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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£44.97+ Free shipping

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on 3 August 2014
This is game like no other you have played. It's truly a breath of fresh air that deserves more attention.
The concept is simple, You're Vincent, a guy with no back bone that is afraid of growing up and can't handle your long-term girlfriend who's been talking about marriage and children. After some poor choices on his part, you start getting haunted by nightmares where if you die, you die in real life.

Most of the game is spent in the nightmares and they're basically puzzles you must solve by pushing and pulling blocks around the screen. Sounds boring right? Prepare for a real challenge, you really gotta use your brain here.
This is one of those games where a team of great people came together to create a masterpiece. There's so much detail in the design and the story. The characters are funny and quirky, the animation is quirky, the story is really well done , the puzzles are challenging and don't get boring and there's the addition of a meter which will change it's direction depending on your reaction to certain questions. It's a really funny game and there's a lot to do, specially at night time when you can go hang with your friends at the bar.
tl;dr : You'll never know what to expect in this game. It will certainly keep you entertained for hours on end and there's always something to do , by that I mean things you wont find in other games (texting, drinking, talking and helping other, also a rapunzel minigame). This isn't another cookie cutter game, it's a masterpiece.
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This release from Deep Silver is one of those games that you're either going to love to death (literally) or absolutely hate with a passion as it takes you from compelling mangaesque animation through to fiendish nightmare block pushing to find out more about the tales principle "hero" Vincent.

It's cleverly done and the overall arc is one of those ones that is only for the older gamer as to be honest it deals with a lot of adult themes which include and not restricted to, cheating on the characters girlfriend Katherine with blonde bombshell Catherine, lying with texts and of course hanging out in a bar getting drunk with your pals. Add to this multiple choices throughout which will affect the ending and its also a game that has a number of different endings.

Whilst, as I've said, it's one of those games that you'll either love or hate, the block moving Nightmares, will increase the difficulty the further into the game you get. It can confound and confuse the player at times and there will be points when you wish you'd thrown the controller at the wall but this game is so unlike anything else out there that it's quite ground breaking in its own right.

All in this title is one that will go down in history as the beginning of a new genre, whether it ends up as a gamer favourite or not remains to be seen but if you don't like puzzles or hate the concepts portrayed within, then it may not be the game for you. Finally on a lighter note, if you are married or have a girlfriend of your own, this game is not a cheaters manual and if you are looking at getting yourself a copy, at least talk it through with them along with the themes that the game will reveal, after all, you can guarantee that the significant other will walk in at perhaps the worst moment and you'll have a lot of explaining to do.
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on 4 January 2014
Gamers are no longer purely the type of people who devote hours to repetitive task in order to beat them. There is a large number of gamers who get joy from interactive tale, from story. From understanding the power of a malleable construct that can reflect parts of their lives. Catherine has a story that can do that, reflect on something important, personal, human. Unfortunately the difficulty curve of Catherine's play mode is so unreservedly brutal, so incredibly harsh that unless you have the time to devote to it, even on easy mode it will kill you, it will destroy you. It will do this repeatedly, remorselessly until you weep and cry like small child.

Hardcore gamers will dissagree, and I appreciate their right to do so.... but this game is a contradiction. It has power to reach out to people who would be sceptical of the medium's ability to discuss adult and relevant social issues while simultaneously punishing them for not being the type of people who can devote hours to mastering a simple level! It is a mixture of old and new, the new ability of games to be adult and the old of pushing away those who cannot put their entire effort into this one thing.

I want to love this game as it's plot called/still calls to me! Instead it tells me i'm not welcome. It's the smart-arse in the pub that is welcoming but has knowledge and self confidence beyond politeness. It knows it's better then you and is not afraid to say it. It is Catherine.
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on 29 November 2013
If there's one thing Atlus does right then it's their characters, their plots and especially their soundtrack and of course the unique setting. The uniqueness of Catherine is something it shares with its sister JRPG series Shin Megami Tensei: Persona; It revolves around an adult man named Vincent, in his early 30s, who's in a relationship with a woman named Katherine. Things turn for the worse when a seductive and free-spirited woman named Catherine, with a C, enters his life and puts Vincent in a difficult position as he seemingly ends up cheating on the former. The game takes you through you through a dilemma of Vincent having to 'climb' for survival every night in his nightmares. Every night Vincent, along with many other males with a guilty conscience, gets put through dilemmas that involves them in making choices about their own relationships, and climbing for dear life on deadly puzzle towers that will kill them if they do not succeed. The genuine realistic chemistry between Vincent, his friends and the other residents of the Stray Sheep (symbolic) is one of the game's strongest point. This is something Atlus tends to always do well, especially in the Persona games, as it makes the character feel quite relate-able. Their issues can quite certainly be projected unto us all in some way, or another, as we compare ourselves to them and thus we understand them and we appreciate them for it. Catherine's gameplay involves in some mind-boggling action puzzles, which require a bit of quick thinking if you play it on above easy difficult. If you're only after a good time, with a good story, then I recommend easy difficulty. If you love Atlus games, the Persona series in general, then do not cheat yourself from Catherine. You are certain to enjoy it!
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on 6 October 2013
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this. The reason why I bought it is that I've become a bit bored of modern gaming - specifically the endless first person shooter/GTA clones - and this sounded like it was something a bit different.

