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on 14 August 2012
I have mixed filling about this one.
I like the game in general, the problem is that ... nothing working actually.

First the game would not load at majority of players (including myself) just started with black screen and connection errors (even in single player), then after some voodoo magic discovered by some players on forums, including Alt-Tab-ing etc. I managed to actually run it and started to play.
The result is game crashing almost constantly, sluggish and poor designed controls, rather minimal and useless tooltips (especially given the absence of manual), not working game buildings and technologies, impossible to finish (due to scenario bugs) campaign, save games that not loading ...
Total disappointment.

After 3 patches released one after another even on weekend most of the crashes (except the crashes in mufti-player, where the game still constantly crashes, in case you manage to start MP at all) were fixed, not all of them but most annoying.
The other problems still remain.

What hurts me that as a "fun-ability wide" the game has a really great potential, I believe that after a month or two of fixing it will be a great game, however the launch is total disaster, they released completely unfinished and untested game , something like Alpha version. After a latest patches it looks like a early Beta now.
I am really disappointed with this, but if they do not drop it and continue to fix it will be a great game.
Just not yet.
So I am not recommending buying it just yet for any money, surely not for $40, quality wise the game does not worth $15.
Also the graphics is "stunning" only by there low level.
Actually they are ok more or less, for strategy game, but nothing special and surely nothing "stunning".
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on 14 August 2012
Same here,
I have a physical copy and installed it. The Game requires that you have Steam already installed (if you don't, the disk has Steam anyway, just have an internet connection).
Once you install it and click play, it doesn't work. Tried various solutions by reading steam's helpsite - like verifying cache. did that and then it says that there is an issue with ONE file.
So i reinstalled - same problem - THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK. Until it does, buy something else...
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on 11 August 2012
Got this game on steam.

Can not run it, known bug with the game stated on the kalypso forum. watch this space for a fix... in the mean time they have my money and i cannot play it.

kalypso say that i should uninstall my firewall as they have reports that this may fix the non-start game bug..... It does not.

Friend has the game though and it did load up on his PC.

Bugs. crashes. glitches. unfinished.


At least on steam, it gets patched for me automatically.
Physcial copy owners will need to keep up with what will no doubt be ALOT of patching.

good luck.


For those thinking about buying this game.

wait a year, do some research come back. maybe.

For now this game is just a coffee coaster.
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on 12 August 2012
This game is Beta at best, I could understand if the bugs were deeper in the game but they are so obvious it shows no care has been spent on testing this game. Instructions are a joke at best you can work some stuff out at others you are just as well forgetting they exist. Game crashes after most combats and the current mission i am on doesnt have the required waypoints to complete so i am stuck and cannot progress further. It is a shame as this really could have been a very good game but the developers should be ashamed for releasing this in the current state. As other reviewers have said this game may be good once patched but right now it isnt fit for any purpose other than being a drinks coaster.

Update (13/08/12) while above is still true the responce from kalipso has so far been good, they have been releaseing patches most of the weekend to try and fix the problems. If they can start to fix the software the game will rate far higher so here is hopeing.
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on 13 August 2012
Can't recommend this, it's been released in such a buggy state it's really a joke.

You couldn't even finish the tutorial(1st episode) before they patched it 2 times.

It may be that it will be great once it's been finished, but it's not anywhere near finished and I'm really tired of 4x games being released in this state and paying to play alpha/beta test.
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on 13 August 2012
Legends of Pegasus is one of the worse games i have played in years it looks dated for a start and looks very unfinished what a waste of Money please do not buy !!!. Its a Millions miles behind Sins and Rebellion, which are in a different League to this rubbish what a waste of money two bob crap.
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on 12 August 2012
Fundamentally, this game has all of the mechanisms in place to create a fun player experience, and if it was polished it would be a credit to the genre. Unfortunately, the game repeatedly crashes - fundamental features still don't work despite patches; particularly the Save/Load functionality. Again, the game is missing the most fundamental features, such as advanced video options. Currently all the user is able to do is to change the resolution.

The designers quite obviously failed to test the game correctly before launching it, thus the game is almost completely UNPLAYABLE.
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on 12 August 2012
I thought I'd add to the other reviews here about how sorely disappointed I am with this game.
I can fully understand there being bugs in a game on launch, that's pretty much unavoidable given different hardware and software setups, but the sheer volume and degree of the bugs in this game are that of a very unfinished and not QA tested product. At the time of writing this you can't even save a single-player game and load it back up again because it takes you to a skirmish match menu instead!
On top of that the UI is woefully lacking information that one would come to expect from a strategy game, especially a turn-based one such as this. The graphics for the combat are just as pitiful, all the weapons fire looks bland and tiny.

Don't come looking for Sins of a Solar Empire, Galactic Civilizations or Master of Orion, come back when this game is finished or (more preferably) completely reworked.
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on 5 February 2015
Quite simply it doesn't work, and should be removed from all outlets. It never got completed, there was some issue over code being remarkable similar to Sins of a Solar Empire and legal wrangling ended this piece of crap. It had the markings of a good game, but always was an unplayable mess. Everything about it doesn't work or was not completed, turn crashes, AI unable to produce, campaign unfinished, place holder names..... DO NOT BUY THIS, IT WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU, doesn't matter if your running the thing on Blue Mountain, it's unfinished, can never be finished (since the code was deemed illegally sourced), this will never have modders, or be completely.... It's a peccadillo that it's sold anywhere, sorry not a peccadillo, a fully fledged crime.
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on 13 November 2015
I paid full price for this when it came out (bought it in game), having played sins of a solar empire i was looking for another space conquest game and this looked great. Paid for it got home, installed it and after a few hours of learning to play i found out the game was broken, slow, boring and just unfinished.... I feel cheated by the fact i paid £25 for this! (even after 2.5 years)
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