, jumping between areas is easy with the maps provided for larger sector and it wasn't buggy (Windows 7) so the gameplay was definitely very strong.

Overall: I really enjoyed playing this and it took me 8 hours with no walkthrough. Not really challenging for someone with point and click experience but I'm SO happy games in this style are still being made. Really looking forward to sharing this on with my younger nephew as it'll be a nice intro into the genre for someone who's been raised on first person shooters.
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on 19 October 2012
This has to be one of THE Best games I have ever played. When was the last time you heard termites speaking in an aussie accent? Voice acting SUPERB.

You fall in love with the characters and really can relate to them, especially the Irish Gnome Wilbur. Each line, scene, puzzle has been very well thought of.

You basically start off playing as iVo , the hot elf and then as the story progresses all four characters , the gnome, the hilarious and arrogant human pirate nate and the critter get together. There is a main story line and wilbur the gnome is the main character who has a mission involving a ring and as the others join party there are littles quests, puzzles and lots more.

The superb voice acting makes the story really come alive and , well check it out on youtube, most of the scenes are hilarious. The conversation between Wilbur and Death for example.

P.S. I actually didn't have any issues with the rain dance as some others have had, you just need to hit the keyboard fast!

I am seriously get this company's another game which is similar but in german and i dont speak a word of it... but the game was so good that I might use google translate to get through it

5 Stars!
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on 26 November 2011
An outstanding adventure game. This game combines beautiful scenery, well designed characters and top-notch voice-acting with wonderful humor and it offers many funny references to films and games like "World of Warcraft" or "Star Wars". There are some minor ishues (some animation stoped before finshing and sometimes its hard to find small things), but that doesn`t affect this wonderful game in anyway. If you like adventures or fantasy games with humor, this one is a must have. If you haven`t played a adventure game till now, it's now time to play one! You won`t regret it.
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on 26 November 2011
Impressive game, just like the old point&click adventures and a lot of phantasy world jokes. It remains me a lot to Simon the sorcerer.

I'm having a real good time playing this adventure. I hope they translate it to spanish and make more adventures of Wilbur, Ivo and Nate! (I don't care about critter ;P)
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on 19 March 2013

IMPORTANT: the game (boxed version) must be patched, sad thing the support forum has a wrong link for downloading the patch, i had to search on google! I sugges you search on google too should you have the same issue; currently the download is located at: [...]

the game is superb; great graphic and very funny to play (when it doesnt crash!) it remember of old style moneky island serie but way funnier that that and puzzles are very logical yet in a fantasy RPG like world. I would recommend the game, but the support is a fail, except the missing link the forums are full of ppl with many different issues; it is a shame yet a mistery how such incompetent ppl were able to build a such good game.
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on 30 August 2015
The Book Of Unwritten Tales is (other than a title that makes no sense!) a traditional point-and-click game with the usual humour thrown in. Set in a fantasy world, it tells the tale of an archaeologist gremlin named MacGuffin who discovers a book which gives the location of an artefact that can put an end to the war. As an evil clan abducts him, Ivo the elf witnesses the event and rescues him (at least temporarily). The gremlin tells Ivo about the book in his cellar and how the Arch-mage would know what to do. After the rescue, MacGuffin manages to pass on a ring to Wilbur the gnome and tells him to take it to the Arch-mage. And so the two unlikely hero's paths intertwine on their quest to put an end to the war.

The game-play is the tried and tested formula of picking up objects then either: using them, combining them, or giving them to someone in order to make progress. The puzzles are always logical and there's no sign of some of the crazy, illogical puzzles you tend to get in these games.

Clicking on objects in a scene gives you a description of them. The icon changes to a pick-up icon if you can place it in your inventory, becomes disabled if it is not required any more, or stays active if it is needed in a puzzle. This helps you realise what is important and what can be ignored. Pressing Space bar highlights all the items of interest rather than 'pixel hunting'.

Placing your mouse at the bottom of the screen pops open your inventory. You can right-click for a description of them, or left click to select them.

The voice acting is very good, so it's always a pleasure to listen to the dialog, but you can skip it by clicking if you wish. Early on, there's little nods to Lord of the Rings since you are playing as a small humanoid who is on a quest to keep a ring safe. As the game progresses, there's jokes based on fantasy games and some that 'break the fourth wall'. The game never takes itself too seriously.

It's a well-made point-and-click adventure, with likeable characters. The puzzles are a bit on the easy side though and it's not as memorable as other adventure game series. If you like this type of game, then it is highly recommended.
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on 2 June 2012
Having played most of the classic point and click adventure games over the years, I played this one and found it to be very good indeed. It reminds me of the later Monkey Island and Simon the Sorceror titles and contains a lot of humour. The graphics are very good and the voices are well done. The only gripe was the fact that at the very end of the game, the voices and subtitles switched to German.
If you enjoy a good adventure game then this could be one for you.
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