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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 April 2013
For anyone wanting to see Milla in something more serious than the Resident evil film,this could be the one for you. She plays a womam who witnesses another woman being killed by a serial killer,is chased,runs,drops of a bridge and bangs her head on the way down.
Once she wakes up,she fails to recognize her lover and only just recognizes friends,then soon realizes faces keep changing.
After she realizes she has to live with this,she has to think of ways to recognize others before their faces change again.
Then there's the case of the killer on the loose and a seemingly obnoxious cop wanting more information than she can give.
This all works very well and i was tempted to give it five stars,but i suppose it's a little short of being quite that good. It's well told and great performances help it along,some of it may be a little predictable,but not too much so in my opinion. It's a little odd seeing the world as she does,but it gets the point of her confusion across very interestingly. I was dreading this would be an OH DEAR! movie,but far from it,it's a decent thriller adding something new to the formula,so i'll certainly watch it again someday.
I liked the way certain things were done,how they came together in a way that a lot of thought had clearly been put into it and it does keep you guessing as to just how it will all end.
Maybe you'll join the few who hate this,or perhaps you'll recognize it as a surprisingly good film.
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Milla Jovovic stars as a woman who suffers face blindness after witnessing a serial killer at work and being pushed off a bridge. From then on she doesn't recognise anyone if she loses sight of their face for any length of time and of course the killer is now after her. My wife enjoyed this movie but although the concept is good it was too slow in a lot of places. It has the usual set pieces to make you jump and Mrs Reviewer gasped when Milla hits her head causing the injury that leads to her problem.
This isn't a slasher but is a fair attempt at a good old murder mystery and all the cast give a good account of themselves. The transfer to blu ray is spot on and the soundtrack makes some use of the soundfield.
Overall its nothing to write home about and you'd be better off renting it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 May 2012
This is a psychological thriller, which follows primary school teacher Anna Marchant (Milla Jovovich -Resident Evil) who on her way to meet boyfriend Bryce she witneses a serial killer, killing his latest victim, and as she is spotted & attacked by him, she falls off a bridge, hits her head & lands in the water. She then wakes up in hospital surrounded by her closest friends, but there is a problem, she doesnt recognise any of them, not even her boyfriend Bryce (Micheal Shanks -Stargate SG-1). It's not long untill she is diagnosed with Prosopagnosia, a face perception disorder where the ability to recognize faces is impaired, a living nightmare for her & hard to understand by her friends and others. As when she looks at someone & then looks away and back at them, the face staring back is different everytime, even her own face in the mirror.

Oddly however, there is one man's face she manages to see as the same, police detective Sam Kerrest (Julian McMahon -Nip/Tuck), who is determined to help protect her & find this killer, as she is the only one that can identify him, and makes her, his prime target. But the only problem is, she cannot remember what he looks like, and with her new disorder, the killer could be standing infront of her & she wouldnt even know it!.

Overall this is a very watchable thriller, the story maybe a basic template but the idea of her disorder & how it's implimented into the film, adds a new perspective to a tried & tested story. Milla Jovovich was great as the lead & gave a very harrowing & beliveable performance, she made the film, without her this would had been nowhere as good or interesting to watch. The support cast was pretty good as well, but there were SO many different actors & actresses in this film due to the fact of the constant changing faces, it was hard to keep track. The main downside is that it may possibley be a little drawn out in places for some tastes, if you dislike slow burning films. And you may dislike the constant actor changes, as it may confuse you as to who is who.

