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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Catherine (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£17.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 1 August 2014
Catherine is, for me, one of my favourite games of its generation. It has an interesting and engaging story, which changes depending on your actions (I think there are 8 different endings, some of which are significantly different... take note Bioware) and addictive core gameplay.

If you're reading this you probably have a rough idea of the story: you play a guy who ends up cheating on his girlfriend and then spend the rest of the game trying to cover your tracks and deal with both of the girls in your life. This is an interesting and somewhat unique narrative for a game and it is beautifully implemented; there are times when you really feel the protagonist's anxiety.

Gameplay takes two forms: the first places you in a bar where you can talk to your friends/other patrons and reply to messages from Katherine (your girlfriend) and Catherine (your 'other woman') and these sections serve to determine the direction of your story based on your actions (its essentially an influence system similar to those found in other games such as Mass Effect).

The second and core form of gameplay comes from the 'nightmare' sequences, which represent some pretty harrowing anxiety dreams. The mechanics are fairly straight forward; move blocks around to help you ascend a tower. But the hard part comes from placement of blocks, the properties of different blocks (some take longer to move, some crumble away when you stand on them etc), enemies and traps lurking on the tower and of course the fact that the bottom of the level drops off behind you - spend too long figuring out your path and you will plunge into the abyss below.

Even on the easiest setting, some of the levels in the game can be punishing and some players may find this incredibly frustrating, especially given that you have to complete three rounds of a nightmare before getting the next dose of story. But for people who love puzzle games, challenges or both, this type of gameplay can be very rewarding.

Pros: unique story and gameplay, stylistically delighful, good replayability
Cons: might be frustrating for those not fond of platform puzzlers

But seriously.... give it a go
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on 13 June 2017
Catherine is from ATLUS (makers of the Persona series) and if you're yet to play it and are a fan of anime, you really need to! (especially if you're currently enjoying Persona 5). There's nothing else quite like it. An amazing experience!
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on 5 February 2015
Sometimes I just like to rate with stars, and hate being pushing to write review...
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on 2 December 2012
Being a puzzle game in itself, and with a japanese touch, there's a chance only a few people like this title,
but those love every bit of it.

This title is a visual novel game with an erotic/horror setting around it,
where you're going to play the box pulling puzzle game most of the time.

These are a bit challenging, but easy to learn at first, and outright seemingly impossible on the later levels. So those who look for challenging leves to solve will be definetly satisfied. Between levels, the player can rest, and talk to other characters, even driving the story to different courses and endings with his actions, which creates a great atmosphere.

