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on 23 February 2014
So you charged it up for 4-8 hours and now you're not sure why there's 300 flashing lights on the damn thing (You can even change the colour of the software menus that come with the driver/apps that you need to install). You just want to connect it to the base and the instructions don't help. Ready?

1. Make sure the headphones are on (power button on back of left ear will be lit).
2. The light on the base unit will be pulsating slowly, you want to thump it but just press and hold it, the flashing speeds up.
3. Press and hold the mute button on the left ear cup - it's the button at the front, not the power button.
4. After a few seconds, the base light will be on, no flashing. There, done, paired them up.

There's a description of the above on Creative's website if you are still having difficulty :) Find the product page, look for a link to 'Knowledgebase solutions' and then 'How to reconnect SB Tactic3D to Basestation'.

The headphone fit is a bit tight for my big head, but I don't wear it for an extended amount of time, so doesn't bother me so much.
I don't use the mike and took it off.

I'm more than happy to recommend it.
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on 12 January 2015
It is good that these headphones are wireless and compatible with PC, XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. They tick all the boxes in that regard. They are not the most comfortable headphones though, pressing against the tips of my ears, despite having chunky ear cups with plenty of foam padding. The on/off button seems to take an age to power up, and it is too close to the volume buttons. The headphones are powered by micro-usb connector, which is very tight and poorly positioned. It makes charging after use quite a chore. I'm worried that, as with mobile phones I've owned, the usb socket will eventually cease to charge the device as wear and tear takes its toll on the connector. Moreover, the 'charging stand' doesn't actually contribute to the charging activity. It is also quite lightweight, having a tendency to fall over backwards. The transmitter unit with the USB ports is supposed to sit inside the base of the stand, but it doesn't stay put.

The thing I enjoy most about these headphones is the freedom to wander around, rather than being tethered to the desk by them. However, the signal breaks up sometimes when I'm in other parts of the house and there is always a continuous background hiss, which seems to be a common issue with wireless headphones. It makes me want to take them off whenever I'm not playing sound through them. They sound really quite good good most of the time if you can ignore the discomfort.

For PC users like me who have Soundblaster sound chips onboard, there is integration with features like scout mode and crystal voice. Unfortunately, or perhaps unforgivably, The Soundblaster software that works with my sound chip isn't able to switch between speaker mode and headphone mode, which it didn't have a problem with when I was using wired headphones.

I'm sure that some other wireless headphones will trounce these within months, but for the time being, they will do the job just about acceptably. I can't say I'm overly impressed though.
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on 5 January 2015
I bought this for my little brother, he's an avid Xboxer and he has a habit of breaking his headsets, I think this is his 5th one, so I tried to get him one that would stick around a while longer. It seems sturdy enough, and with no wires between it and the console/screen there's not so much tangled mess to worry about. He complains that he still has to plug it into his controller to use the mic, though the sound still works completely wireless, but I think this can be solved by using the software provided, which he hasn't downloaded because he's lazy and tried to use it straight out of the box. I'm not sure if that's actually the case, but hey.

I heard there was a manufacturing problem with this product, however. It apparently breaks pretty easily due to some poor design around the earcups or something, it hasn't happened yet and my brother has used it every day for the last week, but we shall see. I figure it'll be fine as long as you don't throw it across the room because some 12 year old on Halo 360 no-scoped you.

Over all it's a very comfy and professional looking headset, once you've set up the wires and software its not so much of a fuss from there, you can charge it while playing, though the cord is short and you might want to invest in a longer cable (luckily i already had a spare - its just a USB to mini-USB), it has a cute little stand with it and a mic mute button on the side of one of the ear cups, the mic is really flexible and stays put, and it is detachable but won't fall out on its own. I've read that it also works as a normal set of headphones. It's compatible with PC, MAC, XBOX and PS3/4, which is another plus point, (and It means I can nick it occasionally as I don't have an XBOX). There is a cool glowy blue light effect going on on the sides of the headset which, while cool and glowy, could potentially be annoying if you're recording your game footage and filming yourself too, but you CAN in fact turn that off with the software. It could possibly affect the battery life, but I wouldnt worry about that part too much.

To be completely honest I bought this knowing it wasn't the best one out there. However, it isn't the worst. You get what you pay for with gaming headsets, wireless ones are always going to cost twice as much, and this is on the cheaper end of the scale for what it is, 100 quid as opposed to 300. As far as I'm concerned, everything breaks eventually, everything has faults. Get it if it has the qualities you're looking for, do your research and don't get too butthurt if it breaks after 6 months.

I'm actually considering getting myself a pair, if that helps at all. If this headset was £25 cheaper it'd be a steal. I think my brother likes it, but it's hard to tell because he's in that awkward teenage phase where being grateful is physically impossible. He says the sound is good, you can hear the enemies coming from whatever direction, so that's something.
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on 31 October 2014
Good set of headphones with a great sound capability and comfortable, the instructions are somewhat baffling to say the least as there are far too many in different languages and no full instructions, trying to find the drivers on the website is not that easy either, it would be better if they would supply an install disk as most major hardware companies used to a few years ago, especially when you consider the price they are.
Once installed correctly, I would say they are well worth the money, although I have to say if you think they are plug and play compatible, you are very badly mistaken.
Also ensure they are fully charged before using them.
The range in a house is about 20+ meters between rooms when fully charged.
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on 10 February 2014

Near perfect headset. Awesome sounds with THX Studio.
Love the bass with these headsets, feels like they makes our whole head vobrate while listening good music.
Very goor recetion for wireles signal. I can walk prettymuch anywhere in my house with these on my head.


Foams at earcups are too soft/too tight so that those plastic peaces inside the earcups presses my ears so and couses some pretty nasty scar marks.
Also WAY too load. I have to keep sounds from my windows soundbar at ~25% so that i can hear things loud and clear, but without completly raping my ears.
Rechargin station for headsets doesnt stick on the stand while trying to plug cables to headsets.
Also got some random extra cable to connect to xbox controller. But thats propably there becouse xbox is so s***ty.

Other ways very good head set for ~100£ recommending this to everyone thats looking for wireles headset.
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on 15 December 2014
Great headphones, generally comfortable, good sound.
Some issues with microphone causing static or sound issues on some programs. - Also the microphone is annoying to move out of the way when not in use.
Battery life is okay - about 6-7 hours. Not enough for a working day, let alone a full day. But you can use it while it charges if you buy a long enough charging cable.
Range is great - have the receiver set up in the centre of the office (about 3-4m from computer) and I am able to get to almost the whole office (including upstairs) with a radius of about 8-10m plus floors.
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on 29 July 2015
The sound quality and microphone quality is horrific! The wireless seems to work fairly well and the overall build of the headset is good but it is just not worth anywhere near this price!
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on 29 May 2016
The battery low warning comes on when theres still hours of life in them and its annoying as balls. Everyone can hear it in a skype/discord chat. Sound quality is alright, mic is alright
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on 1 April 2016
Not bad headphones, a bit clunky. Configuration with different devices does not work as expected (nor explained)... for the money would expect a bit better.
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on 24 January 2016
Very good audio quality. Easily connects wirelessly and blocks out all outside sound. The microphone works really well and is easily muted.
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