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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

on 18 December 2009
enjoyed zeitgeist the movie. This almost certainly goes one stage further. an uncomfortable warning which is almost daily re-inforced by news events.
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on 14 February 2015
In 2008 I discovered the first of what has since been referred to as the Zeitgeist trilogy film series ("Zeitgeist: The Movie" on YouTube), a film that it's creator Peter Joseph produced to accompany a live music performance where he actually reproduced the sound score for this film before an audience. Zeitgeist: The Movie presented itself as a somewhat controversial point of view, a commentary on big topics like religion, the events of 9/11 and some underhanded practices of the Federal Reserve Bank. My first viewing of that movie evoked a lot of different feelings: A little validation at what Peter had to say about religions, much scepticism about what he was implying about the events of 9/11 (he actually provided no narration at all for that 40 minute segment of the movie and let the news footage do all the talking - quite clever really!) and I was almost dismissive about what he had to say about the Federal Reserve... Oh my god it's all a conspiracy!!! -- But I went back and watched it again... and again... and have even watched it a few times since. You know, the older I get, the more I pay attention to this troubled little world of ours, the more I'm inclined to think that Peter's got to the bottom of what it is that motivates this society of ours... and the truth of it is, it's a little sick!

BUT, this review is supposed to be about this second instalment: Zeitgeist: Addendum.
Appreciating what Peter Joseph is all about by this point I jumped straight into this movie with both feet and lapped it up! - This movie is about the foundations of our society, the root cause of it's problems and the presentation for a radical solution.

The Problem: It's basically money and the desire to not only to acquire money, but profit... Lots of profit, regardless of the social or environmental consequences, even if that cost is the heightened misery of downtrodden nations, the manipulation of an ignorant public, the poisoning of the planet and the disrespecting of its finite resources through unsustainable, corrupt, cost cutting business practices. You'll learn about the money system, how money's created, how it's inflated, that its existence is by it's very design accompanied by debt and interest and the fact that debt and money are actually one and the same thing. You'll also be introduced to the whole idea of economic hitmen and how they're employed by corporations to bribe the leaders of underdeveloped nations to enable the expansion of US business interests.

The Solution: Enter Jacque Fresco and his suggestion that a Resource Based Economy is the way to go... Jacque Fresco is the founder of The Venus Project and has spent the bulk of his long life thinking about the root causes of a lot of the worlds problems and offers a few revelations: "All the worlds problems are technical, not political!" "Politicians are not elected to change things for the better; they're elected to keep things the way they are." "When a technical problem presents itself to a politician the first question a politician is likely to pose is: "How much does it cost?" - The appropriate question was never about how much it costs; it should actually be: "Do we have the resources?" [to solve said problem]..." "We have the resources to feed, clothe, house and educate everybody on this planet."

With both the problem defined and the solution presented (very well in my opinion) Peter Joseph invites you to join the Zeitgeist Movement which at the time seemed like a pretty far out suggestion but now? - (seven years on) http://thezeitgeistmovement.com/ has become a global reaching information organisation (there are chapters all over the globe), raising awareness, offering countless lecture videos, reading materials, information on events, an eye on the social breakdown and the continuous emergence of technical solutions that could be employed to solve problems if we weren't subject to the existing rulebook that governs the box we all live in; it's time to climb out of this box and embrace the Resource Based Economy model. - Good stuff
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on 24 June 2012
Very well put together film about the nature and creation of our current society and the forces and ideas that sustain its shape. It gives a vivid picture of those forces that may be acting in ways that could be said are not in common mans best interests.
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on 14 December 2011
Thought provoking, deep, meaningful, truthful and rational are just a few words i'd use to sum it up. This will be one of the most important things you will ever watch. It's literally a choice between the blue pill and the red pill...once you take the red pill, there is no going back. Even if you don't buy the film (which I have) it's available to watch online for free so....why are you still reading this...GO...GO NOW AND WATCH IT!!!!
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on 22 October 2015
This is obviously an important zone for democracy. The implications applied by this topic are stunning and this is encouraging my continuing enlightenment into the complexities of autocracies and their presumed HEIRARCHY over the skin of society. There are more dvd's on the subject and after finding access to content types on the www. I look forward to ordering my next True Learning journey and strive to develop mindsets which instigate changes for spreading and improving opportunities for Planet Earth. RDR
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on 7 May 2013
Excellent DVD should be on the school cirriculum explaines so much
about day to day life and how we are controlled from cradle to grave..
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on 10 August 2013
If you understand the banking system the rest will fall into place.
Any seeker of truth will love this.

