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on 19 February 2013
OK, I didn't expect miracles from this as it's a relatively cheap mike, but I did expect to be able to tell some improvement in directionality and sensitivity over the iphone itself. In tests recording the same source in various orientations/volumes/distances, I can barely tell any directionality, hardly any extraneous noise filtering and certainly no improvement in sensitivity. In fact, as another review has noted, it introduces significant hiss compared to the phone itself. Not only that, but the connection design/mount is such that it can't cope with even a relatively skinny case. Ultimately, a complete waste of even the little money it costs. You'd be better fashioning a cone out of paper and using that to put the phone in to help it catch more sound!
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on 8 August 2013
This product is a great idea, but fails to deliver on performance.

When tested, it would only work with the downloadable free app and no other apps. It would not work with audioboo or any of my other installed audio recording apps. It looked as if it is a video only recording device and as such, if this is the case, it should be made explicitly clear in the description. For me, this would be a major issue, as I do a lot of impromptu sound recordings.

Design flaws:

(1) You have to take your iPhone out of any case you may be using

(2) The battery cover is only held in place by two small wires, which given how much power it uses, could well break at an early stage within the product's life cycle. It is very hard to both undo and replace the cover.

(3) It doesn't seem possible to angle the microphone from anything other than the presets, for fear of breaking it. In the field, this would be an irritation.

Overall, the build quality is flimsy. For all of the above reasons, I could not recommend this microphone to anyone who is at all serious about trying to get good quality recordings, as pointed out by other reviewers, it is no better than the iPhone's built in microphone.

Additionally, my microphone was not working properly and had to be sent back, for a refund.
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on 3 December 2012
The title says it all. It feels cheap and nasty and it is. Given that it is a microphone I should mention the sound quality. Quality isn't a word that should be used with this product. The audio has a permanent hiss and to make it totally useless it picks up wind noise in a dead calm. Don't even think about buying one. Ever.
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on 24 July 2017
This is a useful mic. I'm a pro sound engineer, and although this is not a high-quality microphone, it doesn't claim to be. Other reviewers hear little or no difference between recordings with this mic plugged in and those using the standard internal iPhone mic. Well, that's not what I hear. First of all, the quality of the internal iPhone mic is not at all bad - I've recorded interviews for broadcast both on the internal mic and this mic, and no-one pricked up their ears in surprise as it went on air.

The overall sound quality of this mic is comparable to the internal iPhone mic - NB as long as you keep it switched to the 'wide', or cardioid position. As soon as you switch it to 'narrow', or 'zoom', the sound becomes thin and nasty, i.e. quite audibly distorted - I don't recommend using this setting at all. I do, however, strongly recommend getting some sort of foam windshield, whether for the internal mic or the Belkin mic - because outdoors, even light winds will ruin your sound otherwise. You can pick something up on eBay for not much more than the price of this mic. It's a lot easier than trying to 'filter out' wind noise later on - this never really works, and the loss of bass involved makes voices sound horribly tinny.

It's a useful mic because although it's only mildly directional on the 'wide' setting - anything within an arc of about 150 degrees will be picked up adequately - the directionality of the mic is forwards, i.e. the same direction as the camera lens is looking, whereas the internal mic picks up, as you might expect, in a similarly wide arc to the right side (assuming that you a) film horizontally and b) that you rotate the phone 90 degrees anticlockwise when you do so - this will leave the mic, which is on the bottom surface of the phone, pointing right.

Now, you might find this advantageous if your own voice is going to form part of the soundtrack. If you're interviewing someone, for example, and you're both filming and asking the questions, then with the Belkin mic you'll be on the back of its directional pattern, sounding quieter and a bit muffled, whereas with the internal mic you'll be more 'on mic'.

But if you're able to mount the iPhone in some way, so that you don't have to hold it, then I recommend you position yourself close to the lens on the left side of the (horizontal) iPhone. This will help the subject's eyeline to be good, and if you're slightly ahead of the phone (without being in shot, obviously) your voice will be picked up adequately.

You can get better iPhone mics - in particular, models that give you a headphone socket to monitor the sound while recording, which is not possible with the Belkin - but for a tenner this is a cheap and cheerful little bargain. With a windshield, it means you can film outdoors. It's not especially sturdy: the clamp has fallen apart on mine after about two years of occasional use, but it still fits to my phone OK. It's easy to leave the thing switched on, and flatten the battery, so keep a packet of AAA cells handy.
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on 18 March 2013
This is a relatively cheap option for an external mic, and has performed well so far. It's small enough to pop in a pocket, and did well to record a number of vox-pop interviews in a noisy environment with reasonable clarity using the narrow field option rather than the wide angle option. It's also proved better at outdoor recording when it comes to reducing wind noise on a blustery day - something which the small built-in mics on iPhones are really poor at. My main criticism would be build quality which is not very solid. However, given that it is for very occasional use and relatively cheap I can live with this.
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on 1 May 2015
Better than the mic on the phone, but can get similar directional coverage by cupping your hand around the internal mic.
It's not going to replace being a lot closer
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on 14 February 2014
The Microphone added further distortion, and was much worse than the native iPhone 5S microphone. Please don't waste your time!
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on 10 October 2015
Works well on iPad
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on 30 December 2015
Did not work at all. We never managed to make it work with either an iPhone 4S and a iPhone 5
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on 2 November 2015
waste of money, you couldn't hear the difference from using the iphone mike.
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