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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2017
Great collection, good quality recording - high-lights for me being, 'Hey Little Girl' (of course) and 'Street Cafe'. Much better value in tangible double CD form than the download version on iTunes.
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on 3 August 2017
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on 5 August 2017
What a great album
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on 26 January 2012
Whilst I agree that there appears to be a rather heavy handed approach taken to the remastering of the tracks contained on "White Heat", let's remember we are talking about single/radio mixes. They were originally mixed and mastered, sometimes even compressed to be a little punchier so as to sound ok being broadcast on initially AM radio. This collection is based on the single/radio versions which is where I believe some confusion as to the term remaster is applied. Keep in mind, for the most part they are different versions to the mixes that were featured on their respective albums. In fact some of the tracks were so significantly remixed for radio play that they sound like different takes. "Street Cafe", "Baby, You're So Strange" and "Man of Colours" are just three examples. I actually like the new masters. I'm hearing detail in these tracks I've not heard before and believe me, I know this bands music well. But let's not argue about whether the audio is up to scratch, I personally think it's awesome. The real juicy part of this collection is the dvd.

Thirty-three promo videos, some of which are alternate versions, here for your visual and aural delight. Everything from the edgy debut single (when they were known in Australia as Flowers) "Can't Help Myself", the classic "Great Southern Land", my personal favourite "Nothing Too Serious" up to the last single released from the Big Wheel album "Invisible People" and finishing off with a couple of rare Australian TV performances. There has never been such an extensive collection of Icehouse videos released before this title and to have them all here on the one disc is incredible value (much cheaper here in Australia). In the words of our esteemed music guru Molly Meldrum, "do yourself a favour" and pick up a copy of White Heat. It's red hot!

Also recommended, the reissue of their classic debut album, "Icehouse (30th Anniversary ed)".

"Great Southern Land, In The Sleeping Sun.."
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on 23 December 2011
Bought a video of Icehouse in concert performed in Melbourne in 1980,and have waited 31 years for a dvd to come out,so as I can watch on my 32" tv,and what can I say,really worth the wait,absolutly brilliant,bought the package on Amazon Markeplace for £16.51,what a bargain,although even at Amazons price of £35.53 would still be worth it to me,plus you get the added 2 cds,although in the Amazon description it only says 1 cd,and no mention of the dvd,if they were would no doubt sell more copies,took 10 days to come from New Zealand,and arrived 23rd december,made my Xmas!!
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on 28 June 2012
From the moment I saw ICEHOUSE perform 'Hey Little Girl' on TOTP in ~1979 I was totally hooked and have been a huge fan ever since. I have bought all their albums as they have been released on vinyl & CD (including the remasters & compilations) and also have 'The Ghost of Time' in my collection. If Bi-Polar Poems ever gets finished for release then there is no doubt that I will purchase a copy.

Like the first reviewer, I have a VHS from a 1980s Melbourne concert which is fantastic, but since the video player is no longer in use it's been years since I watched it. So despite already having all the music, it was nothing short of imperative to purchase this particular offering because of the DVD - no less than 33 full length videos are included:

Can't Help Myself; We Can Get Together (Australasian & International Versions); Walls; Icehouse; Love In Motion (Original Version); Great Southern Land; Hey, Little Girl; Street Cafe; Glam; Taking the Town; Don't Believe Anymore; Dusty Pages; No Promises (UK & International Versions); Baby You're So Strange; Mr Big; Cross the Border; Crazy (Australasian & International Versions); Electric Blue; My Obsession; Man of Colours; Nothing Too Serious; Touch the Fire; Big Fun; Miss Divine; Anything Is Possible; Satellite; Big Wheel; Invisible People; Love In Motion (with Christina Amphlett); Sister.

I purchased this amazing collection from a marketplace trader(SmokeCDs) based in New Zealand for £13.15 (including the P&P) and it was delivered 3 days later!

It is such a joy to be able to sit and watch the band performing their catalogue of hits - although I admit that some of the video quality from some of the earlier years is a bit poor. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of Iva Davies & Icehouse, you will not be disappointed!
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on 12 November 2011
Edited to add - there is a large portion of my tongue firmly in my cheek in the following review - I can summarise it very quickly - the remastering has changed the sound of some the tracks massively, if that may worry you listen on Spotify first for free before shelling out (it's the perfect app for comparing original/remasters back to back).

Ichouse were the soundtrack to my mid/late 80's and produced, to me at any rate, some of the best songs about at that time. I played Man of Colours on tape (youngsters note: tape cassette - a kind of analogue removable memory cartridge that could store, oh say 20 odd songs*) to death whilst boyracering around Essex in my black Gordini Turbo in 1987. 1987. 24 years ago. Oh god. Here comes the depression. Youth. Hell just being slim! Anyways, all the tracks on Measure for Measure and Man of Colours represent poignant and happy memories for me. I think it was this Man of Colours I was listening to when I encountered another black Gordini Turbo on `my' patch and set out to prove that my car was indeed blacker than his until we got pulled by a plain clothes rozzer who, it turns out, wasn't too impressed with my overtaking technique (wrong side of the bollard on a zebra crossing). His opening words to me will be etched on my memory forever *ahem* "You must be some kind of c***!!!!" Essex coppers. Great stuff. Where were we? Yes, every song is like a little time capsule - you know how things just trip forgotten memories? It's all like that - well it is if you were into Icehouse at the time and for that, this compilation is truly marvelous.

