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on 9 January 2014
There have been comments about the constant one liners in this book, but I enjoyed them. Some of them are a little corny but I didn't mind that, I found they kept the story moving and I found myself reading in the style of Dixon Hill/Bogart.

The overall concept is not new and the main character very much reminded me of Dirk Gently with the professor being from the same mould as Gently's own. The author in this case is no Douglas Adams but I did like his style and I enjoyed the story, it kept me reading until the end. I'll definitely be looking out for the next one.
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on 2 October 2012
Very rarely this happens to me, that when I read a book, I smack myself and say, '"Why didn't I write this book?"

The book is superb. For one, it is really funny. You can randomly open a page, and there will be something that will make you laugh.

The story is good too. A hard boiled detective is trying to stop demons from taking over his city (& then the world). The detective has a flippant attitude, and doesn't show the demons much respect (the scenes in which he tells the demons to shut up are really funny). He must rescue the damsel, banish the demons, all the while trying to survive the bad food and beer of the city.

Some of the other reviewers have complained there is no character development. Seriously? People, this is not a literary novel. It is pure entertainment.

If you still aren't convinced, read the sample pages. If you find them funny, you will like the book, as the whole book has that sort of humour throughout.

If I had any complaints, they would be this: The author has no other books, no website. Looking at the other comments, this book may have been printed (on paper) a few years ago. Has he thrown in the towel after just one book?
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on 12 November 2017
Enjoyed this light hearted book that made me giggle quite a few times , look forward to more tales about jack
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 18 August 2011
Jack Wolfe knows the nature of the universe. He knows that if he rummages around in the back of his wardrobe he will find the smart black general purpose suit jacket that he needs, even though he doesn't actually remember buying one, as that is the nature of wardrobes. He knows that in the wooden shed at the bottom of your garden is a rickety step ladder covered in cobwebs, even though you can't remember putting one there, as that is the nature of garden sheds. These skills and more will be needed for Jack to solve his latest case.

Not content with kidnapping the beautiful daughter of Jack's latest client once, the demon possessing the body of Black Dan Duall has kidnapped her again and once again is preparing to use her in a deadly and arcane ritual.

Aided by the more than slightly eccentric Professor Collymoddle, the beautiful museum curator, Helen Hiwater, and a strange assortment of other characters from Arcana City, Jack sets out to rescue her.... again.

I read the paperback version of this book a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, and this revised and updated Kindle version is even better. The City of Arcana and its collection of rather peculiar inhabitants are really well realised. The jokes hit my personal funny-bone, ranging from minor giggles to laugh out loud gags that had people on the train looking at me as if I was slightly mad.

Presentation on the Kindle is exceptionally good. Formatting is perfect and I didn't spot any typographical errors at all.

Overall - 5 stars! I really enjoyed this book! The writing is sharp and punchy, the main character is exceptionally well developed and the sense of humour is brilliant.

Even though the paperback version of this book was published over 10 years ago, I really hope that Craig Lunnon decides to write a follow up as I for one would be right at the front of the queue to buy it.
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on 17 July 2014
A delightful piece of nonsense in the Pratchett/Adams vein, with an overlay of Lee Child. I loved every rambling hyperbole, every dreadful joke, all the reverse philosophy and reverence for the laws of the natural order of things. Pure entertainment. Thank you Craig!
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on 27 December 2012
There is quite a lot to like about this book, but sadly, quite a lot not like to as well. In my view Craig Lunnon tries too hard to be funny. As with all this genre a bit of humour is more or less required but in this case it is ladled on at every verse end and insead of being entertaining it gets irritating and takes your attention away from the plot, which is a shame because the plot is well thought through and generally entertaining.

The urban wizard detective has suddenly become quite popular and when you measure this against the opposition it does come up short. Jon Rosenberg, Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher are all better at writing about magic in the everyday world and keeping you entertained but if you are desperate for a fix of urban mayhem then this is fine for filling the gaps while you are waiting their latest offerings. The nearest comparison I can make is with Darren Humphries and his Man from U.N.D.E.A.D series; it has the same strengths and the same weaknesses.
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on 3 November 2011
I purchased this book after reading a recomendation on the Kindle forum.
Well i wasn't sorry. A great read, very funny with glimpses of Douglas Adams here and there.
I think this author should get back to it and keep on writing. I think it would be a great shame if this was the only book produced by him.
Patiently waiting....
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on 28 July 2013
Positives...love the main characters.Story cracked on at a pace, action was excellent and I liked the humour...not laugh out loud but it seemed to suit Jack's quirky outlook on life. The Professor is brilliant.

The world is odd, almost surreal but I grew to love the strange, twilight nature of it.

If I wanted to be critical then the other characters needed more work. They seemed a little two dimensional and just needed a little more background and a few additional personalty traits to make them more real.

Overall, I loved it and really, really want another story. Arcana City, the Professor, Jacks back ground, the relationship between the various worlds etc. all raised questions I want answers for. Why is Jack so quick, so strong?

Please Mr Lunnon return to Arcana City and have another chat with Jack.
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on 27 January 2014
This is my first read by Craig Lunnon, and I really enjoyed it.
It's a down to earth, humorous fantasy, with a super fit Jack Wolfe - good versus evil.
Give it a go.
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on 5 January 2012
If you enjoy well written,fast paced,amusing,tongue-in-cheek urban fantasy you are in for a real treat.This was a book i enjoyed so much i didn't want it to end-and this is an author who i look forward in anticipation to reading more of.

More please!
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