To sum it up, Catherine is not a one-night-stand, and is only recommended for experienced gamers, who are devoted fans of the genre, especially puzzle games, and japanese styled story driven visual novels. If you're just into weird or unusual games in general, you can give it a shot, but be prepared for the trickier parts towards the end.
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on 2 April 2013
Brought to us by Atlus, the creators of the Shin Megumi Tensei series, Persona games, and Trauma Center games - Catherine is a very risky game to bring out in a market that focuses mostly on 1st Person Shooters, Action-Adventure Platformers and Open World Roleplaying games (Which are all good to have). But what is so intriguing about this game is the genre compound. This is a Puzzler mixed with a Dating Simulator...how many games do you know have this combination? On top of that, it is an incredibly well made game. It has dark, yet beautiful anime style visuals, a multi-genred soundtrack with slightly incoherent lyrics that are very catchy (including elements of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop and also classical music), and its gameplay is easy to pick up but takes time to master, as the puzzles themselves can become very challenging, even in easy mode. To go along with all of these components, the game's story, instead of focusing on a child, teenager or man/woman in their early 20s with great potential, we have a 32 year old man named Vincent and his peers experiencing the scares, troubles and struggles of adulthood...and this is before the nightmares begin. Vincent is in a relationship he isn't sure about, with a pushy yet caring woman named Katherine, who is suggesting marriage. One night at his favourite bar, The Stray Sheep, he meets the beautiful yet devious young woman named Catherine, who is "His type/The girl he wants". The following morning, he finds Catherine beside him. Where does this story go from here? The outcome depends on your choices throughout the game (and there are multiple endings, allowing for excellent replay value). The story itself is a black comedy drama with romance mixed in that had me laughing many times at the over-the-top awkwardness of the situation. The main themes of the game are "Love, Marriage and Relationships", and the amount of pondering and research that goes into the different characters perspectives of it is really quite fascinating. Quotes on the subjects are included, ranging from Oscar Wilde to George Carlin, and the side-quests are very worthwhile too. Overall, an excellent buy, and a unique game to the collection.
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on 12 February 2012
I bought this game on import a few months ago and played it solidly until completion, which is pretty unusual for me nowadays, being an older gamer with other commitments. I simply don't have time to waste on playing sub par games. I can happily say that this game is far from being sub par. As soon as I started the adventure it pulled me in to it's sureal world. At least, half of the game is a surreal nightmare and the other being the main character Vincent's waking life and the moral dilemmas he faces. I won't elaborate too much on the story, as I feel this would spoil it. The game is essentially part RPGish interactions in the setting of Vincent's local, a bar named The Stray Sheep. Here you get to chat with the games other characters and piece together the story and it's bizarre turn of events. The other half of the game consists of an action puzzler. You control Vincent in his nightmares, underpanted and pillow in hand, shifting blocks to ascend an enormous tower whilst battling crazed sheep and tackling bosses that are projections of his psychological woes. I wont lie, the puzzle sections are really hard and frustrating at times. In this respect, the game can be quite unforgiving until you get some of the gameplay mechanics down. Although difficult, it's great fun to play and the frustration is quickly forgotten when you ring the bell to signify the end of the level. The sense of achievement is immense! The two styles of gameplay really balance each other well. After a tricky puzzle nightmare, it's great to go to the bar and chill out, talking to your friends and getting drunk. I love the way that the game subtly endorses the getting drunk part, in that it improves your abilities in the nightmare sections. I particularly enjoyed the drink trivia that the bar man imparts to you whilst drinking a skin full! This brings me to mention that the games adult themes are extremely well done. There is a great sense of humour and also some very serious, philosophical almost, examination of human relationships. The game is never overly moralistic either. It promotes neither infidelity or monogamy. Instead It allows you the freedom to choose to some degree the destiny of your actions. This means the game can end up with very different endings, depending on how you behave. I found myself really empathising with Vincent and the games other characters predicaments. The excellent story, presentation and art style of this game pushed all the right buttons for me. The gameplay, with its old school style difficulty and awesome bosses really gels it all together. If you like unusual, or original type games I would definitely take a look.
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on 7 July 2012
Describing why a game like Catherine is worth your time and money is very difficult, since it's the kind of game you either love or hate. One of the main reasons I love this game so much is because there is simply nothing else like it. I mean, how many games can you name that are dating sims with 3d block puzzles thrown in? Everything in this game screams unique, which is something the gaming industry sorely needs right now, since about 90% of games released these days seems to be a shooter of some sort.
Catherine is fantastic value for money, with a 12 hour campaign, a staggering nine endings to see, a versus mode, a hard as nails co op mode and online features. The story of catherine is one of the medium's best. The writing is superb, the characters complex and interesting, the animated cutscenes look outstanding, and nearly every action you make or question you answer affects the stories outcome. The game is split between the nightmare world and the real world. In the former, you have to escpape a crumbling tower of blocks by pushing or pulling blocks to create paths upwards towards the exit. It sounds very simple on paper but in reality, there are many rules and techniques you will need to learn to fully master the game. And even then, it can be insanely difficult at times. This is the main reason some people will love Catherine, and some will hate it with a passion. I personally love the difficulty because i'm tired of every game these days holding your hand and letting you reach the finish line without even having to try. My only gripe with the block sections is that the 3d camera doesn't rotate 360 degrees so when your behind a block and can't see your character, it's kind of like working in the dark.
The other playable area in the game is a bar. Here you can chat to other characters, drink, listen to the game's amazing soundtrack, send texts and check out some 'ahem'...interesting pictures on your phone. While these sections might sound boring, the story is so interesting and the characters so well written, that you'll be happy to waste your time walking around, chatting to various individuals.
In the end, like the title character herself, Catherine won't be for everyone. But I believe if gaming is going to survive, there has to be more variety in the genre and that's why I urge people to support games like Catherine. Call of Duty and Battlefield might be fine for some people, but I personally got into gaming so I could play innovative, original titles like Catherine, as well as the big blockbusters and I think it would be a big shame if games like this ceased to exist in the future. I throughly recommend checking Catherine out...oh and the game's pretty good too. See what I did there?
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2012
Whoever thought that a block moving game could be so intense?
Not me but from the makers of Persona "Atlas" have come up with a game so unique you have never played anything quite like it.
The main focus of Catherine is a block moving puzzle game where you control a guy called Vincent in a dream world where you need to climb from the bottom to the top of a pile of blocks, sounds easy? Well it isn't. There is so much more depth to it then it sounds. As you progress through the game you will learn new techniques to help you move blocks as well as other characters trying to push you off! While you climb you will also be against the clock as levels will start to fall away beneath you as you get higher or during boss battles you will be chased to the top which gives you a sense of fear and panic.