Now the bad (and it is really bad in some cases) - the term "remaster" in this instance basically means every track has been run through additional compression and some pretty brutal limiting. Now to be fair, this can really benefit the rockier tracks which weren't pushed so hard when originally mastered in analogue days and so sound nicely "beefier" as a result . . . but there also appears to have been a relativey hefty amount of top end (8khz plus) added which makes extended listening at decent volume levels extremely uncomfortable. And it's the quieter tracks that have really suffered the most from this approach however - particularly Man of Colours title track, whose beautiful dynamics have all but gone. Just compare the original 1987 master to this "remaster" - complete night and day. Bit disappointing that such a great collection could almost be ruined. My advice is before you fork out a hefty amount to get this collection over from Australia - listen to the tracks on Spotify first and see whether you like the remastered sound.

Overall then - Songs/muscianship/memories = 5 stars , remastering = 1 star.

*no shuffle facility.
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on 16 April 2016
I imagine anyone reading these review likes Icehouse already, if so, it's a no brainer. All the hits and then some. Hell i'd have paid the money for the dvd alone - 30 videos - TAKE MY MONEY NOW! it's incredible value and the CDs are a nice little bonus to have in the car
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on 19 September 2011
Icehouse to me were for years that one hit wonder Australian band who did that catchy song Crazy. I also had memories of a catchy song called Hey Little Girl but didn't know it was them. Looking up the Crazy video on youtube earlier this year, led me on to other songs that I had never heard and I couldn't believe how good they were. Iva Davies was I found out, the fulcrum, Mr Icehouse. His talent is enormous.

Listening to White Heat at times it seems like a few different bands because the style kept changing over the years and Iva Davies voice sounds different at different periods. There are thirty songs on two discs. I wouldn't say the first four songs on this sound like The Undertones. Its just what I think of. The simple yet brilliant angsty new wave thingy. No it doesn't sound like anybody else but its part of that genre. Can't help Myself is Australia's Teenage Kicks except its better. This was absolutely butchered on the dance remix album I got for want of nothing better at the time, so after listening to the proper version on you tube I was delighted I could get hold of it on a cd when White Heat came out. The intro to the song is fantastic with some kind of I don't know, keyboards? I just love the sound of this.

Its followed up by We Can Get Together. The dance remix version did its best to conceal what a brilliant song this it. The keyboard thing in the background reminds me of Kim Wilde's Kids in America but that came out in 1981 and this was on a 1980 Icehouse album I think. Walls is more of the same kind of angsty punkish tunefull. Icehouse is a kind of creepy effort that creeps up on you after a few listens. Two more fantastic songs.

I can't believe I had never heard Love in Motion before seeing the video on yt. It is one of the best pop songs ever. The soft keyboard thing all the way through is genius. Great Southern Land has a lovely keyboard intro and great verses showing off Iva Davies vocal range. Its an epic song- about Australia I understand. Street Café. How was this not an enormous worldwide hit? Especially with the video they made. You look at the garbage that sells by the bucketload these days. The keyboard intro combined with the lyric ` If there was no tomorrow, if there was just one more chance I'd take it again' is haunting. The powerful guitar that kicks in with the chorus is haunting. The oboe piece halfway through is even more haunting, especially with the images that accompany it on the video. I wouldn't say this is more sophisticated than Can't Help Myself because that was a very sophisticated song in its own way. But they're showing here that Icehouse want to keep moving forward.

And they changed the mood again with Don't Believe Anymore. Again, how did I never here this before. It is one of the best low tempo songs of the eighties with a haunting synthisiser background growling beneath the brilliant saxophone playing. Dusty Pages is uh, haunting. I've got to stop using that word but it is. Iva Davies voice sounds very different on this to any other song here I think apart from maybe Taking This Town which is a catchy upbeat number. I love Dusty Pages which seems to be about a man trying to keep a dying relationship going.

No Promises is a sort of epic ballad that works very well. Disc one ends with Mr Big which isn't quite as good as what went before and Disc two was always going to have its work cut out to follow all that up but it doesn't do a bad job at all, starting very strongly with Cross the Border and Crazy. Lots of stuff happining on Cross the Border, powerful vocals,clever vocal interchanges, East West Points to the Nation ( love that ), a powerful beat, nice guitar bit halfway through and Crazy has got lots of layers of pure brilliance such as the guitar hook, the diving synthisiser bit and you've got a ribbon of rainbows. Other favourites of mine here are Man of Colours a nice ballad, Jimmy Dean, a powerful sort of epic thingy, Touch the Fire, a good rock pop song and Nothing too Serious a very clever high tempo song, especially the bit at the end. Miss Divine and Anything is Possible have got guys singing along in the background to a catchy tune. The second cd kind of peters out with Big Wheel and Satellite which aren't bad but not great either and a female vocalist version of Love in Motion. Thirty songs, many of them brilliant. Great value.
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on 11 October 2015
Some of these songs are still great today. An enduring band. Well done Via.
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