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on 14 October 2012
Bjork is an artist who refuses to conform. Track 2, Thunderbolt, has multiple time signatures, and other songs have unconventional time signatures. She is a rare musical genius with massive ambition and the drive to execute increasingly unique and large-scale projects. She has created her own instruments and sounds, and a unique signature that is her precious vocal. She is an artist who will be studied and appreciated more in the centuries to come than she is now. She is the classical musician's favourite pop star.

I attended the launch concerts of Biophilia at the Manchester International Festival in Summer 2011 where the majority of the attendees, including myself, knew only one song from the very album the concert centred on. I was blown away by the impressive iPad controlled midi instruments, the tesla coil arpeggios and the sheer spectacle of interestingness that is a typical Bjork gig - but this was a whole new level, and I hope I can see it again (in London with any luck).

After many listens and enjoyment of the accompanying iPad app, my conclusion is that Sacrifice is my favourite song from this album. I once had the pleasure of bumping into Bjork in a hot tub in Iceland. Something funny happened and we shared a laugh. As much as I would love to have talked to her, Bjork likes to be left alone. Like a delicate flower it can only be handled so much before it breaks. Sacrifice is all about that theme of space, of letting be, and loving enough to give space, and so its the song that symbolises a theme that Bjork writes about so well and which this album is largely about. Personally I like the space to be left alone to listen to this album!

Lyrically, probably not her best offering because the subject matter is more explicit than implicit and therefore there is little room left for interpretation and contains less symbolism than previous offerings including Homogenic, but in any case it is still very strong.

Buy this album. It will not disappoint (again and again), and like all Bjork albums, they may grow old but they are all utterly timeless. For great remixes of these songs check out Darkjedi as well as Bjork's favourites including Matthew Herbert et al.
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on 31 December 2015
I saw Bjork at Alexandra Palance on September 2013 - the last concert of the Biophilia tour - it was a magic show transposing a great album live. This work sees Bjork is in great shape, gifting us with a series of beatiful electronic conceptions. The songs sport her trademark voice and the (un)usual electronic treatment, agmented by the presence of an all-women choir that porivdes another human elemnt to the electronic experimentations. The lyrics are angular and poetic and support the structure of these evanescent worlds. One of the best albums for Bjork and a really interesting contribution to the electronic perfomance landscape.
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on 15 August 2012
When I first popped Biophilia into my machine I was excited and apprehensive, I mean I couldn't even read the title, let alone guess what the album would be about. I have to be honest and say upon my first listen, start to finish, I thought, 'oh for goodness sake Björk, what on Earth are you subjecting us to with this experimental chaos!' but as a loyal fan, who knows perfectly well how difficult it is to earn Björk's albums I pressed play again, and again, and again. After five full-album plays in a row I have to say I think that this is the best album she has done since Vespertine. I swear by the third listen I was hearing the sounds so vividly in my head that I was looking forward to the album ending just so I cold press play again! Songs like Crystalline are outstanding but there are other gems too, although I have to say, this album plays much better as a whole.
I highly recommend this album to all Björk fans. Be aware it takes some perseverance to get into it but once you start to hear what she is saying you will be hooked; the extra tracks are a bonus. My only "point deduction" with this album is in the packaging; the album has been presented in cardboard! I don't know about you guys but for me cardboard casing is easily damaged and wears out quickly, also the CD area opens at both ends, so the disc is able to Frisbee out; luckily not scratched it yet!
Biophilia is absolutely excellent! Björk, you are clearly on top form; and long may you continue.
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on 9 August 2015
Nothing more I can add as regards the quality of the music, this has all been well covered by others. As regards the actual product, I had to return one album pair as the first lp (orange) was slightly warped and made the tone arm jump slightly when applied to the start of the record. The replacement also had this same problem but not as much and no jumping was caused. I decided to keep this one having decided that the issue was a product of the manufacturing process namely the slightly thin grade of vinyl used. I have others in the limited edition series, Debut, Post and Vespertine but non of these have suffered from this problem.
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on 27 August 2013
I was introduced to Bjork for the first time when I caught her documentary 'When Bjork Met Attenborough', which offered a look into the making, conceptualization and innovation of Biophilia. Lets just say, I do not know how I have gone so long without Bjork - I am now addicted.

If you enjoy challenging music that feeds the soul, then this is a definite album to start chewing on. Some of the songs I came to love pretty fast, other songs took quite a good few listens to grow on me.
There are a lot of very poignant, sonically quite ugly sounds on the album (in my opinion), such as the sharpsicord in Sacrfice. Though, I think it is an appropriate sound from a solar powered instrument - nature is not something that sounds pop-pink and mainstream sharp.

The album is filled with spatterings of mania. The crazy drumming at the end of Crystalline for example. So unexpected but so wonderful.

I am just so excited and moved by this album and I am certain it will stay with me forever. It is a true, wholesome package of music reflecting a wonderful concept.
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on 26 June 2014
By far one of Bjork's most ambitious projects (which is saying something), Biophilia promises to bring together music, nature and technology. It sounds impossible, but she makes it happen in her own unique, beautiful way, without losing any of her genius musicality. However fascinating the design and concept of each song may be, at their core remains emotive lyrics and fantastic instrumentation.

The artwork and quality of the packaging for the Vinyl edition are stunning, even by Bjork's high standards.
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on 23 August 2013
I am writing this as I listen to Biophilia for the first time. I am being taken on a journey along a road that has constantly changing environments and landscapes. I cannot say that any track is a favourite as it all seems to build into a complete and surreal landscape. Other reviewers have called her original. This is undoubtedly true as, perhaps like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, she seems to be genuinely doing what she wants to do. There is an honesty in the music I find deeply appealing. I have heard odds and ends of Bjork over the years but never really thought seriously about buying any of her music. On a whim, for no reason I can discern, I bought Biophilia and am delightfully surprised. Anyone who professes to love music, not a specific genre but just music, I would urge to at least attempt to listen to this piece of work. It surprises and delights at almost every unexpected turn.
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on 9 October 2013
I was initially underwhelmed by this album but having recently seen the live performance (thank you, Bjork, for coming to my neighbourhood, so that I could run up the Ally Pally hill whilst 9-week-old baby was safe at home with my sister), complete with the singing/humming Tesla coils and the Icelandic girls' choir, I now know that I just haven't turned the volume up loud enough to experience the work in its entire richness - and it is and entire work rather than a playlist of singles, lesser or otherwise. B's voice is as good as it's ever been.
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on 20 March 2018
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on 29 August 2017
Sublime, innovative, immediately immersive, and, frankly, glorious
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