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on 11 April 2013
Firstly I have to say this book was seriously let down by the typing and grammatical errors also mispelling of words, which at certain points left me so confused I had to re-read the passage to understand it which is why I only gave it three stars.
The story line was very good though similar to one or two I've read by other authors, you know, girl down in dumps, jets off abroad to visit friend, begins exciting new life etc etc.
I liked Jane and Alex but strangely didn't quite take to Michael, too much moodiness, not enough humour and fun. The ending was far too abrupt and we really didn't get to the bottom of Michael's anger issues which Jane seemed to too easily forget, thought they'd been such a deal breaker with her.
I like the writing style and because of that and wanting to know what happens with Alex I've just downloaded Fighting Love.
Enjoyable book, glad I downloaded it becuase it's introduced me to another author I've not come across.
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on 17 July 2012
I have to admit I had high hopes for this book thanks to the other reviews I read, I love a good chick flick and this seemed promising for delivery.
However, I cannot stress highly enough the atrocious grammatical and spelling mistakes continuously used throughout this novel; the author seems to be entirely unaware of the correct usage of 'you're' and 'your', as well as lacking basic grammatical grounding. There is little use of speech marks and I just constantly found myself craving to get out my red pen and correct every detail. I would go so far as to say that there was not a single sentence that was entirely correct; most disappointing!
I concede that I was reading this on kindle, and it may be that the basic grammar was lost in translation to the digital age, but seriously? The wrong 'your'? What harm would a quick spell check do?
Whilst the story was engaging, if a bit far fetched, and I will admit I found myself laughing out loud in some bits (ie the hammock scene') the lack of proof reading took away from the experience and I was left feeling very dissatisfied.
Call me a grammar fiend if you will, but it seems to me that a book lacking in the basic form of English is a sorry state of affairs!
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on 9 October 2012
Great premise, good characters (if sometimes two dimensional) but the punctuation and grammar were abysmal! How did this book ever get published? As stated in a previous review, it was really distracting and whilst it is a good story it became a real challenge to keep reading. However, if you can speed read and bypass the errors it is a good story and worth reading (and possibly re-writing?).

The storyline itself was entertaining and the characters easy to warm to. It was predictable, but it never claimed not to be so it's not really a fault. The lead character, Jane, is instantly likeable as are the Hollywood characters she meets along the way. I think the only criticism I have, besides the punctuation and grammar, is that it was too short. There seems to be so much more to these characters that wasn't told.
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on 20 October 2015
Amazing read! I really went thru the mill with Jane a roller coaster ride of emotions and loved the Brits in the U.S. Side to the story! Hilarious read left me grinning from ear to ear!
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on 7 November 2012
I have given this book a three star rating as, whilst this book is very enjoyable in terms of the story, there were so many typos and grammar errors which made reading this book annoying and frustrating. There are that many that any reader would think that this book was never proof-read before it was printed. I know that the secretary in me comes out but I do accept the odd typo can go amiss but unfortunately there are so many in this book that it made it difficult at times to read as you had to re-read certain parts to get the gist of what the writer was trying to say.

I do recommend this book because it is an enjoyable book but the writer should really think about a re-print to get the errors corrected.
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on 8 August 2012
I don't often post reviews but was so disappointed with this book that I felt I had to. The story line aims to be classic "chick lit" but is way too unbelievable, but the most irritating aspects of the book are the huge amounts of typos littered throughout and the very stilted style in which the book is written. I gave up on this about half way through which is almost unheard of for me. A big disappointment - this is very cheap, but even so don't waste your money on it.
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on 26 January 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed this read would definitely recommend and read future books by this author
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on 29 May 2013
Really enjoyed this book, fab value for the money! Lovely story, I couldn't put it down.... only downside was the ended wrapped it all up a little to quickly!!! I wanted more story haha!!!
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on 30 July 2012
For a bit of light hearted fluffy entertainment this book is perfect. By the pool, on the beach or even in the park!
I did notice a few grammatical errors in the book but I nothing that was too irritating to those of us that do get a little bothered by it!
I read the sample chapter of the next book by the author but it didnt really appeal to me. However, I will keep my eye out for anything more by her as I am off on hols in November and I think this kind of book is perfect!
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on 26 March 2013
This was a very enjoyable read. In fact I couldn't put it down. All the right mix of romance and comedy for chick lit heaven. Serious spelling and grammatical errors mean I have only rated 5 stars. I have however downloaded the second book by this author as I expect it to be a page turner!
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