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on 3 January 2012
Price of a Bounty by SL Wallace -Review.
`Price of a Bounty' is a fast-paced novel with plenty of action. With main protagonists that all have their own secrets and inhabit an unequal world where; as they are all drawn together into a web of intrigue, they have to decide who they can and cannot trust.
Around this, with an assassin, resistance movement, murder, theft and a dash of romance, SL Wallace deftly takes us on their journey with surprising twists and turns that keep you wondering what is going to happen next; right up to the last chapters.
Her skilful style of telling the story through the viewpoints of different characters giving insights into the personality and logic of each persona, gives the reader a chance to get to know and care about them.
Well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I am genuinely looking forward to the sequel `Canvas Skies'.
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on 17 April 2013
This book appealed to me right from the beginning. I found myself picking it up at every opportunity possible - I simply had to know what happened to the characters in the story. The author's creativity and ability to write the story from 4 different people's perspectives totally held my attention. There are four lives entwined through fate. The story takes place in the future when the world is divided into two distinctive groups, the rich who are powerful and the poor. Even in such dangerous times there are people who want to make their `country' a better place to live. It is easy to visualise the characters in this book and I became totally absorbed in the adventure. Definitely my kind of read, in fact I loved it!
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on 16 July 2014
I normally don't go out of my way to give a bad review but this book is just really bad. The characters are flat, with an emotional age averaging 10 years, and the plot is predictable and rather stupid.
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on 25 November 2011
Keira Maddock is trying to survive in an Orwellian purgatory where the government is run by Elites who are for the most part greedy and self-serving. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens are starving and doing without, basically just struggling to survive. Within this damaged society, a resistance is brewing.

Keira is the daring heroine, a hired bounty hunter (called a Freelancer) who is in danger of being double-crossed and triple-crossed. She doesn't know whom she can trust, but she longs for a world where freedom and decency reign. She accepts a job from one of the most powerful Elites in Tkaron, but suddenly finds herself siding with the man she's supposed to kill. Can she trust him? Whose side is he really on? And how does her brother know him?

This is a compelling, entertaining thriller and love story that is an allegory about the hazards of privilege and power, where absolute power corrupts absolutely. I felt for Keira immediately, a smart and conscionable woman who pines for the past as she listens to her mother's favorite records, like "I've Got Rhythm," the simpler songs of a bygone era, and yet who bravely confronts the future and will sacrifice everything for a good cause. Full of twists, genetic manipulation and subterfuge, it kept me turning pages. The ending was totally unexpected and I look forward to the sequel.
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on 17 June 2015
Although this story has a familiar premise, in that it reflects today's world with regard to corruption, greed and those awful people who rule with psychopathic glee, it is filled with action and themes to keep interest.

A fast(ish) pace and written to suit the genre and characters.

Worth a look.
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on 30 January 2012
From page one, this book had me hooked. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. Every spare moment I had I was engrossed in the plot where the mystery deepened as it unravelled. The book is seen from several different characters prospectives, each with their fair share of secrets, which are revealed throughout the plot. The book is set in a fictional world, but not too unlike our own. It seems set in the future and leaves the reader questioning what direction our own world is heading. I look forward to reading more from S. L. Wallace!
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