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on 3 April 2014
There are certain times in your life when you have to get trim and getting into a waistcoat for your wedding is surely one. This is my challenge and with aid of the ‘Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike’ I decided to accept it. The ‘BC1700’ is a great exercise bike, but not on arrival. In my lifetime the bikes I have used have been fully formed, I sit on them and ride. The ‘BC1700’ arrives in more of a kit form that you must assemble. Some people have fond this tricky and they would be right, constructing the ‘BC1700’ can be a workout itself. It is easy enough to assemble, apart from the part that connects the upright handles to the weights inside the main body. It took a lot of strength and some liberal use of pliers to get the ballast attached, but it is worth it.

The ‘BC1700’ relies on the weight housed near the pedals. It is connected to a dial on the front that can be cranked left or right to make the ride easier or harder. With the weights correctly attached you get a fantastic workout. On the lowest setting things are easy enough, but cranking things up soon build up the amount of energy you need to use. I found this fantastic as I started off on the low settings, but as my legs strengthen I am moving on up – I have plenty of progress to achieve as the bike offers a real challenge.

Other elements also work – the pulse detector is a nice touch and you have a readout that lists through different ways to measure your progress; calories burnt, speed, time etc. All in all, if you build the ‘BC1700’ well in the first place you get a great exercise bike, but make sure that you do spend the time at the beginning getting it all set up perfectly.
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on 21 October 2016
Had this for two years and used most days. As long as you keep the bolts tightened (as they become a little loose over time/useage) and it stays in one place, it works well!

I would recommend to find yourself a good bike seat cover as the seat is very uncomfortable, but for the price honestly can't complain really.
It has a lot of different options on the main panel such as distance, time and even has a heart rate monitor built into the handles.
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on 20 October 2012
I had mixed feelings at first concerning this exercise bike ,
Firstly i had a horrendous pooor service by delivery firm Yodel
They have a waste of time tracker site . Oh it told me it was on the road in transit for delivery . this was Monday morning the next SATURDAY morning i finally received delivery .....It took about 3 hours to build the bike . you certainly need a little helper my Son , as one section definitly needs more than two pairs of hands ........ Wallah thank goodness all finished ...To my great disappointment the crank was faulty and clunked something terrible when the pedals were wound around . Yes i was pulling my hair out alright , afer such a long wait for delivery and endless chasing of Amazon as to if they could help ?
There i must point out, yes Amazon were helpful all the way through , sorting out the replacement bike , and getting the faulty bike sent back .I even received a £5 gift voucher for all the trouble with the first bike .
Tip >>>>> As soon as you lift the bike from the box , Just turn the pedal crank if it turns smoothly and silently you have no problems , if it clunks and clanks , you have a problem . pop it right back into the box and return it back ........
Other than that, i'm very happy with my exercise bike for under a £100 it gives excellent value for money . My only critisism would be , hard seat yes the seat to the initial feel , you think oh that's ok , believe me , after ten minutes of pedalling , your bottom is suffering and i had to stop and get off //////// Pity really . the one thing that otherwise spoilt a good buy . But Amazon if you take a look , sell variolus fit over bike seats mostly all soft gel , I promptly ordered up a soft gel seat . but take my advice the seat size is a large seat , so order up an extra wide gel seat ,
then you are sorted .. happy weight loss ...... Folks ...
Slimline Len .. Well I'm getting there ..
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on 16 September 2016
I bought this exercise bike in November 2015. Like probably many such items that are bought by people, it wasn't used at all for a couple of months (well it was Christmas!), then only sporadically. This month, September 2016, I am on a weight loss kick, so have been using it every day. I have so far used it 20-25 times in total. Sadly, after about 20-25 sessions of 30-45 minutes, it is now completely broken.

The electronic display never worked. That didn't bother me too much, since I can easily time 30-45 minutes, and I can feel when I have had a decent workout.

Also, it was always a little bit too short for me. In the gym, I would usually have the seat slightly higher than the max height on this bike. It was okay, usable, but not ideal. I am only 5'10", mind, so if you are a man (or a woman) much taller than that, you will struggle on this machine.