In conclusion, i enjoyed Faces in the crowd, it was a very watchable psychological thriller, with an interesting twist on an old story & Milla Jovovich's great performance makes this work. A smidge drawn out in places & some confusion with the changing actors, but it maintained my interest regardless. Worth a watch.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 November 2015
In this 2011 crime drama thriller [aka: Faces] Anna Marchant [Milla Jovovich] witnesses a murder by serial killer Tearjerk Jack [David Atrakchi] who pursues her. Falling from a bridge, Anna wakes from a coma one week later but is is diagnosed with prosopagnosia, meaning she is unable to recognise faces. But working with police detective Sam Kerrest [Julian McMahon] can they stop Tearjerk Jack before he can murder her?
It’s a good twist having differing actors appear to explain the condition she suffers from, and thankfully it soon stops [for the most part] once we get the basic idea. The sub plot of her struggling with her prosopagnosia at work and socially adds momentum to this otherwise standard crime drama.
This single disc opens to 3 trailers before going to main screen offering Play, scene selection, audio set up [5.1/2.0].
There are a few jumpy moments and some gore [mainly throat slashing] and blood splatter which explains the 15 rating. Well acted and with a differing approach, it’s a worth *****, especially at under a fiver.
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on 10 March 2014
An interesting and nicely paced psychological Thriller. Well acted by the main Star. At times you're never quite sure who you're seeing or why, whether the other Characters are seen from your or Milla's perspective, which proves to be a nice challenge throughout. Quite believable Storyline, well worth a watch
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on 18 April 2015
An unusual thriller as the victim suffers from a malady so she cannot recognise people including most importantly the person who has attempted to kill her as she had witnessed the killer's previous murder. How she copes with this predicament whilst attempting to stay alive forms the basis of the story.
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on 29 August 2013
Milla has it made. She teaches kindergarten, lives with Bryce, a man who is near popping the question, and hangs out with a crowd of women not much different than "The Sex in the City" gang. Her horoscope claims she will meet a mysterious stranger. Her kids draw pictures of faces- all omens of things to come. The background noise is about a serial killer and rapist (in that order). Milla bumps into the killer one night and manages to escape by falling off a bridge. The killer has her purse etc. and knows where she lives. The twist to this tale is that Milla has a nasty bump on the head and can't recognize faces, even those of her friends and family. Simple things such as waking up next to Byrce (12 different faces), looking at her Facebook, and teaching kindergarten become nightmares from hell. The police detective investigating the case is depicted as a street smart New Yorker, sometimes harsh in his mannerisms.

Now to make things interesting, if not confusing, the film uses different actors (faces) for the same people to try to make us feel Milla's confusion. During this movie we get to learn that Marianne Faithfull is still alive and has been eating well.

The film is a slow developing thriller. The confusion aspect makes the film a bit weird, but not more enjoyable. Milla does a good job in the role and demonstrates she is not a one-sided character. The script is unconvincing, and through all the twists and turns seems to lack the depth that is required to make it enjoyable. For some reason I got the impression that women were the target audience of the film, i.e. a horror-thriller for women. I would be interested to see how women view this film as opposed to men.

No f-bombs, nudity, and not much in the way of blood.
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on 27 March 2014
I really enjoyed this film, Milla is a good actress. I kept getting lost when the faces changed, I turned for 5 seconds and then I didn't even know who the guys were. but at the end it clicked and overall the film was a good thriller.
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on 13 February 2012
Milla Jovovitch stars as a women who, after witnessing a murder and hits her head, suffers from face blindness. Every time she looks at people the faces keep changing. THe idea of this film is a very good one although obviously it should have been much better. I think some people are too over critical of the film. My only negative point was that there were too few characters in the film so the killer wasn't that hard to work out.

It also starred Julian McMahon from Nip Tuck/Charmed, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson!) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break/Walking Dead - although I didn't notice her at first as she is wearing a dodgy wig). THese actors are only in one or two scenes but there voices are used when there faces have changed which helps you not get too confused. Her boyfriend is played by about 14 different actors!!!!!!

At least it was an attempt at something new. Seeing the kids in the class all with the same faces was eerie. I would hate to suffer from face blindness

No extras on the disc.
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on 13 September 2014
Jovovich's hoarse whispery voice just irritated the crap out of me. Utterly predictable and rather boring with that. I lost interest very early on but persevered to see if it would pick up. It didn't.
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