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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2000
If you are not feeling quite content with yourself and feel that there is something missing, I assure that you will find it in Warriors, Settlers and Nomads. After reading this book you will have the knowledge, to be able to handle all different types of people and their characters, in any sort of situation. You learn how to extinguish your fears, purely by yourself. If I were a WARRIOR I would suggest that you buy this book straight away! If I were a SETTLER I would tell you that this book is very interesting and think it's worth you considering to purchase the book! If I were a NOMAD I would say that this book is absolutely amazing and you can't possibly pass up an opportunity like this!
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on 15 April 2005
This is an an excellent book!
W,S,M describes the three basic personality types, and how we've inherited from our ancestors (Ancestral Memory)
This is NOT about actual memories of the past (ala past life regression) but is about pre-programmed responses to given situations, and how they can reveal your personality type. Thus by understanding these responses we can learn to balance ourselves and actually adopt whichever personality type is best suited to a situation, rather than responding according to our 'type' which may prove unhelpful in certain situations.
Mr. Watts' book gives both the theoretical background, and practical advice, in recognising the three types, both within the people around you and within yourself.
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on 24 February 2008
Terence Watts does a brilliant job in making an interesting subject more accessible through his thoughtful style of writing. After reading this book, I found I had a better insight into the personalities of those around me, which in turn allowed me to enjoy their company more and without some of the prejudice that had crept in over the years. In pursuing Terence's writings further, I now know that this book is just a prelude to a whole wealth of knowledge that he has researched and prepared over the years, and his new work SymbioDynamics takes this to a whole new level. So, I truly recommend this book for both myself and as a gift for many of my friends. Dinner table conversations have never been so enjoyable, so thank you Terence and keep up the outstanding work.
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on 3 January 2004
This book is fantastic, you have to read it to believe it. Must say it is spot on in describing my strengths and weaknesses, plus it gives you advice on how to better yourself. Will definitely read this one again!
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on 15 March 2016
Learning about personality types in a simple format. Ideal for everyone and a great way to understand that certain behaviours are mere characteristics, something to remember when your teenager/boss/partner is inflicting you with the full force of their warrior personality. I've found it a great way to deal with the stresses of other people's, lets say more negative personality traits as well as my own. Understanding really helps reduce that natural instinct to become reactive or dejected. It's even helped me to understand the differences in my four daughter's personalities, it's also made me appreciate them more for who they are and I hope to encourage their positive traits and learn to ignore the negative ones. Great for all types of relationships. It's not a self help book it's a book that shows you the negative and positive aspects of personality types, learn how to communicate, manipulate or just learn how to get along with a wider group of personality types. We can take on positives in all traits and if they don't come naturally you can fake it till you make it, a great read!
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on 13 April 2011
Absolutely, brilliant book. Couldn't put it down!
I have learnt a lot about myself from this one book than I have from any other self-help books.
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on 7 January 2010
Terence Watts is a hugely successful self-helper, with several published books, a busy practice and and Institute that builds the skills of people who wish to help others. This book is the foundation of much of his work, and it is hardly a wonder that he is a success - this book is fantastic.

Warriors, Settlers and Nomads tells you the tale of 'Ancestral history', a time millions of years ago where the key components of our personality were forged. Despite being forged a long time ago, these components still remain in all of us today, and dictate so much of what we do, and how we interact with others.

Warriors, Settlers and Nomads helps you define which personality you are, how you access the other personality types, and then shows you how you can use that knowledge to interact with others. Armed with all of this information, you truly can be the person you want to be.

If you are looking for a a book that informs and teaches you how to be the success you deserve, this really is the one for you.
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on 28 March 2013
After reading this book I am able to identify the different personality types around me which makes communicating and building rapports alot easier.

A good knowledge to have if you work with different people daily.
Definently reccomended.
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on 13 June 2014
Read, Digest and be prepared to change your life and your view of the world!
Yes, really! This book makes it easy to get in touch with and understand self and others.
Why we do and feel how we do, how to address it and improve not only ourselves but also interaction with others.

I am a WSN plus therapist and when employing this as a therapy model it never ceases to amaze seeing
see such swift and positive changes in clients every day.

This book goes into WSN enough to help understand and use for many life issues.

Terence Watts is a genuine genius in all his work and therapy models.
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on 10 December 2015
This book really struck a cord with me. It's relevant and easy to read and has certainly made a difference to the way I view myself and other people. Highly recommended for those with an interest in behavioral psychology or self help books.
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