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on 8 October 2011
You don't have to buy this DVD. You can download it for free, officially. Film maker, Peter Joseph, has amassed a network of unbiased, independent scientists, doctors, financiers, marketers and futurists.
They impart truth; about the direction that wars, science, pharmacy, finance and global markets are heading. They explain carefully the implications, if the way the world is governed is left unchecked.They point to a new way, a better way.
I downloaded this video for free and watched it. I then watched a 40+ minute video of an interview with Peter Joseph on Youtube "Who is Peter Joseph?" .
At last I hear the voice of someone whom I feel I can trust: in their integrity and capability.

Don't believe me. View the evidence for yourself. And then if you want to help TZM out - buy an official copy.
I did.
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on 2 March 2012
Highly recommended.

This documentary does something that few others, if any, do. It takes a look at humanity, the human condition and how we interact with the environment. It does this from a vantage point which is extricated from the current ways of doing things, particularly in western culture. It highlights the stupidities and blindness within the human race and offers solutions, one main one being the advancement of technology.
You have to be fairly open to watch this, as those who are very inculcated within the current systems and the way we live currently may find too threatening to their current values and personal stability. That is what is really great about this film, it challenges erroneous presuppositions and long held assumptions very comprehensively with strong contributions from some great intellectual thinkers.
Moreover the art of the film maker and the overall message is that we can combine these understandings (knowledge technology) to move forward. There is no point in setting silly dualistic distinctions of right or wrong good and evil. If you favour behaviourism or humanism you will realise that these distinctions are ultimately meaningless and that each has its place and piece of the puzzle.
Some very simple truths are proposed and are hard to argue with, they include:

1) How can we live on finite planet with finite resources with a system built which is built on an infinite growth
paradigm? I tire of hearing how growth is so important.
2) Technological Unemployment: How can we continue to automate and build in efficiencies and give everyone jobs
(will we all work in some kind of crazy service industry?)where will the money come from when
unemployement balloons?
3) Planned Obsolescence and Cyclical Consumption will strip the world of it's natural resources until a tipping
point is reached in the not too near future after which we will not be able to sustain ourselves
4) The monetary system which is the main driver behind all of the above, it works in the service of a minority of
humans on the planet creating an ever-growing wealth gap. It is built on Debt and social division and it has
become completely inculcated through very intelligent behaviouristic modeling and social conditioning
that people can't even concieve of a world without it, which to me is most bizarre.
5) We do not live in an algorithmic environment,the Earth is emergent and ever-changing, it is inherently
synergistic and symbiotic. The Earth goes through relatively stable periods but is always changing, we must
respond to this and work with it.

Be aware that if you find that you have an internal model of how humans interact with the Earth, question these assumptions carefully. Do not fall into De Bono's intelligence trap and intellectualise arguments unecessarily when all that is needed is a clear head!

'There will hopefully come a time were a new consciousness will emerge, it will embrace what we currently class as art, culture, science and philosophy but not see these distinctions, it will accept and work with a universal law (a way of being) not written by any individual egoic form'.
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on 26 February 2012
Very interesting documentary film on human nature, the monetary system and ideas for making the future world a better place. People who liked this film should also check out [...] for a 13 hour documentary split into subsections on much the same subject matter. I have also looked at many lectures by Jacque Fresco online which expland on the themes in this film.
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on 13 January 2013
Although I may not be able to have much impact on the world sitting behind my computer screen if I can only make one person buy or watch this film them I would have helped.

This movie shows the truth behind major organisations including religion and government and how they control and manipulate. You must watch this. Enlightening.
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on 4 February 2015
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is the third feature length documentary video created by Peter Joseph wrapping up what has since been referred to as the Zeitgeist Trilogy.

So what's it all been about? - Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a feature length presentation that invites you to think about the world that we all live in and (from an admittedly western world perspective) the numerous systems we have been indoctrinated into subscribing to, largely without question be it social, monetary, legal, religious, political, economic, corporate, education, all those facets; these systems are sold to us as "the ways of the civilised world" and yet experience will teach you that the systems of the 'civilised' world are littered with numerous contradictions and elements of corruption, showing the system up to be anything but civilised.

What, you find that hard to believe? - Why?? -- Look around... If your system works so well; if it respects the unavoidable truth that all Human beings NEED to be clothed, fed and housed or they will most likely die, why is it that after 3 centuries of peddling this system does the western world still have a homeless? Or people in poverty?? Or food banks??? Or a housing shortage???? Or people who are actually working for a living but who are actually earning less than a living wage????? If the social system you support really is all about the wellbeing of the people then why has the culture had to set up so many charities to pick up the slack? (there are 186000 charities in the UK). How much lower does the voter turn-out have to get before your leaders start thinking 'y'know, we probably need a radical rethink on how we do things around here?'

In Zeitgeist: Moving Forward a team of talented minds spearheaded by Peter Joseph will walk you through a lot of these social-ills, the effects that the prolonged stresses induced by this environment has on our species and more importantly the presentation of a radical train of thought (that of a Resource Based Economy). It's all too easy for groups, forums, the opinionated to criticise the established ways of doing things but Peter Joseph is actually presenting a solution; a system that could transform the culture in to one absent differential advantage or wealth as we know it, whilst boasting the promise of providing for those basic needs of ours and more.

At face value this new model might at appear whimsical to those that have never heard of a Resource Based Economy but if you live with the idea, give it more than 5 minutes of your time I think you'll concede that it's a solution the world needs and if it were applied successfully it would address once and for all a lot of the problems that our current systems have failed to.

One question you might ask yourself is: If our stagnant, centuries old social system really isn't working and a Resource Based Economy isn't the answer, what would your suggestion be? - Think about it, establish a train of thought of your own, put it in an e-mail and pass your solution on to: http://thezeitgeistmovement.com/ -- Trust me, they really want to know!! I for one think a Resource Based Economy is the way to go.
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on 4 May 2014
A must see. Just brilliant.

Everyone had to see this and form their own opinions. The side to our world that our mainstream media dare not report.
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on 13 April 2014
This is for those that think, we all, as a society, could be in a muh better stage in human history. Definatelly worth watching!
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on 24 August 2014
Thought provoking, very well produced.
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on 14 January 2016
I bought 50 of that amazing documentary and gave out as our xmas present. Truly brilliant
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on 28 August 2015
A real eye opener give it a try, makes you think twice about life.
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