Overall I wasn't disappointed. The basic idea is that you have to complete a series of puzzles every night to continue with an anime-style story. The story aspect has very minimal involvement on your part, but by answering a few questions in slightly different ways you affect the path the story takes. The cut scenes are extremely well done by gaming standards, and actually tell a reasonably adult story with some depth to it.

On the puzzle side, it also works fairly well. A lot of people might hate it because it gets insanely difficult, with one level in particular (the "Ice boss") almost forcing me to give up. However genuinely difficult games are rare these days and it was refreshing to play something that gives you that old school buzz when you make it through something challenging. It's probably the only game that's had me literally out of my chair cheering after completing a level.

With that said it's not a perfect game. The controls are a little bit iffy at times, as is the camera. None of this ruins the game, but it will definitely have you shouting abuse if it gets you killed at the wrong moment. There are also a few minor annoyances, like only being able to save the game at the end of a level, and having no skip button in incredibly long dialogue sequences. These problems are "old school" as well, but not in a good way.

All things considered I'd recommend it if you really want to try something different. It has plenty of rough edges, though, so if extreme difficulty and twitchy controls are likely to annoy you I'd give it a miss.
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on 8 January 2014

So this "game" is truly bizarre. I've nearly finished it and my total playing time is about 10 hours. I'd say a maximum of two of those hours was me actively playing, with the other 8 being compiled of me watching the cut-scenes.

Let me get this straight - the films, animation and graphics are amazing and obviously well thought out. However there is very little actual gameplay. There is a real routine to this game:

1: Cut scene of the day, you learn whats happened to the main character during the day in a lengthy film.
2. Your character goes to the bar, you can then move your character around and talk to other characters and send/receive texts.
3. You do 3 versions of the same puzzle as your character sleeps. You have to get through this to move onto the next day.

The puzzles are the same, but each time you play they have a slight alteration which makes them harder.

Basically you repeat steps 1-3 each day until you reach the end of the game. That's it. You go through the motions and finish the game. There's very little gameplay whatsoever, but the graphics are great.
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on 13 February 2012
Wow,Wow and wow again haha! that's just about sum's up this game it really is a wow of a game.i bought this game because i wanted to play something different, going in to the game not knowing what to expect i was blown away just how awesome and "different in a good way" the game is,i dont play many puzzle game's but there's just something about it that just make's you want to complete the puzzle's no matter how hard they are, and trust me they do get hard, but when you complete the puzzle's you will feel a real sense of achievement! after you complete a puzzle you will sit there mind boggled thinking wow! did i really just do that! lol that's why this game is so special and man oh man it is addictive,so i wont go into detail because for you to really get the most out of this game you don't need people like me who cant shut up! to spoil this gem of a game for you lol. so if your sick and tired of fps game's and the same old same old kind of game's that keep flooding the market go grab this! because it's unlike anything out there and in my book that is rare my friends! btw catherine is hotter than katherine lol thought id just add that one haha! peace and happy gaming! ;) 5 out of 5!
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on 10 September 2012
Catherine has to be the most unique game I've ever played. The game feels like a whole experience and it's pieced together very well with good graphics, challenging game play and great story. I'd recommend this to people who want something a bit weird and humorous at the same time. I really don't want to give the story away but this is a very clever game indeed.
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on 26 October 2013
this one of my favourite games on the xbox360.
I like a challenge and that's what I got, with a great storyline you will not want to miss this!
The story is very different for all the games I've played, it is about a man who does not want to marry his girlfriend and then he starts to have these dreams that he can vaguely remember the day after, but how is this a good story well it is tense that's all I'm saying. and just to a bit of a jerk < I got all gold's in all of the stages on normal difficulty>
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on 26 November 2013
A game that strange and odd you need to give t a try. Of course you should like puzzle games and you should also like to spend some time just seeing what they are trying to tell you. If you can deal with Asian esthetics and its typical characteristics maybe you can manage to really dive into the game and enjoy a game that for some reason feels different and unique.
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