But the main problem seems to be that the main housing for the mechanism (a) is made of relatively flimsy plastic and (b) is positioned so that a lot of your weight/force goes through it as you exercise. Consequently, it has cracked underneath, first on one side then the other, so that the bike wants to list by up to 45 degrees when you are trying to use it, and now at the back so that I have found myself doing wheelies. In short, it is knackered, and if I try and use it again will probably collapse underneath me!

I know this was only cheap as exercise bikes go, so I was not expecting gym quality. But I did expect to be able to use it more than 20-25 times before having to buy a replacement. If you would expect the same, look elsewhere and do not buy this!
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on 27 September 2016
Great value exercise bike ideal for beginners with a good range of levels that provide a good deal of challenge for those relatively new to exercising on a bike. Feels sturdy though I would recommend double checking the tightness of the handlebar lock. The assembly took about 30 minutes with the most tricky part being attached the tension cables together. Had to keep trying for about 5 minutes before nailing it. Seat is quite uncomfortable but nothing a cushion or gel seat cover wouldn't rectify.
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on 3 January 2013
It is easy to put together, took me less than 40 minutes on my own, most of which was spent putting the saddle on - as another reviewer has said, use your own spanner - if you have one. I didn't, hence the time spent.

Before attaching the tension cable I checked the dial to ensure I had the longest length but it fitted easily anyway, so no problem there. There really is nothing difficult about putting this together as long as you follow the instructions. I was on mine within 45 minutes.

The only reason I have given this 4 stars rather than 5 is that when this has been in the box it has rubbed against itself and some of the silver spray has been rubbed off the main body, it's not enough to make me want to return it, but it could have been prevented by thicker wrapping in the box itself. Having said that, it was well boxed and the box itself was sturdy.

It is ideal for my height but I can't imagine that it would suit anyone over 6 feet as I'm not sure that the saddle would go high enough. I would urge anyone tall to check this point out in reality before buying, otherwise an excellent all round starter bike.
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on 28 March 2014
Bike arrived promptly & was easy to put together. I am a 29" inside leg & the saddle is just high enough for me to straighten my knees when exercising. The resistance feels about right too. On the down side: 1) Saddle soon feels hard so I use a gel cover. 2) The pulse sensor seems erratic, doesn't work at all when hands are completely dry, over reads when there's lots of perspiration! I do have an alternative (& accurate) means of taking my pulse & have found this problem with other bikes as well. My previous two bikes failed because of a pedal coming loose & the threads stripping, I hope that doesn't happen to this bike Too! Don't think its anything to do with the way I exercise, its never happened on a road bike. Think its wise to regularly check that the pedals are tight.
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on 6 March 2013
Bought this in preparation for before and after a full knee replacement. After spending ages researching and reading reviews on various exercise bikes, I went for this one & I'm not disappointed. It ticks all the boxes. My husband put it together with no difficulty. Having said that he is pretty practical, but i dont think it was rocket science! Being a lady & only 5' 3ins, I was a little worried i may not reach the pedals. Not a problem. Its a super piece of equipment. Well made, simple enough to use and everything works. I'm extremly pleased and proven to be just the ticket to get my new knee mobile + strengthen my leg muscles. With only 5 weeks after surgery, my Physio is most impressed! I could really recommend. I did take the advice and bought a gel saddle, but at the moment I'm only on the bike for short bursts, so dont know if still comfy after an hour!!
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on 6 August 2012
I'm not a fair-weather cyclist but my wife is and we bought this for her. All the more surprising, in view of other reviews, that the seat does not go high enough for her to be comfortable (inside leg 30"). For us, it's only comfortable to exercise hard if the leg is near full extension at the bottom of the stroke. To achieve that, I've drilled another hole in the seat pillar and raised it above the minimum mark, but as she is only 8 stone plus, the seat mounting should cope. I wouldn't recommend the bike to anyone heavier than her with an inside leg of 30+". Everything else about the bike is excellent, considering it's a budget buy.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 17 November 2013
I got this bike because it was a great price in a lightening deal. It is easy to put together . It has a nifty little device that shows how long you have been doing it, how far you have gone ,the speed your going at, what your heart beat is and how many calories you have burnt. I have done it a few times but I just can not get myself motivated. The saddle is very uncomfortable for my very delicate posterior. BUT I will endeavour to get on my bike even if it is only for 10 minutes every day and build it up from there.
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