On top of the puzzle sections there is actually a deep surreal storyline, the block moving puzzle element is actually a dream world but once you wake you will spend all your other time inside a pub called the Stray Sheep. During these moments you can interact with the characters in the pub, drink and even play an arcade game (which is a version of the main puzzle game). Everything you do or say during your play through will affect the story and how it ends; even drinking will affect your performance during the climb levels.
The puzzle sections are quite challenging and you will find yourself stuck a few times staring at the screen trying to work out how to get higher. As you near the top you will hear a bell ringing which really gives you a sigh of relief and once to get to the top you feel satisfied with a sense of achievement.

Like I said previously choices through the game will affect the outcome, things you do and say are not so black and white and sometimes what you may think is a good answer it might not turn out that way. Once you reach the top of every climb you can chat to some of the other characters who made it to the top, all these characters in the dream world will all appear as sheep........Do they seem familiar? During your time at the top it is best to learn new techniques from the other sheep as they will be useful in the later levels.

Another thing I like is after every climb you will be asked a 50/50 question, once answered it will look online and tell you what most people chose which I felt was a nice touch.

Catherine is an original game so if you are after something different and challenging I fully recommend it.
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on 7 November 2012
The important thing to know about this game is that it follows a very strict structure of cut-scene, talk to people in bar, puzzles, 50/50 choice on a relationship question, repeat. It repeats this structure all the way to the end and for a game that suggested lots of choices and control about a character in a relationship with two women I was slightly disappointed and expected more variety and control over the story: Heavy Rain this is not. Perhaps I just got the wrong impression from the trailers but it's important to know what your buying.
Now onto the positives, remember those cut-scenes and puzzles i talked about? They are amazing, first the cut-scenes; great character, dialogue, visuals, and English voice acting were incredible and often of the same quality (or even better) of popular anime series and films. It's funny, surreal, dark and has elements of Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue but less serious). The story was engaging and unpredictable and I must admit I found Catherine very charming and this was reflected in the limited choices I was allowed to make that got me a very good and quite funny ending that I felt accurately reflected my decisions in the game.
The puzzles, oh the puzzles, what frustration and sleepless nights you caused me but the thrill of finally beating the level was great. No puzzle was so difficult I had to check walkthroughs, I just gave up and came back to it half an hour later with a clear head and brain in top gear and was always able to beat it. The puzzles are devious but fun and challenging, constantly evolving as new types of 'puzzle blocks' are introduced as you progress through the levels.
As a puzzle game with cutscenes this is brilliant, 5 stars (hence the 'fun' rating) but more control over the story, a few different locations instead of the bar (Vincent's office for example) with better side quests and more variety would be necessary to make this a overall 5 star game.
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on 17 December 2014
wasnt aware of it being an import till i opened it and that it played black and white on my tv and then the trophys were all in japanese if i could give 0 stars i would will not order from deep silver again
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