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on 17 March 2013
good lights for the money. miles better than the led lights that came with my bike. The fittings that come with it are not the most durable but quite well designed, easy to remove the lights when you leave the bike locked up. I had difficulty fitting the rear light because of the unusual design of my bike; it is supposed to go on the seatpost and if you need to attach it to a pannier they sell a special bracket seperately.
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on 8 January 2013
A nice set of lights with a couple of niggles. They fit well onto the bike, the front light is easy to use but not as bright as I thought it would be, although it is still good enough for dark alleys with no street lamps. The battery runs down quite quickly too so have to use rechargeables. The back light can be a bit fiddly to switch on and off but is very bright and just seems to keep going!
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on 12 January 2013
I bought these in the Amazon sale for about £20 so didn't think they'd be that good but they are. The lights are both really bright and I feel much safer riding now. Fairly easy to put on the bike too. Great buy.
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on 10 October 2011
Front light review only:
I trawled long and hard on the internet for an affordable front light that would give me the confidence to see well ahead of me on an unlit stretch of path I often have to ride.
I'd already bought (and sent back) the 290 candle power RSP Nebula with 5 bright white LEDs, which although it seemed very bright when I turned it on in the house, actually had insufficient 'penetration' to fully light up the really dark paths.
No such problem with the Lunar 35. This baby cuts through the dark enough for me to avoid any hazards that might be lying in wait out there in the gloom.
Very happy.
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on 7 May 2012
These lights, as long as they're kept dry are very bright indeed. The batteries last quite a while too and the various flashing and steady modes offer a lighting style to suit most riders.
Here's the problem though....they can't be trusted in wet conditions. After one outing in a bit of a downpour, both lights had condensation inside. This prevented the rear light from being turned off and was stuck on blinking mode until it dryed out. The only way to turn it off was to remove the batteries. It's still going but thankfully, I have a backup rear light just in case. The front light is a whole different story. The whole lens comaprtment has the same condensation, but this renders the light completely useless. I got home from an evening ride in pitch black to discover that the light wasn't even on. The switch was buggered. It can't be trusted to stay lit and even getting it on was tricky. The light has now failed completely. It cannot be air dryed as the light compartment is sealed.
Will I buy another? Nope. I live in the UK and lights that cant run in a bit of rain are useless.
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on 8 June 2012
Excellent value, lightweight, light set.
Maybe not up to riding at 30 mph down a dark country lane, but plenty good enough for streetlit areas, or for emergencies.

Other reviewers have mentioned the water ingress problem. Lights at 4 times this price suffer from condensation too!
A little dab of silicone grease on the seals seems to solve most of the problems.
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on 22 November 2011
These are excellent lights for the price. Quick and easy to fit. Good build quality and bright. I'm really pleased with them so far. Nothing negative to say about them at all.
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on 28 January 2013
Front Light:
Having had a Cateye Opticube and had it fail very expensively I thought I would have a look at Smart lights as my daughter had a rear light from this source and it was impressively bright and gave no trouble. Since that is the very least a bike light should provide I went ahead and bought the Smart Lunar 35 lux front and back light set. The front light is both simple to fix to the bike and to operate once it is mounted. It throws a long, intensely bright but somewhat narrow beam that is perfectly suited for using on unlit country roads with potholes full of rain masquerading as puddles. When I reach urban areas with street lighting I switch to flashing mode as I have convinced myself (with no substantive evidence other than it seems in my experience to attract attention more readily than steady lighting does) that 'motorists' see moving and flashing lights more readily than a steady light. In performing these switches it was necesssary to remove a glove but my gloves are polar explorer thickness and this is not a light problem so much as a glove problem. I did find that the lower intensity steady light is perfectly good enough for riding unlit country roads, the brighter option being somewhat redundant in my hands. The only niggle I would have is that the front mount is designed in such a way that it is fairly readily detachable via a knurled knob/clamp arrangement. Why anyone would want to nick a mount is beyond me but then why anyone would nick anything is beyond me. It seems odd (to me) to design such a feature into an otherwise excellent package.

Back light:
Very, very, very bright to help keep the following traffic on their motoring best behaviour. This is the brightest rear lamp I have used in over 55 years of regular bike use, urban, rural and mixed. Don't hesitate. It is simple to fix (I don't fix to seatposts as my dress habits are such that I need to be sure that clothing won't obscure the light) and simple to operate. Earlier comments about it being difficult to switch on and off are at variance to my own experience, they are easy to operate.
All in all, a very very good package. Don't hesitate.
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on 30 October 2012
I bought a pair of Smart lights about ten years ago. Real old skool now, but they still work and are even on the original batteries.

I read some reviews of these saying they allow water ingress because they rely on an interference fit between the two parts, and that this is a problem on the back light which gets a load of water thrown up at it.

Because I rate Smart, I thought I'd give them a punt anyway. These are great lights! Incredibly bright, maybe too bright. I worry dazzled drivers will career into me!

And whatever problems with water ingress older versions of these may have suffered, Smart have resolved. There's a nice rubber gasket between the two halves on both the front and back lights, and they look to be very well made indeed.

I've ridden in the dark and the pouring rain on busy roads, and feel very visible. I pronounce myself a very happy little sausage.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 January 2012
I love Smart lights and this is a great set, so if you're looking for lights to make sure you can be seen when out cycling, this is perfect for the job. If you're looking for a light to see where you're going on road, buy with caution.

If you're riding on an off-road track with no hazzards and no other lights, then it'll do nicely. But if you're bowling along quickly on-road at night, you have needs that this light cannot meet. This light just doesn't give out enough light for you to ride safely at speed if your eyes have to adjust from passing car headlights or street lighting that just suddenly stops.

I'm upgrading from Smart LED Bicycle Light and Smart 1/2 Watt Rear Light - Red/Black, (2xAAA batt. inc.) and was intending to just buy the front light but the set including the rear for just an extra £5 was too good an offer to resist. I'm glad I didn't resist as the new rear light is even brighter than the old one, which was a pleasant surprise.
Unsurprisingly the front light is in a completely different league to the old 1/5 watt one and is excellent for visibility. Both front and rear lights fit onto previous Smart mounts, so if you're upgrading from previous Smart lights as I was, then these new ones just pop on. However the latest front mount gives you a little lateral angular adjustment, about +/- 5 degrees which is handy.

TIP: If you attach some heavy duty velcro 50mm x 1m Black VELCRO Heavy Duty Roll (Unboxed - Hook & Loop) to the TOP of the light and your helmet, you have a great headlamp and can still mount it on your bike if you wish. :)

Problems? Well the front light now has 3 settings, Full, half and flashing. Unfortunately for me, my preferred flashing setting is the third press. Bah! However that's the only fault I have with the front light. The back light has a similar albeit more substantial problem in that it has a concealed switch which is activated by pressing through the plastic casing. I'm sure this is great for water-proofing and giving a clean design, but it's awkward to switch on and off. It's not a killer problem, but it annoys me every time I have to press it several times to try and switch it on.

Unreservedly recommended as a visibility aid, and not bad at all as an occasional torch or riding light, conditions permitting.
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