Kowledge is power.
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on 14 January 2016
I bought 50 of that amazing documentary and gave out as our xmas present. Truly brilliant
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on 8 December 2014
Great film what I expected just a day late delivery but no drama
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An example of one of these outside-the-bubble mind-control operations, of the cult variety, is provided by the Zeitgeist Movement – which claims to be the “largest grassroots movement in the world with chapters in over 60 countries”. Peter Joseph is the charismatic leader of this cult, and he offers his set of core beliefs, backed up by persuasive evidence and arguments, in Zeitgeist: The Movie.

For those who are ‘awake’, the film is very powerful. It presents the essential truths about the world, without pulling punches, in a dramatic and compelling way. The film has gone through several versions over time, and the very first version went viral on the Internet as soon as it was released. To the ‘awoken’, it was a film of liberation, with the potential to wake everyone up and transform the world.

After the film was released, and after it gained a massive and enthusiastic audience, the Zeitgeist Movement was launched. Fans of the film flocked to join the movement, eager to ‘spread the gospel of truth’, and help ‘wake up the world’. They were joining an urgently-needed messianic cause, and this bound them to the movement, in the way cults always bind members. Peter Joseph was seen as a prophet figure, the articulator of the gospel, and the one who could lead the way to liberation – and this is more or less the textbook definition of a cult leader.

What these eager cult members fail to realize is that the very thing that attracts them to the movement also guarantees that the movement could never succeed in ‘waking up the world’. The core beliefs that are so liberating to the members are all seen as outrageous conspiracy theories inside the mainstream bubble. While members think they are pursuing a messianic cause, they are in fact a choir singing to itself, with Peter Joseph setting the tune.

The real purpose behind the cult is revealed in a press release on the movement website, entitled, ‘The Zeitgeist Movement defined: realizing a new train of thought’. Here Joseph expands the gospel, going beyond ‘revealing the truth’, and venturing into envisioning the transformed world that the movement aims to help create. Here are three key points from Prophet Joseph’s vision, with emphasis added:

2): The Scientific Worldview: The essay explores how the development of the scientific method has altered human perception and the critical importance of its recognition and larger order application, specifically with respect to the social system.
(5): The Case for Human Unity: This essay explores the reasoning for a unified global society along with tracing the source of national divisions and propensities for conflict. A relevant point is made regarding the advancement of technological warfare and how the dangers of keeping biased economic boundaries as we have could lead to rapid destruction as time moves forward.
(9): Market Efficiency vs Technical Efficiency: This essay argues the difference between true scientific (or technical) efficiency and the business practice of “market efficiency,” showing how the latter actually works against true economic optimization.

This is a prescription for a micro-managed global technocracy, under the control of a one-world government. Both the social system and the economic system are to be ‘scientifically optimized’ – which in fact means a world organized along whatever lines are set down by some technocratic bureaucracy, under the control of an enthroned global elite. In other words, Prophet Joseph is creating an enthusiastic constituency in support of the central bankers’ long-desired New World Order.

The Zeitgeist cult is an aikido masterstroke. It begins with the revelation that ‘evil bankers’ run the world, blending with the energy of the ‘awoken’, and then shifts that energy in a direction that serves the interests of those same ‘evil bankers’. Again, I must say very clever, very clever indeed.

Zeitgeist is only one example of a mind-control operation aimed at those who have achieved one degree or another of ‘awakening’. Numerous movements have been created, characterized by well-designed websites that tell some version of the truth, drawing in audiences with some specific focus of concerns, and which lead those audiences into useless or counter-productive activities.

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