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VINE VOICEon 6 May 2017
I LOVE HEAVY ROCK and METAL. However, this classic soft rock classic is played so many times a year, I lose count. I discovered City To City during the mid 80s. I have always loved it. I love the Folk and softer side. NOT 1 DUFF TRACK. I reviewed DAVID GILMOUR by David Gilmour and claimed C2C just slightly better, years later, no change.
Back to C2C. The extra disc didn't do much for me but the sound quality of the City To City is so much better than my old first cd pressing.
Obviously, Baker Street is one of the best own songs around the world, but here it is blended (not hidden) with so many lovely moments. Barbara Dickson can be heard on backing vocals in places.
The bonus disc is pleasant but short (28 minutes if I remember correctly).
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 17 January 2013
I play this guy's music as much as I play anybody's. Once you've fallen for Gerry Rafferty's songs, and that rough-velvet voice, you have to hear more and more.
This is almost like a Greatest Hits, at least the first few tracks are, but nearly every song Rafferty recorded has a sparkle to it. I hadn't heard this album's wonderful opener till I bought the CD, a beautiful song called The Ark, which must rank as one of his very best compositions. Then we have a string of stunners: the immortal Baker Street, the gloriously catchy love song Right Down The Line, the busy, ebullient title track, followed by the slower Stealin' Time, then his lovely song to his daughter, Mattie's Rag.
After that - well, more wonders. Whatever's Written In Your Heart is another winning song, as are Home And Dry and Island. The album itself closes with yet another great number, Waiting For The Day.
Honestly, I can't fathom why Gerry Rafferty wasn't camped out near the top of the charts for most of the seventies and eighties. So many terrific songs, so few actual hits. Everyone who's ever listened to a radio for more than a day or two will have heard the unignorable Baker Street, with its iconic sax solo, but there are so many more songs to discover from this tuneful, lyrically intelligent perfectionist.
There's an extra track on the first of these two CDs, the B-side of Baker Street, another excellent song called Big Change In The Weather. CD2 is made up of mostly demos, and is a fascinating document in itself.
I've come to love this troubled Scotsman more and more, realising what a treasure we had in our midst, and how much he was perhaps taken for granted while he was alive. All his songs are worth hearing. What a legacy!

Gerry Rafferty died in 2011, and he is very much missed.
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2012
In the dying days of CD at last someone has properly re-mastered "City to City" by Gerry Rafferty. From time to time I would drag out my LP and put it on the faithful Voyd turntable just to hear how "Baker Street", "Right Down the Line" and all the other great tracks should really sound. No longer. The sound quality of this re-mastered CD is really up to standard. I'm listening as I type this and it's an unmitigated joy. The bonus material just adds to the pleasure.

A great singer/song writer at last gets the sound reproduction quality his talents deserve. Well worth buying even if you have "Baker Street" ten times already.
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on 16 March 2012
'City to City' now sounds as good as it did on its first release. The remastered album is an improvement on the original CD release with Gerry's vocals sounding much clearer and deeper. The extras are great too. Although I have a well-worn copy of the original 'Baker Street' single, I probably hadn't flipped it and played 'Big Change in the Weather' in over thirty years. On CD it stands out as a strong track, although different in style to the rest of the album. It does sound a bit speeded-up to me. I know the single edit of 'Baker Street' and the U.S. album release were mastered a bit faster than the originals so this may have happened to the B-side as well.

The demos on disc 2 are very interesting. The laid-back versions of 'Big Change in the Weather' and 'City to City' are enjoyable. The sax-less 'Baker Street' nails the myth that Raphael Ravenscroft "wrote" the riff, but clearly highlights the lift that his playing gave to a song which Gerry acknowledged "needed work" in its original form. The real treasures here are the 12-string and acoustic demos of 'Mattie's Rag' and 'Stealin' Time'. There is also an early version of 'Take the Money and Run' which was completed for 'Night Owl' and an instrumental Intro/Outro which seems to have been discarded from the original track-list of the 'City to City' album along with 'Big Change in the Weather' on which it seems to be based. Interestingly, the theme of this intro resurfaced much later in the instrumental opening to the title track of 'North and South'.

The booklet has heartfelt and informative recollections by Rab Noakes and the package as a whole is a great update of a timeless album and superb value at £3.99 (at the time of writing).

I hope Tim Chacksfield can give the same treatment to 'Night Owl', 'Snakes and Ladders' and 'Sleepwalking'. His great work on the catalogue reissues of Steeleye Span, Lindisfarne and others, despite all EMI's corporate disruptions, gives hope that he will get around to the rest of Gerry's EMI output (assuming they still have the rights).

For now, however, this 'City to City' reissue is a real pleasure. If you want a great gift for a Gerry fan you could couple this with his final album 'Life Goes On' which brings together material from three late albums which only the most dedicated will already own.
Life Goes On
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on 31 March 2018
Always loved this album. Apart from the slightly overplayed Baker Street (though check out that guitar solo near the end - what a player!), my favourite track is the title track: upbeat song, fantastic harmonica solo, it kicks!
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2008
Many would have it that Gerry Rafferty's classic subsequent album 'Night Owl' is his best - but probably only his most memorable by the title being the same as the hit single that was taken from it, but I've always believed 'City To City' to be his best work, and it just so happens to include his biggest selling single 'Baker Street'.

Every track on this album is a masterpiece - catchy and memorable after only the first hearing, and I challenge anybody to say otherwise.

Music at its best - a 70s classic!

Five Stars!
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on 17 April 2012
Having played the original to death when it was first released I was curious to hear the extras. The demo for Baker street was interesting and settles the argument about the sax solo but for me the prize of the album was the original demo for Matties rag. The original did nothing for me but the demo is a wonderfuly light version with just two guitars. So impressed was I that I worked out the chords and now perform it at every gig I play. My only dislike is the cardboard sleeve. I would prefer a normal double case. The art work in the booklet also features what should have been the album cover but the record company didn't like it. Quite right too it's awful but very interesting. Just buy it you wont be disappointed. What a pity they didn't do the same with Night Owl.
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on 5 April 2013
Buy this album! Originally issued in 1978, it a collection of timeless, soulful, heartfelt displays of emotion through words, music and singing touched by a higher power. This edition carries welcome additional tracks but the substance is in the original album's songs. Gerry singing makes it sound easy but his vocal range is Orbisonesque, his vocal tone unique and instantly recognisable. His communication goes beyond singer of songs, which catches you in unguarded moments, drawing raw emotive responses that leave you in awe of his talent time and time again. Supported by fabulous musicians and singers that came together and gave the world a perfect gift that keeps on giving, Gerry's musical integrity shines. The much played Baker Street is superb but is not the best song on an album filled with life enhancing tracks - which should give a clear example of the quality here.
I have a fond memory of seeing Gerry at a performance in Aberdeen. He walked on stage to rapturous applause and cheering; when it subsided a lone voice called out of the darkened theatre "Gerry, yer magic!" to which he humbly replied "Thanks very much". Five stars doesn't cover it.
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on 5 September 2011
This review is simply to say what a fantastic job they have done remastering this album, In the new notes Rab Noakes makes the point it's managed to keep the warmth from the old analogue but added the clarity of digital, one of the finest albums ever just got even better. Nice touch on the booklet giving the original Cover that was rejected at the time. All in all a fitting tribute to Gerry, here's hoping somebody does similar work on his Stealers Wheel discs
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VINE VOICEon 8 May 2007
You can tell there are no duds on this album by the way everyone seems to have their own favourite track. Even the classic 'Baker Street' fails to put any of the other tracks in the shade. My own favourite is 'Whatever's Written in your Heart'; so smoothe, so apparently simple, but with a unique compound time signature, layer upon layer, that really pulls you in. Great voice, great saxophone playing, great production. I love all of the songs on this album. No need for a 'best of' collection; they are all here!
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